Before you get to celebrate their upcoming comeback, test your knowledge first on how much do you know about the boys. It’s time to find out whether you are a real Ahgase or just a casual fan! Let’s check it out!  

Guess The Right Answer From GOT7’s Facts

Now, if you have known them quite long, chances are you are already familiar with some general facts of your favorite group. Do you feel confident in answering some questions about GOT7? So, let’s dive deep into the first quiz: guess the members’ facts game! This one is a warm-up to test how well you know your idols.


Guessing GOT7’s Songs

Okay, as you knew, the quiz will be getting more difficult in the upcoming sections! Next section, you have to guess the GOT7 songs. There will be 4 rounds: easy, medium, hard, and very hard. Each round has 5 questions and you will get 1 point for each right answer. This should be easy peasy, right!

Guessing GOT7 Members’ Line Distribution

This is getting interesting! This will test your knowledge on how well do you recognize the members’ voices. You will be served 5 seconds of a members’ singing voice, and you have to guess who is singing. You will be tested 15 times to recognize the voice. Good luck!

Guessing GOT7 Members’ Voices

Last! This time, you have to guess the members’ voice again, but it’s not when they sing. There will be 5-second clips of the members’ talking voices, and you have to guess who is talking. There are 10 clips for you to guess. Can you correctly guess the voices of each member?

  The end of the quiz. You did good! So, how many points did you get? Did you answer all of them or just some part of it? Or was it too easy? If you were able to correctly answer all the questions, then you are a real Ahgase! If you couldn’t, then you need to improve your knowledge about the boys to know about them more! Well, that’s all to test your knowledge of GOT7. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and drop a line in the comment section below!

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