Besides that, AOA also managed to get several awards for their hard work, such as the Bonsang Award at the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, Brilliant Award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards and many others. If previously you did not know how good and cool AOA was when they performed on stage, this article will discuss more fully about AOA’s comeback in every year that makes you realize that this girl group is one of the K-Pop groups that have great potential to become a legend. Let’s not wait any longer and see more detailed information in the article below!


AOA debuted in July 2012 with the formation of 8 members, such as Jimin, Choa, Mina, Hyejeong, Yuna, Chanmi, Seolhyun and Youkyung. With one of their album singles entitled ‘Angel’s Story’ and at the same time holding their first showcase after debuting with the title AOA “Ace of Angels” debut showcase. Like the acronym of the girl group, Ace Of Angels, AOA made their debut with a song called Elvis. If we look at it from the music video, Elvis portrays a scene of angels who have just come down from heaven in a small town. People around the city who saw AOA as angels were surprised to see their charm and beauty. Not long after the scene, AOA showed their scene by dancing together and entered one of the city’s shopping malls. AOA who are angels have fun in the city, and they also show their skills in playing instruments, such as drums, guitar, and keyboard.  

Not only wearing one costume on Elvis‘ music video, but AOA also looks very cool with their costumes all in black. AOA shows their dark side of Elvis, which is a concept with members who have the original form as angels. AOA is seen as a newly debuted girl group, but they already have a very strong character and charm due to their beautiful visuals. After that, AOA also performed their debut stage with the appearance of 8 members with some of their band members who performed in one of the scenes in Elvis‘ music video. Their debut got special attention from many people, especially K-Pop fans. The costumes they wear on the stage are also various, such as a golden vest with a tassel on the sleeves that makes their appearance more attractive.  

What do you think about AOA’s debut with Elvis?


In 2013, AOA held their comeback with the single, Confused. In some individual teaser images, AOA looks very pretty and looks like they have a concept like an angel because of their white clothes and innocent look in their make-up and pose. However, when Confused’s music video was released, the concept of the teaser that was shared was far different. Confused shows how AOA members enjoy the sexy concept they display. The music video opens with the appearance of AOA members wrapped in soft white dresses, but in an instant, it changes with girls in sexy black tight dresses and so tempting.  

During the music video, it was clear that AOA revealed their sexy dance choreography and focused on their sexy thighs, hips, and lips. Emphasizing the fingers on the lips, AOA so made their male fans melt. No scene explains the background of this song, but in this music video seen the members dancing with a very tempting and sexy choreography. Confused era shows the transition from the concept of AOA debut, which is full of innocence and charming side as angels, but these angels also have another side that can be filled with charisma as a woman. It is shown from the concept of angels with shades of white, changing with AOA members wearing tight black clothing.  

The concept of Confused is also one of the best comeback presented by AOA. They began to show feminism and sexy sides with different costumes at each of their comeback stages. One of them is by using a black and white top with a striped motif on the torso followed by black leather hot pants which make their appearance even more exciting. If Confused is one of the first sexy concepts from AOA, what do you think about their comeback with that concept?

Like A Cat

In 2014, AOA released their comeback with Like A Cat. This song is one of the AOA who managed to get the title as a huge success by presenting Daniel Snoeks in their music video. Like A Cat also won # 1 on the Gaon Social Chart for six consecutive weeks. With this song, AOA also won the trophy for the second time on one of the music tv programs, Show Champion. Inspired by Catwoman, AOA turned into sexy thieves in this comeback this time, like some scenes contained in their music videos. Dressed in tight black, they climbed up the wall and crawled in the ventilation aisle. There are also members disguised to enter a building that is heavily guarded by men dressed in black. A mission seems to be being carried out by group members consisting of Jimin and the other members. The theft mission related to a precious diamond belonging to a tattooed man.  

Regarding the appearance of AOA as a Catwoman in the music video, Jimin called it a special treat. “This is the charismatic side of us,” said the leader in their comeback showcase held on November 10, 2014, with the theme of AOA “Like a Cat” Mini Album Showcase. The music video is quite entertaining, and of course, the sexy element in Like A Cat will make fanboys happy. The video ends with a scene of the seven members ‘hanging out’ on the balcony of a building, loosely hanging to enjoy their role as cats. Like A Cat choreography combines typical AOA sexy movements with cat styles. Starting from scratching, gait to the style of a cat rubbing his face with his hands. Not only considered successful in South Korea, Like A Cat is also listed on song charts in China such as Sina, Sohu, and Ten-cent. In this era, it means that AOA has proven their hard work and achievements, which have begun to attract the attention of many people from all over the world because of their comeback with Like A Cat.

However, in this era also the management of AOA, FNC Entertainment, received a reprimand from the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) because of an unsettling issue about the artist’s sexy appearance on several music broadcasts. KCSC emphasizes the rules for girl bands to obey the rules that have been made. Many people assume that the decision was too late to remember, the girl band had already promoted the album and single with a sexy concept. But, that does not mean these rules are in vain, they prepare the rules for future warnings so that no more controversies arise. What do you think about the concept and comeback stage of AOA with Like A Cat?

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