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April’s Chaewon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Chaewon (Hangeul:채원) Birth Name: Kim Chae Won (Hangeul:김채원) Birthday: November 8, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox Nationality: Korean Height: 160 cm (5’3″) Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs) Blood Type: O Instagram: @chaeni_0824 YouTube: Honey챈 [허니챈]

18 Fun Facts About April’s Chaewon

  1. Chaewon is from Gongju, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea.
  2. She graduated from Sungshin Women’s University majoring in modern practical music.
  3. She also graduated from Gongju Girls’ Middle School.
  4. Chaewon is a former contestant of KARA Project and ranked 4.
  5. She doesn’t like cucumbers.
  6. Chaewon has an elastic body.
  7. Before her debut, she trained for three years.
  8. Chaewon has a brother who was born in 2009 named Kim Donggeon.
  9. Chaewon debuted as an actress in the drama Reply Pyeongchang, 100°F as the lead role.
  10. She released her own YouTube channel on June 3, 2019.
  11. Her audition song was “Love” by Keshia.
  12. Chaewon sweats often as she has hyperhidrosis.
  13. On her girl group, April, Chaewon got named as Mom of the group.
  14. She signed a contract with DSP Media in 2012.
  15. Her weakness is indecisiveness as shown when she took a long time deciding what to buy at the market.
  16. Chaewon released the song “Clock” along with Chaekyung on May 1, 2016.
  17. She joined King of the Masked Singer as the 4th contestant Dalgona on the July 5th, 2020, episode.
  18. Chaewon debuted as a radio MC with Jinsol on SBS LoveFM in November 2015.

April’s Chaewon’s Pre-Debut Story

In December 2014, Chaewon was doing an internship and participated in a Christmas album from DSP Media named White Letter. She sang in the song “You Are the One” with Somin. On July 22, 2015, she joined KARA Project as one of the main vocalists. On KARA Project, she ranked 4th.

April’s Chaewon’s Debut

On August 24, 2015, Chaewon debuted as a member of April after training for three years. She debuted with five other members with the album Dreaming and lead the track “Dream Candy.” Watch their debut video below!

April’s Chaewon’s Acting Debut

Chaewon also tried her ability in acting. She appeared in Reply Pyeongchang, 100°F as the lead female, Hwang Hye Won. This web drama was released on Naver TV Cast in 2016. In 2020, Chaewon again sharpened her acting skills in the MBC drama Third Person Dating Perspectives. She played herself in this drama. Cool!

April’s Chaewon’s Cutest Visual

Chaewon was nominated for The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020. Look at these pictures to see why! Chaewon’s short hair is so stunning and makes her look like an anime character. Her wink is so cute and sweet. Do you agree? Her smile is genuine and sweet. There is no doubt why she was on the list of beautiful faces!

April’s Chaewon’s Dating Issue With Her Manager

In 2021, some rumors arose. Former April member Hyunjoo left the group in 2016 because of bullying. The rumor was started by Hyunjoo’s brother and friend who claimed that all of the members of April were bullying Hyunjoo, including Chaewon. Chaewon was also rumored to have a dating relationship with their manager which led to him turning a blind eye to the bullying. This issue put Chaewon in the spotlight over the Hyunjoo bullying case. DSP Media released a statement stating that the manager of April must be ready 24/7 to assist them, and the dating is only a rumor. DSP Media also stated that the reason behind Hyunjoo leaving April wasn’t about bullying but her concentration on a solo career. No matter what the truth is behind this, hopefully, every part of this case will finish well.

April’s Chaewon’s Instagram Highlights

“It’s been a while, long hair,” Chaewon wrote on her Instagram. She has had short hair for a while and recently started showing off her new hair. On her Instagram, Chaewon uploaded herself holding a fake gun and writing “bang..bang..” Her cute expression is such a mood! That’s all about April’s Chaewon’s profile, fun facts, dating rumor, and her career journey. Always support Chaewon in good ways, regardless of the facts. No one deserves hate and bad comments. Write your comments regarding Chaewon’s visuals below and share them on Twitter, too!

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