For instance, Haechan from NCT under SM Entertainment Ryujin from ITZY under JYP Entertainment that are rumored to have a relationship. There are many hints that Haechan and Ryujin are dating, starting from couple items, used the same uncommon words, Haechan following ITZY’s VLive account, etc. However, there are no confirmation about their dating rumors. So, do you think that Haechan and Ryujin are actually dating despite the dating rumors are not confirmed yet? Let’s dig for more evidence about whether Haechan and Ryujin really have a relationship or not in this Channel-Korea article! Stay curious!

NCT’s Haechan and ITZY’s Ryujin Never Confirmed Their Dating Rumors

Both SM and JYP Entertainment, the agencies of Haechan and Ryujin never confirmed anything about the artists’ dating rumors. But if we take a look at the hints, it’s no way that they are not having a special relationship. There’s no real answer regarding this issue even now, but fans believe they did know each other as more than friends. Below is the complete evidence of their dating rumor.

Hints That Spark The Dating Rumors between Haechan and Ryujin

People nowadays can use the Internet to find information and put together details, and so did fans of Ryujin and Haechan. The small changes from their idol can be easily spotted by them since they follow their journey and activity day by day.

NCT’s Haechan Got Nervous After He Was Caught Following ITZY’s VLive

On May 20, 2021, Haechan started a live broadcast to greet his fans, but he got panic because his iPad screen showed he only follows two accounts, NCT and ITZY. Haechan blushed and made it more suspicious with his reaction. So, what do you think?

ITZY’s Ryujin Dresses Nicer Nowadays, Is She Dating Someone?

In one of the interaction moments among ITZY’s members, Ryujin hinted that she is probably in a relationship because she is taking care of her appearance lately. Some ITZY members said that Ryujin is really into dressing up and making up these days. The members were curious because Ryujin takes more time with her appearance recently. Ryujin’s fast response is cute and different. She expressed that it is because she just realized that buying clothes is more fun than she thought.

Haechan and Ryujin Have Couple Items?!

Haechan and Ryujin were caught having shared items such as similar Bluetooth headphones, phone cases, Adidas items, and flower accessories. Many fans assume that if idols come out with the same item or a matching item, they probably have a special relationship. Check it out below! They do have Apple watches, but an Apple watch is also common for many people, right? Haechan and Ryujin have the same headset! Same Adidas shoes? Another Adidas item that they wear is also the same! They share the same phone case, too!

Haechan and Ryujin’s Secret Message on Bubble: Use The Same Uncommon Slang Words

Haechan and Ryujin posted messages to their fans on Bubble with the same uncommon slang words. The fact that they shared the messages around the same time made people suspicious about them. Haechan and Ryujin also used the same term about egg on a ramen, “Egg Flower” or 계란 꽃이. The words are not really familiar and Korean people don’t really use that kind of terms. So, no wonder people are getting more suspicious about Haechan and Ryujin’s relationship. At this point, if Haechan and Ryujin are not dating, they could be just close friends. What do you think about their relationship?

Netizens Reactions About NCT’s Haechan and ITZY’s Ryujin Dating Rumor

Netizens shared various reactions to Haechan and Ryujin’s dating rumor. Some people naturally support them whether it’s true or not, and some of them also believe it is just gossip. They have still not been caught meeting each other and both of their companies are not sharing any confirmations yet. Here are some comments from netizens: “Any possibility, he could just be a MIDZY?” (MIDZY is the fanbase name of ITZY) “His facial expression just reads.. Oh F***” “He better acted naturally rather than surprised..” (comments regarding Haechan’s panic when his iPad was accidentally exposed) That’s all about NCT‘s Haechan and ITZY‘S Ryujin’s dating rumor. Let’s give them space and respect their privacy. If they really are dating, they will come out at the right time and in a genuine way. So, do you think they are dating? Please give your comment below and share it on Twitter, too!

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