If some K-pop groups lose members because some members leave, then it is possible for a K-pop group to gain a new member. You can see some groups that have additional members such as Super Junior, Red Velvet, Momoland, CLC, etc. Those groups added one or more new members after they release their debut single. It’s normal in the K-pop industry, and some fans are welcoming to the new members, too. Though there are some haters who would throw hate on them, let’s not talk about those haters. Instead, let’s talk about a member who came to their group after the group’s debut day. It’s Rachel from April; keep reading below to find out more about her!

Profile of April’s Rachel

The April that we’re going to talk about in this article is not the month of April. Instead, it’s a K-pop girl group under DSP Media. They made their debut in 2015 by releasing their first single called “Dream Candy.” The group’s members were six and remained at six after adding new members. We will talk about that later, but first, let’s see the profile of Rachel from April. Rachel is one of the members of April who’s in charge of being the main rapper, sub-vocalist, and dancer. Rachel joined April in 2017, two years after the group debuted. You might be wondering if Rachel is just a stage name or her real name. So now, check out Rachel’s profile to find out more about her! Full Name: Seong Nayeon Given Name: Nayeon Stage Name: Rachel / 레이첼 Korean Name: 성나연 Nickname: Smile Angel, Cherry, Chel, Yooli, Yi Cherry, Ballet Queen, Tinker Bell, etc Birth Date: August 28, 2000 Birth Place: Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 165 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: O Foot Size: 235 mm Family: Parents, sister Education: Gyeongbok Elementary School Middle School Graduation Test Exam Seoul of Performing Arts High School Position: Main rapper, sub vocalist, lead dancer Instagram: @castlechel_0824 Debut Year: 2017 Agency: DSP Media Group: April

Facts About April’s Rachel

Now, we know that Rachel is not actually her real name since she also has a Korean name which is Song Nayeon. So, does that mean Rachel is only a stage name? Well, if we only see her profile, we won’t know about that. We might know some essential things about Rachel, but we don’t really know what she is like. And, that’s why we have gathered some interesting facts about Rachel for you. Let’s see the list of Rachel’s facts below!

Rachel used her English name instead of her real name. It was also because there are other Nayeons in the Korean entertainment industry. Even in April’s fan chant, she was called Rachel instead of Nayeon. Rachel can speak English well, and she can also speak German. She is still learning Japanese, but her impression at first is that Japanese is quite hard. Rachel attended Seoul of Performing Arts High School with a scholarship for students with excellent grades. Rachel seems to like to communicate with animals. At the graduation ceremony, Rachel achieved a special achievement award. Rachel was in the same class as WekiMeki’s Lucy. Rachel gave the impression of being a shy and innocent girl when she made her debut with April. Fortunately, after she became close with the members, she started to be more open and could show her charms. Since Rachel has a baby face and her eyes are round and big, she often gets mistaken as the youngest member in April.

Pre-Debut of April’s Rachel

Now, we have seen Rachel’s profile and interesting facts about her. But, some of you might be wondering, what’s the story behind the additional member of April? We know that she joined in 2017 which means 2 years after April’s official debut. But, what happened? And, why did it take 2 years for her to join? Some idols train for years, so was it because Rachel needed to train longer? All of these questions will be answered in this section! We will be talking about Rachel’s story before she joined April as one of the members. Rachel was born with the Korean name Song Nayeon. She was born in Gwangjin, South Korea, on August 28, 2000. Rachel spent her childhood in Gwangjin along with her parents and her sibling, a sister named Song Chaeyeon. Rachel attended elementary school in Gwangjin until she graduated. As a child, Rachel learned ballet starting when she was in elementary school. She joined some competitions in her school. She spent about 7 years learning ballet. No wonder she does really well in dancing now. Rachel also gained an interest in music, too. She has been into K-pop starting since her younger years. She moved abroad after she graduated from elementary school. Rachel lived in Portland, Oregon, USA, and attended middle school there. Since she was far away from her hometown, Rachel listened to K-pop songs. At that time, K-pop had become popular in America, too. In 2016, Rachel was sure that she was willing to be a singer. She has a strong will and joined some auditions for a K-pop agency. Rachel went back to Korea just for that; imagine how brave she was! Finally, Rachel applied to an audition for DSP Media, the agency that debuted her as a K-pop idol. She talked about it with her family, and her family members went to the audition to support her. The result wasn’t disappointing at all. Rachel passed the audition. She was becoming a trainee for a K-pop agency! Congrats, Rachel!

Rachel’s Debut with April

Rachel who came back to Korea only to audition for a K-pop agency was really something. It might be Destiny that led her to that. If not, then she might still be in Portland studying right now. But, she recklessly came back and auditioned. Then, the rest is history. She became the new member of April. Actually, Rachel was already a fan of April before she auditioned to become DSP Media’s new trainee. Of course, she was so happy that she could be a trainee in the same agency. However, she was not only a trainee but a new member of April! She was told that she would be joining April’s line-up. That’s why Rachel only took about 2 months to train in DSP Media. Since Rachel learned ballet before, it wasn’t that hard for her to learn dancing, especially when she’s a fan of K-pop, too. In November 2016, it was confirmed that Rachel, along with Chaekyung, would be joining April’s line-up. It followed the news that Hyunjoo departed from the group because of health issues and to pursue an acting career. Hyunjoo also took a hiatus for seven months before she decided to leave the group. In January 2017, Rachel officially debuted with April. The group now consisted of the following six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol. They released their first mini-album after having a new line-up titled April Story. Let’s see the first music video of Rachel with April!

The story of April is really cheerful and has a vibe of cherry blossoms. No wonder they are called April, they really give the happiness aura of spring! And now, it’s time to see how great April’s dance performance is with the song called “April’s Story!”

What do you think about April’s debut era with their new line-up? Rachel really did well even though she only trained for a short while, right? It was an incredibly short period of being a trainee since some idols spend almost ten years training! Congratulations, Rachel!

April’s Rachel’s Performances on Stage

April’s debut might have passed for over five years, But Rachel’s debut started in January 2017. Even so, it was quite a long time for her in the K-pop industry. It has been over four years since the Gwangjin girl became a K-pop idol. She has learned a lot of things since the days of being only a fan. She also appeared in some reality shows! But, most importantly, as an idol, she appeared in K-pop music shows and promoted her songs along with other April members. Rachel might have been new when she just debuted, but she has really grown into a professional K-pop idol. So now, it’s time to see the performances of Rachel along with April in some music shows!

Now that we have seen Rachel’s dance performances on stage, we really know that she’s such an amazing performer. Even though the journey to be a K-pop idol was quite sudden for her, she still managed to do it well. Great job, Rachel!

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