Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will dig for deeper insight into Seolhyun and ZICO’s dating, starting by how they met, their blossoming relationship, and their farewell story after breaking up. Stay tuned, dear readers!

Block B’s ZICO and AOA’s Seolhyun Together in Love

In August 2016, the infamous stalking paparazzi site Dispatch released exclusive photos of AOA’s Seolhyun and Block B’s ZICO, who went on multiple dates. According to Dispatch, Seolhyun and ZICO first became the acquainted through overseas promotions and music programs. They began dating as lovers on March 2016 and constantly met up for dates on 31 May, 7 August, and throughout June and July. Usually, Seolhyun and ZICO went on dates by riding in a car, going to the Han River, or just staying at ZICO’s house. Here are the pictures which prove that AOA’s Seolhyun and Block B’s ZICO had been dating for some months before their relationship got leaked! Soon after the Dispatch’s report, the agencies of Seolhyun, FNC Entertainment, and ZICO’s agency, Seven Seasons, confirmed the couple’s relationship by saying that Seolhyun and ZICO became attached to, and relied on each other, while going through difficult times. The agencies also asked the public and fans to keep supporting the two stars dearly. Well, to tell you the truth, long before the Dispatch’s released photos about them, the rumor of Seolhyun and ZICO’s relationship had surfaced on the internet in January 2016. It is reported that whenever people type ‘Seolhyun’ on the famous online portal site, ‘ZICO’ would appear, and vice versa. Seolhyun and ZICO’s name were also included in the foretelling about the new couple in a popular web page at Facebook. In addition, before their secret dates’ pictures got leaked by Dispatch, fans had taken photos at Haneda Airport, Japan which hinted that these two popular idol group members were dating. In those pictures, we can see that Seolhyun and ZICO were focused on their phones while sitting back to back. While they are not directly facing each other, Seolhyun and ZICO might just be texting each other, just like a boyfriend and girlfriend should be! At the end of August 2016, ZICO appeared on MBC ‘Radio Star’ and was bombarded instantly by the MCs of the show regarding his relationship with Seolhyun. ZICO answered the question about what factor made him fall for Seolhyun, by saying that they just knew each other as a sunbae (senior) and hoobae (junior) and carefully kept contacting each other without realizing that both of them are slowly interested to be more than co-workers and casual friends. When he was asked by Simon D whether he liked to play hard to get and whether he would instantly read Seolhyun’s messages as soon as they popped up, ZICO said that his personality does not include the play hard to get trait and he could not read Seolhyun’s messages while he was still working so he will read them as soon as he finished his work. Unfortunately, just one month later after the broadcast of MBC ‘Radio Star’, the news sites reported that AOA’s Seolhyun and Block B’s ZICO had broken up after six months of dating since March 2016. Many people think that the couple broke up due to the negative comments from the public, which put pressure on them to end the relationship.

Block B’s ZICO Song About AOA’s Seolhyun

There are two of ZICO’s songs which the fans think that, while sounding sweet and mellow, actually contain lyrics that tell the story of his relationship with Seolhyun. The first song is titled I am You, You are Me. ZICO, who is known for his hip-hop songs, suddenly surprised the public and fans by releasing a lovable track which tells about a man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend. Many people on the internet forum speculated that ZICO wrote and composed this song while thinking about Seolhyun as his musical muse. The ZICO’s second song, which has lyrics people assume to be the story of his relationship with Seolhyun, is titled It Was Love. The song was released on Soundcloud right after the news of his broken relationship with Seolhyun. On his Instagram account (@woozico0914), ZICO also posted a collage of two photos showing a couple leaning against each other and then away from each other, and wrote a caption in which he told the people to check out his Soundcloud account because it had released the instrumental version of the song which can be downloaded for free. Through the lyrics of this song, ZICO remarked that his relationship with Seolhyun was a short but sweet love which people cannot help but feel sad about their parting. After listening to the song, the people left encouraging messages for ZICO, such as “ZICO just released a song which is showing how he feels about the reality of the situation”, “Seolhyun must have been ZICO’s love since he sounds so genuine”, “I am always cheering for you, ZICO”, and more.

Who is Seolhyun’s Boyfriend?

As per a prior appearance on Brave Family, Seolhyun had one boyfriend she dated in secondary school. Since she had a particularly busy schedule as a teenager, she could barely meet her ex-boyfriend. It’s not clear yet when they separated, but they obviously did later in life because of Seolhyun’s busy schedule. Since she’s significantly busier with stage performances, CFs, and acting, Seolhyun presumably has even less time to spend on her relationships. Indeed, in 2016, news source Dispatch uncovered that Seolhyun had begun a romantic relationship with Block B’s ZICO. After only a half year of dating, however, they separated because of the significant pressing factor of having a public relationship. From records of Seolhyun’s experiences, it’s extremely hard for both rookie and veteran idols to discover an opportunity to adjust both their schedules and relationship. As of now, Seolhyun is single as she’s still active in the entertainment industry and can’t find the time to nurture another romantic relationship.

Seolhyun Dating Rumors List

Like most KPOP stars, Seolhyun attempts to keep her personal love life hidden and as of now, she doesn’t date anybody. Though, she had at least two romantic relationships. In this section, we will be digging into the dating rumors surrounding Seolhyun. While it’s generally easy to discover who’s dating Seolhyun, it’s harder to monitor all her dating rumors. That being said, we’ll still do our best. So, check this out.

1. Seolhyun and Nam Joo Hyuk

In 2019, Seolhyun and Nam Joo Hyuk both featured in the film “The Great Battle” as supporting characters. Netizens are certain that they were secretly dating since there are a lot of similar posts in their Instagram feeds. “I checked their Instagram account and there are numerous things that occurred there. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make you very sure,” composed one of the netizens. However, numerous other netizens didn’t seem to believe they were dating due to the vague proof. They considered the proof excessively constrained and fabricated. “I’m here to perceive what else is nonsense. However, the comments are exceptionally unexpected,” one of the netizens said. “What is this? It’s actually excessively constrained. They simply go to occasions that are similar and promote their movies,” added another netizen.

2. Seolhyun and ZICO

Seolhyun and ZICO had separated in October 2017 in the wake of dating for a half year. Numerous reports began appearing online expressing that the two have reconciled. In any case, ZICO took to his Instagram and denied the getting-back-together rumor. He shared a screen capture of a news portal with the reports, and composed over them: “Don’t make rumors,” and “False information.” Adding on, a source from his label stated: “Reports that ZICO and Seolhyun have rejoined are unfounded, so it does not worth reacting to.” Then, Seolhyun had discussed their relationship after their separation. She stated: “In truth, I was stunned. It was astounding that there was a dating report about me, however, the immense response toward me was likewise shocking. It was fascinating, yet also terrifying and nerve-wracking. Significantly more so on the grounds that it hadn’t been my aim to open up to the world.” Seolhyun was purportedly broken after the news broke. The 22-year-old said: “Despite the fact that I was shaken after the news initially broke out, I don’t think the episode will be too significant on my life. Since I did nothing wrong. People meet and head out in different directions. Anybody experiences connections and separations. I simply think I encountered something as ordinary.” So, that’s all about the information on the past relationship of AOA’s Seolhyun and Block B’s ZICO. The two have moved on and are content with their respective lives. If there are more bits of information about these two idols, we will keep you updated. So, make sure to always check out the Channel-Korea official website.

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