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To find out the answers to these questions, you need to keep reading this article. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with detailed information on how and where the BTS members currently live, and possibly some of the land properties the members have bought.

BTS Officially Still Live Together

BTS members haven’t provided any responses regarding this matter. However, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Music, officially announced that the members are still living in shared accommodation. Big Hit Music has provided an apartment for the members in Hannam the Hill, Dokseodang-ro, Youngsan-gu, Seoul. This is the most expensive apartment complex not only in Seoul, but also in South Korea. Many ARMYs (BTS’s fan base) already know that in that apartment, Jimin and J-Hope share a room. Apart from them, ARMYs assume that the other members don’t share a room. Each of the five members has his own room. BTS members have been known to the public as members who have lived together since their debut. They have shared a life together for more than eight years in the apartment. However, when their schedules aren’t so tight, they often go home to their hometown and spend time with their parents and siblings. Of course, the opportunity to visit the hometown isn’t that much, because the members have to deal with many daily activities, including rehearsing, promoting, and preparing for shows.

BTS Members Rumored by ARMYs that They Are Living Separately

Even though the agency has clearly announced that the members are still living together, many people, especially ARMYs, don’t believe the agency’s statement. These disbelieving comments have already spread on several social media, especially on Twitter and Quora. Through these comments, there are several reasons why ARMYs think that the members are definitely not living together anymore. Some of those reasons are: These are the main reasons why ARMYs believe that the members are living separately. We must know that these reasons come from ARMYs’ theory and observations of BTS’s live broadcasts and interviews. Until now, there is no official statement regarding these four reasons.

Land Properties Owned by BTS Members

Following the last reason, the members have reported many times that they’ve actually bought several properties. In this headline, we will present some of the properties owned by the members.

Jin’s Apartments

Jin was first reported in 2018 that he had purchased an apartment for 2 billion KRW (1.63 million USD). The apartment was in the same complex as the BTS apartment. However, Jin sold the apartment in 2019. Shortly after, Jin bought another apartment, also in the same area, for 4.3 billion KRW (3.51 million USD). In 2020, Jin was again reported to have added to his properties collection. He bought a house in the same complex for 4.2 billion KRW (3.43 million USD). It was reported that the house was given by Jin to his parents. This is a photo of the under-constructed 4.2 billion houses.

Suga’s Apartments

In 2018, Suga was known as a member who owned a small flat around Samseong Station, Seoul Subway Line 2. After that, in August 2019, Suga purchased a luxurious villa in UN Village, a prominent villa complex in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The village is one of the most popular neighborhoods for Korean Chaebols (Chaebol is a conglomerate family clan), including the Chung family who own Hyundai Motors. Suga bought a villa there for about 3.4 billion KRW (2.78 million USD). This is the front view of the villa.

J-Hope’s Apartments

In 2018, J-Hope bought a luxury apartment in Seoul Forest Trimage, an apartment complex in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. He bought the apartment for 1.6 billion KRW (1.31 million USD), but now the cost has increased to 2.4 billion KRW (1.96 million USD). This apartment complex is also home to other Korean idols, such as Seo Kang-joon and Super Junior’s Siwon and Leeteuk. J-Hope once gave his fans a glimpse of his luxurious apartment through his Instagram post. ARMYs believe that the interior design of the apartment matches J-Hope’s bright personality. This is the building of the Seoul Forest Trimage.

RM’s Apartments

The leader RM finally made his name as one of the condominium owners in Nine One Hannam. The prestigious condominium complex is located at Hannam-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. It was reported that the leader purchased the condo on March 31st, 2021, for 6.3 billion KRW (5.15 million USD) with cash and without any loans. These are some pictures of RM’s condo.

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