Episode 296

Before the actual shooting, the production staff prepared a questionnaire for each of the seven members of Running Man. The subject of the questionnaire is about unforgettable people in the Running Man member’s life. The person could be first love, a close friend or someone who has supported the member during their most difficult period. The title of episode 296 was “I’m sorry; I love You, Second Season, The Seven Loves.” There is one person waiting for each of the seven members and each member must meet all of them, finish the game, and take pictures for memories. All of the missions must be completed within only 12 hours. This episode wanted to remind the viewers how important it is to remember important persons who helped during the most difficult period. This episode aimed to recollect hardship and happiness in a person’s life. The guests for this episode were school friends, families, teachers or childhood first loves. In order to meet the first person, Yoo Jae-suk’s unforgettable person, all members visited the Yongmun area, the area where Yoo Jae-suk’s high school is located. Yoo Jae-suk said that the Yongmun area didn’t change much since his school days. Regarding Yoo Jae-suk unforgettable person, he said that he hasn’t met him for about 20 years. The person is actor Lee Seung-joon who acted in various dramas and movies and gained increased popularity for his appearance in the drama Descendants of the Sun. Yoo Jae-suk said that they were close during high school but they shared an awkward hug when seeing each other for the first time in 20 years. It turned out that they had a misunderstanding that caused them to separate. The problem was solved during the conversation and the two close friends were able to become close again. Lee Seung-jun told funny stories about Yoo-Jae-suk, like how he was the class funnyman and he dated a tall but not a pretty girl. Lee Yoo Jae-suk became embarrassed after the revelation. Yoo Jae-suk’s game mission is to answer three questions about past memories and he succeeded in completing the mission. Ji Suk-jin’s unforgettable person is the nurse in his high school. He said that he liked her so much during his high school days. At the time, the nurse had recently graduated from university so they didn’t have too much of an age difference between them. Ji Suk-jin faked illness just to see her in school. She became a professor at a university and all Running Man members met her while she was giving a class. She said that she didn’t remember fully about him because there were many young students who faked illness to take a rest from studying. Ji Suk-jin’s mission was to give all her students lunch. He bought hamburgers for all the students. The unforgettable person for Song Ji-hyo was a university friend; actress and former member of girl group Red Sox, Chae Young-in. Song Ji-hyo said that she was her close friend while studying in the acting department. They hadn’t met for 15 years. When she appeared in front of Song JI-hyo, Chae Young-in brought along her infant daughter. They looked very excited to see each other. Other than Song Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo and Haha seemed interested as well since they remember her during her active years as a member of an idol group. Lee Gwang-soo said that during his military service, he often heard her songs. He even remembered the melody and the dance moves of Red Sox. The funny thing was that Chae Young-in was excited more when recollecting her Red Sox days rather than recollecting her friendship with Song Ji Hyo. Chae Young-in appeared in a famous old drama, Temptation of Wife, so Song Ji-hyo’s mission was about the drama. Song Ji Hyo and Chae Young-in had to perform a scene from Temptation of Wife and complete three tasks in 100 seconds. They got help from Chae Young-in’s fans, especially Lee Kwang Soo. For the first task, Chae Young-in was supposed to scream until her voice reaches over 120 dB, place three post-it notes on Lee Kwang-soo’s face, and catch a ball without hands. Chae Young-in managed to scream until over 137 dB, the loudest ever recorded on Running Man, at first try. Other members, especially Gary, were stunned by her loud scream. Haha’s unforgettable person is legendary singer Lee Moon-sae. Haha appeared as a surprise guest during Lee Moon-sae’s new album promotion. It was an unforgettable moment for him and he always remembered the moment. Lee Moon-sae knew that Haha was coming to visit him but he expected to see Haha alone and not with all the Running Man members. Nevertheless, he was more than happy to see all the members, it was like a mission accomplished for him. Haha’s mission was singing one of Lee Moon-sae’s songs and receiving praise from him. Haha chose “Girls” which was also Yoo Jae-suk and Ji SUk-jin’s all-time favorite song. When haha started singing the song, he tried too hard to mimic Lee Moon-sae’s voice. Unsatisfied by Haha’s singing, Yoo Jae-suk took the mic from him and started singing the song. Later, Ji Suk-sin grabbed the mic and started to sing. Yoo Jae-suk unplugged the mic before Ji Suk-jin had a chance to sing. It was very funny and Lee Moon-sae smiled all the time. Haha failed on the first song. For the second song, he tried to sing “Old Love.” Haha asked Lee Moon-sae to sing some parts so he can pass the mission. Lee Moon-sae looked slightly unhappy because all the members wanted just to complete the mission without spending a lot of time with him. Jokingly, he said that it was one year after his last TV appearance so he wanted to enjoy the moment longer. For the next person, Kim Jong-kook’s, his unforgettable person was waiting in Gyeonggi, Anyang. The person was none other than his mother. Running Man members were surprised upon seeing her in person for the first time. She welcomed all the members and told stories about Kim Jong-kook. She said that because there was no girl in their house, she treated him as if he was her daughter. She also said that Kim Jong-kook asked her to prepare two lunch boxes, one for him and the other for school friends who didn’t bring a lunch box. She also said that she wanted Kim Jong-kook to get married soon and give her a grandchild. She even approved of him giving her a grandchild without getting married. She added that the person who will marry Kim Jong-kook must be able to cook. For his mission, Kim Jong-kook had to prepare a meal and write a love letter to his mother. He prepared ginseng chicken soup and completed a love letter for his mother. Lee Kwang-soo’s unforgettable person is his childhood first love, Hye Jin. Lee Kwang-soo received her phone number from her mother and tried to contact her. It was the first time ever he contacted her after 15 years. She answered his phone call and remembered him. She called Lee Kwang-soo by the nickname King Kong. All members were excited to meet her because of her straightforward character. They even prepared and staged how he should act upon seeing her. When they met, Lee Kwang-soo couldn’t hide his blushing face. However, she said that she got married already two years earlier. Other Running Man members asked her about what kind of girlfriend he should find. Hye-jin said that his girlfriend should care about his family.

Lee Kwang-soo recalled old memories of her kissing him on the cheek. However, Hye-jin immediately denied it and punched him several times. Lee Kwang-soo’s mission was to accompany her to her house. While Lee Kwang-soo was seeing her off, other members moved to another place to meet Gary’s unforgettable mission. Lee Kwang-soo completed his mission successfully but was surprised upon knowing that other members didn’t wait for him and moved to another place. He had to take a taxi to catch up with the other members. The last unforgettable person was Gary’s close friend, musician Yoon-gun. Yoon-gun waited for him at a café while Running Man members were moving to his place. Lee Kwang-soo arrived earlier than the other members. When all the members gathered, they only greeted Yoon-gun and asked for the mission card. Gary had to find 5 items: a diet cola, a hot dog, potato chips, jelly, and a lollypop. In the meantime, Yoon-gun had to prepare 7 cups of coffee for all Running Man members. He only had 15 minutes remaining to complete the mission otherwise all members would receive a penalty. Gary managed to find 4 items at the convenience store but had to find the last item, potato chips at a much farther convenience store. Finally, he found all the items and returned to the coffee shop. At the same time, Yoon-gun successfully made 7 cups of coffee. Gary completed his mission and all the members’ missions were successful with only three minutes remaining. Gary remembered that during his difficult early career, Yoon-gun helped him a lot by inviting Gary to collaborate with him. For his contribution, Gary earned precious money to support his daily expenses. Gary also complemented Yoon-gun by saying that most of the Leessang songs – Gary is a member of hip-hop group Leessang – were made in collaboration with Yoon-gun.

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