April is a girl group that consists of 6 beautiful and skilled members. They are under DSP Media, the same agency as the popular girl group from the 2nd generation of K-pop KARA. Unlike their name, April made its debut in August 2015. The leader of April is Chaekyung, while the other members are Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol. All the girls in April are so talented and gorgeous. They have their own charms that make them shine so bright. But, we won’t be talking about all of the members in this article. Instead, we’re just going to talk about one specific member which is Yena. Let’s learn more about Yena in the sections below!

Profile of April’s Yena

Full Name: Yang Ye-na Given Name: Ye-na Stage Name: Yena/ 예나 Korean Name: 양예나 Nickname: Squirrel, Yang, Yen, Game Genius, Grapes, Yanginpo, Yanginoh, etc. Birth Date: May 22, 2000 Birth Place: Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 164 cm Weight: 45.5 kg Blood Type: A Foot Size: 240 mm MBTI Type: ISFJ Family: Parents, older sister, younger brother Education:

Daegu Jimyo Elementary School Gongsan Middle School -> Yongin Hanbit Middle School Seoul of Performing Arts High School

Position: Main dancer, lead rapper, sub-vocalist Instagram: @sheepyn_0824 Debut Year: 2015 Agency: DSP Media Group: April

Facts About April’s Yena

Among foods, Yena’s favorite is bread. Yena’s characteristic is brave. She has no fear when she has to do bungee jumping. Yena is close to CLC’s Kwon Eunbi. She is athletic; her hobby besides dancing is running. Yena’s face is said to resemble Goo Hara, a former member of KARA. She is the only member in April who auditioned with a dance performance while the others sang. Yena once appeared in Law of the Jungle on Sunda Island. She received a handmade headband from Kim Donghan who made them for the entire cast and guests in the episode. Yena started high school in 2016 after she made her debut. She went to Seoul of Performing Arts.

Pre-Debut of April’s Yena

Yang Yena, also known as Yena, debuted as a member of April in 2015. Before that, she was a little girl from Dong-gu, Daegu. Yena was born on May 22, 2000. She spent her childhood and her early teenage life in Daegu. Yena is the middle child of her family. She has an older sister named Yang Jina and a younger brother named Yang Yuhoon. Even when Yena was younger, she was into K-pop and learned the dances in her hometown. When she was in middle school, she went for an audition for DSP Media around early 2015 or late 2014. When Yena was auditioning, she danced to APINK’s song “LUV.” She performed really well and ended up passing the audition. Since becoming a trainee means that she has to follow a schedule strictly, Yena had to leave her hometown. Especially, Daegu is so far away from Seoul. It would cost a lot of money and time if she took a bus or train to Seoul from her hometown every day. So, Yena, who was still in middle school, transferred to a school which was much closer than her hometown. Yena then attended Seoul of Performing Arts high school, the school of idols and trainees of various K-pop agencies. The school focuses on performing arts. So, even when Yena was debuted as an idol, she could still manage her busy schedule and education.

Yena’s Debut with April

Yena was already talented before she made her debut. Her beauty wasn’t changing even after years had passed. Yena was a cute little girl with an innocent look, but the Yena that we know now is just as cute as before. It took less than a year for Yena to train with her agency. After around 8 months of being a trainee, Yena then debuted as a member of April. She was still 15 years old in the international age system and 16 years old in the Korean age system. It was such a young age for an idol to debut; other idols often debut around 20 years old. Yena’s debut age is just like the debut age of SHINee’s Taemin, Suzy from Miss A, and Sohee from Wonder Girls, to name a few. However, it turned out that Yena wasn’t the youngest member despite her young age. There is Lee Jinsol, the youngest member in April who was born in 2001. Yena debuted in the upcoming girl group of DSP Media, which has been a successful home for KARA, Fin.KL, Rainbow, etc. The group name is April, which stands for A or Aei and Pril or Peuril in Korean. When the two words are combined, they form April, or “the best girl group that is lovable.” April debuted with six members. But, the members are not the same that we see now. April’s original line-up was Somin, Chaewon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena, and Jinsol. However, Somin and Hyunjoo then departed from the group. Somin left April in 2015 and then joined a new co-ed group called KARD later. Later, Hyunjoo left the group and had a hiatus for a while in 2016. Even so, April’s debut era was undeniable. They showed a pure and innocent side of K-pop by releasing their first single called “Dream Candy.” Let’s listen to the song while watching the music video of April’s debut song!

The girls look so cute and pure back then. The white dresses that they wore make them look even more like princesses or even goddesses. Don’t you think so? Anyway, can you spot Yena? She looks really cute with a pony-tail hairstyle. As expected, Yang Yena has always been a pretty girl. And now, let’s see the dance version of “Dream Candy” by April!

They did the dance practice in the middle of the street. They amazed a lot of people who were passing by and stopping to look at them performing. How amazing April’s debut was!

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