Let’s find out about her determination and her process in becoming a member of April.

Full Profile of April’s Chaekyung

Name                  : Yoon Chae-kyung Stage name         : Chaekyung Birthday              : July 7th, 1996 Place of birth        : Gyeonggi Province, Siheung City Nationality            : South Korea Height                  : 161 cm Weight                  : 45 kg Position                 : Leader, sub-vocals Blood type              : AB Religion                  : Protestant Education                : Seongsin Woman University Management            : DSP Media Shoe size                : 220 mm Instagram               : @yunvely_0824 Twitter                    : @april_dspmedia Facebook                 : APRIL.DSPmedia

Facts About April’s Chaekyung

Chaekyung is the oldest member, but the younger members always successfully pull pranks on her. As the oldest member, Chaekyung leads by example. Chaekyung always wakes up the earliest, cooks the best, and takes care of everything. She is a clumsy person. She is a former member of the idol group Puretty and is currently an active member of I.B.I, C.I.V.A, and April. She was the last trainee to join DSP Media before the fall of the agency. In 2016, she was a member of 4 different idol groups, and all four groups had a single in the TOP 100 Mellon Chart She loves martial arts. She used to learn Muay Thai and she wanted to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her hobbies are watching dramas and making bags, scented candles, and accessories. Her total training period lasted 6 years.

Pre-Debut of April’s Chaekyung

Chaekyung debuted in Puretty on April 7, 2012. Puretty was a group under the management of DSP Media. The group consisted of five members: Hyein, Siyoon, Chakyung, Somin, and Jaeun. Puretty held promotions in Japan rather than in Korea. The group disbanded in 2014.

Official Debut of April’s Chaekyung

It is not easy to become a member of an idol group. Each member is selected based on the group’s concept and the results of their training. Even if a trainee excels in every field and has a good personality, the concept and the timing still have to be perfect. Chaekyung ticked all the requirement boxes when being selected for her various idol groups. In total, she joined 4 idol groups, and she is currently a member of I.B.I, C.I.V.A, and April. In 2014, Chaekyung joined the TV program KARA Project as one of the contestants to be selected as a future KARA member. On the program, Chaekyung failed to debut as a KARA member. Later, she joined an audition to become a member of April, but she failed that as well.

In 2016, Chaekyung competed on the idol survival program Produce 101 and managed to debut as an I.B.I member. She also joined another idol group, C.I.V.A. Due to her popularity and the departure of one of its members, Chaekyung was finally able to become a member of April. She debuted in April 2017 when the group released its third mini-album Prelude.

Focus Fancams of April’s Chaekyung

Beautiful and cute are two words that best describe Chaekyung’s visual and performance. Unfortunately, Chaekyung often receives very few singing parts. In most choreography, her position is in the backline. In this fancam video, her moves are not as smooth as the other members and her steps are not stable.

April is known mostly for the visuals of its members and their cute songs. Among April’s members, the main visual is Naeun. Chaekyung deserves to get more singing parts simply because her vocals and visual improves every year.

April’s Chaekyung on Produce 101

DSP Media sent two trainees to compete in Mnet’s Produce 101. The program aired in early 2016 and showed the competition between 101 trainees for a chance to debut in a new group. In the first episode, Chaekyung ranked at number 15. Her performances throughout the program were inconsistent. She got to number 7 before the final episode but fell to number 16 in the last episode. She collected only 128,454 votes.

April’s Chaekyung on God of Music 2

April’s Chaekyung joined another idol girl group, C.I.V.A, through her appearance in the Korean mockumentary TV program The God of Music 2. In the program, Roo-raa’s leader and music producer Lee Sang-min and entertainer Tak Jae-hoon teamed up to create a new girl group called C.I.V.A. They decided on the name because wanted the group to be one step better than a diva. The program aired from May 5th to July 7th, 2016 on Mnet. The C.I.V.A members consisted of Lee Soo-min, Kim Soo-hee, and Yoon Chae-kyung. The group debuted in July 2016 and released the debut single “Why.”

April’s Chaekyung’s Relationship With NCT’s Jaehyun

Fans were rooting for new dating news when pictures of NCT’s Jaehyun holding April’s Chaekyung’s hand surfaced on the Internet. The picture was true, but the dating news was false. At least, at that time. During the shooting of Law of the Jungle, Jaehyun held Chaekyung’s hand when they were trying to jump from a waterfall. Chaekyung was scared to jump. She finally got the courage to jump after Jaehyun offered his hand. Chaekyung overcame her fear and jumped from the waterfall. Fans must have been envious because of Jaehyun’s manly and kind heart. Perhaps, it was a start to a close relationship.

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