Lee Na-eun from APRIL: Her Bullying Accusations Toward an Ex-Groupmate

The famous girl group APRIL has been in the spotlight due to a bullying controversy that involved one of their members, Lee Na-eun, also known as Naeun. It also surprised and infuriated APRIL’s fandom since they didn’t think that their idols would be part of a bullying case. It all started when an online post was spread through the Internet which stated that Lee Na-eun and the other APRIL members bullied an ex-member of APRIL, Kim Hyun-joo. The post was written by someone who claimed to be Hyun-joo’s brother.

How Did It Start?

On February 28, 2021, a person who claims to be Hyunjoo’s brother made an online post about the truth behind Hyunjoo’s departure from APRIL in 2016. In the post, he revealed that Hyunjoo was bullied by the other members which made her stressed until she left the group. However, DSP Media (APRIL’s agency) explained that Hyunjoo left the group to focus on acting. Hyunjoo’s brother also revealed that due to the bullying, Hyunjoo has suffered from panic disorder, breathing difficulties, and wanting to commit suicide. In addition, someone else claiming to be Hyunjoo’s high school friend also supported the statement and revealed further details about the chronology of Hyunjoo’s bullying while she was in the APRIL. It was revealed that APRIL’s members would show off their hatred towards Hyunjoo by being sarcastic towards her, teasing her, and Naeun even reportedly stole Hyunjoo’s sneakers and insisted that she bought them herself.

Accused of Other Scandals

The number of victims of Naeun’s bullying has increased after another post from someone who got bullied by her during elementary school. The post was written by “A” and explained how Naeun cursed and ostracized A for no reason. Furthermore, A demanded an apology from Naeun. APRIL’s Naeun has also been involved in a dating rumor with Yoonyoung, a member of A-JAX. The rumor spread after Yoonyoung made a post to defend Naeun since he thought that Hyunjoo wasn’t strong enough to bear APRIL’s activities as a member. After his post, people noticed that there was a picture of Naeun on his social media which started the speculation that they were dating. The fact that he defended Naeun also made the rumors even worse.

Lee Na-eun’s Agency’s Official Statement

APRIL’s agency DSP Media also released an official statement regarding Naeun’s bullying controversy that involved Hyunjoo and her elementary school classmate. From the statement, DSP Media said that those unpleasant incidents that involve Naeun and other APRIL members weren’t true. Furthermore, the agency explained Hyunjoo’s departure. They said that Hyunjoo wasn’t able to participate in APRIL’s activities due to her physical and mental health. Meanwhile, all of the members experienced a rough time. They also denied the dating rumors between APRIL’s Naeun and A-JAX’s Yoonyoung.

Lee Na-eun’s Removal from the Drama Taxi Driver

The bullying case is a total mess and something horrible that can impact someone’s life and the victims, and so it happened with Naeun’s career. Previously, she was involved in the drama project Taxi Driver and played the role of Go Eun. She had filmed several episodes for the drama, but due to the bullying controversy, Naeun was expelled from Taxi Driver. The production company of Taxi Driver, Studio S, also gave an official statement regarding Naeun’s expulsion from the project. They revealed that after a long discussion between the production team and Naeun’s agency, it was decided that Naeun’s role would be replaced. All of the footage with Naeun was re-filmed. Naeun’s participation in SBS’s Delicious Rendesvouz was also partially edited out. They explained that they edited as much as possible without affecting the show. That’s all the details regarding APRIL’s Naeun’s bullying controversy! Her controversy surprised the fans and unfortunately affected her career as well. We do hope for the best decision for everyone involved! What are your thoughts on APRIL’s Naeun’s bullying case? Let us know the answer in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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