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American actress Born: November 10, 1949, Seattle, Washington, United States Died: December 12, 2020, Seattle, Washington, United States Partner: Bob Fosse (1972–1978) Spouse: Peter Talbert (m. 1994–2020) Children: Christopher Reinking Stuart Reinking married four times, first on March 19, 1972, to Broadway actor Larry Small. After their divorce, she married investment banker Herbert Allen Jr. on August 25, 1982; they divorced in 1989. Next she was married in 1989 to businessman James Stuart, with whom she had a son, Christopher, before their divorce in 1991. Reinking married sportswriter Peter Talbert in 1994, and was stepmother to his four children. As of 2017, Reinking was semi-retired, and lived in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Reinking’s son Chris has Marfan syndrome, and Reinking worked with the Marfan Foundation, which is dedicated to raising awareness of the disease. She produced the 2009 documentary In My Hands: A Story of Marfan Syndrome. Reinking died on December 12, 2020, while visiting her family in Seattle.

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Moved to New York City at 16 after training with the San Francisco Ballet; studied with the Joffrey Ballet in New York, and made her stage debut in Cabaret (1969) on Broadway. Her dancing style was greatly influenced by her relationship with Broadway legend Bob Fosse in the 1970s, and she later carried on his signature chic-jazz motif as a choreographer. Made the “raising the roof” dance move popular, and insisted on including it in a dance routine in the movie Annie (1982). Founded the Broadway Theater Project, a Florida training program that connects students with theater professionals. Works closely with the National Marfan Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness for the disorder (which also affects her son). Ann Reinking got her start as a dancer in Bob Fosse’s musicals of the 1970s, moving from the chorus of Pippin to the lead in Chicago (where she replaced Fosse’s wife, Gwen Verdon). Reinking soon became Fosse’s muse, a role she also played in Fosse’s semi-autobiographical movie All That Jazz. Later she became a choreographer and is often cited as the leading acolyte of Fosse’s style and techniques. She gained new fame when she choreographed and starred in the acclaimed 1997 Broadway revival of Chicago. She also founded the Broadway Theater Project, a Florida training program connecting students with seasoned theater professionals. Ann Holmes Reinking was born Nov. 10, 1949, in Seattle. Her father was a hydraulic engineer, her mother a homemaker. After seeing a production of “The Nutcracker,” Ms. Reinking decided at age 11 to become a dancer. She moved to New York at 18, and Joffrey Ballet founder Robert Joffrey suggested she try musical theater after noting her talent for singing. She appeared in a many productions in New York and in other cities. After the success of “Chicago,” she turned more toward choreography, including several ballets and Broadway shows. She was the co-choreographer and co-director of “Fosse,” a 1999 musical about her mentor. She also taught for many years at a summer theater program in Tampa and helped stage productions of “Chicago” around the world. She lived in recent years in Paradise Valley, Ariz. Her marriages to Larry Small, Herbert Allen Jr. and James Stuart ended in divorce. Survivors include Talbert, her husband since 1994; a son from her third marriage; and six siblings. Ms. Reinking was a national spokeswoman for the Marfan Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that affects skeletal development. (Her son has the condition.) She also produced two documentaries about Marfan syndrome and other medical challenges. Throughout her life, Ms. Reinking led master classes around the country. At one session in Bethesda, Md., in 1983, she noted that some students weren’t paying attention and couldn’t remember their steps. “You have no control over how tall you are or how long your legs are, but you do have control over how much you concentrate,” she told them. “It’s to your advantage to work your brain as well as your body. The rest is up to fate.”

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