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Group Name: ARGON Members: Kain (Leader, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer), Haneul (Vocalist, Rapper), Roel (Lead Vocalist), Yeoun (Lead Vocalist), Gon (Main Vocalist), Jaeun (Main Rapper, Maknae) Fandom Name: A-Rang Years Active: 2019–present YouTube: ARGON OFFICIAL Twitter: @ARGON_tw & @ARGON_JP Instagram: @argon_official_ Daum Fan Café: ARGON-MSH Facebook: MSHARGON Website: mshenter ARGON is a K-Pop group formed by MSH Entertainment and consists of members named Kain, Haneul, Roel, Gon, Yeoun, and Jaeun. This group debuted in early 2019 or more precisely on March 11th, 2019, by releasing their 1st single album Master Key. ARGON itself stands for “Art Go On”; they chose this name because they want to express art that describes their abilities to try every music genre and not be tied to one concept. On the day they released their single album, the group also held their debut showcase that took place at The Iljin Art Hall in Gangnam, South Korea. After debuting in their own country, they also held their first live showcase Masterkey in Tokyo, Japan, which was held on April 28th, 2019, where the showcase was their own way of promoting the group. A day after their official debut announcement, they made their debut stage appearance for the first time on the music program The K-Pop (The Show) which aired on a television station. At that time, they showed their best on their debut stage with the all-white outfits they had previously worn in the music video. The energetic performance made them look excited and created a good impression for the audience in the studio and at home. Have a look at their debut performance!

For the “Master Key” music video, they used a darker concept which we rarely see as a debut music video. Apart from the concept, their dance choreography looks really cool for a group that has just debuted, especially their voices that bring simple melodies with amazing harmonization. Their debut was beyond unexpected, this can be proved by watching the “Master Key” music video, below!


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Music Videos & Lyrics Meaning

As we know, ARGON debuted with the single “Master Key,” a song for which they used a darker concept and showed their amazing original visuals. “Master Key” itself defines someone who will be a protector or guard for the one he loves or cares for, and will be willing to be the frontman. This song is a pop genre with a slightly harsh beat, also adapted to the concept that they used. Even though in the music video, they predominantly use white outfits, with this outfit they are seen to show their own charm and also the dance choreography that is shown according to the song and the tempo. Next, there’s the main track from their 2nd mini-album “Give Me Dat.” In this song, they actually develop themselves by giving off their true aura. The concept that they used in the music video is even fiercer and darker than the one used for “Master Key.” The lyrics of this song contain the meaning of someone who has a dream to become a star, and to achieve it he doesn’t pay attention to anything, he is just focused on his path. Then he wants to have whatever and get what he wants, so that the women admire him. This is also known in their music video, wherein the music video takes place in a field and also a building, they are being chased by a woman but they all hide from her even though in the end one of them finally meets her. If you haven’t seen the music video, you can watch it by clicking play below!

Stage Performances

Every time they make a comeback or launch a new song, ARGON make performances and appearances in various music shows, either off the air or on the air. Such is the video below, where ARGON members make an appearance on the stage of the Simply K-Pop program which is broadcast on the ARIRANG channel. They show all their skills on stage in white costumes and dusty-pink outer or suit. They performed “Master Key” live, and their voices sounded no different from the original record!

Also, their performance marking their first comeback with the track “Give Me Dat” is quite memorable. ARGON appeared on the weekly music program M! Countdown aired on Mnet, on October 3rd, 2019. In their appearance, they look very energetic with uncomplicated dance moves. They wore all black coats wrapped with gold buttons or golden knick-knacks on their suits. ARGON members were singing and dancing on the stage passionately, as if the stage belonged to them and they controlled it. The lighting effect that is given is also very fitting with their concept, such as in the music video which is embued with black and red lights.

Another memorable performance is the one where they perform a side track of their 2nd mini-album titled “Strange.” They made this incredible performance in THE SHOW, on November 12th, 2019, and this was part of their first comeback after previously doing promotions with the main track “Give Me Dat.” Unlike the previous two performances, for this appearance, they wore costumes that were a little more half-formal or casual, such as shirts, shorts, and also suits. The music of this song is also different from “Give Me Dat” because this song sounds a little slower than the previous song, and also the dance choreography is simpler and not too energetic but with more pliable movements.

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