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Full Profile

Stage Name: Gon (곤) Birth Name: Kim Seongjung (김성중) Position: Main Vocalist Date of Birth: November 13th, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Nationality: Korean Height: 181 cm (5’11″) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Instagram: argon_official_ Twitter: ARGON_twt JP Twitter: ARGON_jp TikTok: official_argon  

Fun Facts

Gon was the last member to be announced to the public He was introduced to the public on November 23rd, 2018 Besides the ability to sing with a melodious voice, he is also good at playing the piano Snorlax is his favorite Pokémon Playing video games is his way of relieving stress The watches YouTube videos when he can’t sleep When someone wakes him up, he gets the most annoyed In his free time, he likes to play video games He, alongside Kain and Haneul, are most likely to dance in front of a mirror He likes cooking but he has been taking a break from it due to the short ingredients at the dorm League of Legends is his favorite game Chupa Chups candy is his favorite sweets Lately, he has been listening to a lot of pop music He likes all kinds of cakes He wants to visit wherever A-Rangs are He doesn’t exercise often but when he does, he jogs He thinks he is ugly whenever he sees himself in the mirror His sleeping schedule changes each day Singing trot songs is his hobby


Learn More About ARGON’s Gon’s Personality

ARGON’s Gon is known as the member who likes to make cute faces and cute poses.

  A post shared by ARGON 아르곤 (AG) (@argon_official_) He likes to take cute selfies and he is one of the members who send the updates of his selfies often to fans.

  A post shared by ARGON 아르곤 (AG) (@argon_official_) He is a very thoughtful member and he often posts and shares sweet updates and messages for fans. No wonder, the fans are loyally sticking up with him.

  A post shared by ARGON 아르곤 (AG) (@argon_official_) He is also very confident and he likes to kid around. He believes that his cute looks are there since he was a kid. He wrote in one of his updates on ARGON’s official Instagram, “…look 😊 I think I looked cute when I was a kid ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ 😆😆😆”

  A post shared by ARGON 아르곤 (AG) (@argon_official_) He introduced himself to fans on the Arirang’s Pops in Seoul as ‘the last syllable of ARGON’ (that means he is the last member to be introduced and the one who completed the formation). He also is very sporty and good at ball sports and taekwondo. In the show, he also displayed his variety of skills by going along the sketch to pretend to play various numbers of ball sports (volleyball and basketball) by the request of the members. He is not shy and even expressive when he’s delivering his gimmick, making the members laugh because of his act. He also speaks eloquently and confidently when introducing his forte. See more of his personality in the video clip below!


ARGON’s Gon’s Focus Fan-cam

In the “Master Key,” Gon is the one member who sings the first line and occupied the central position in the opening choreography. Thus, he really attracts the attention of fans since the very beginning of the song. Aside from being known as the main vocalist, he also dances energetically well. You can’t even differentiate whether he is the main vocalist or the main dancer! Let’s see his stunning stage persona in the fan-cam below!

In another fan-cam, Gon displayed his dancing skills when he was performing a cover of BTS’ “Fake Love” at an event. You can even hear the fans screaming in the background while watching and enjoying this ARGON performance.


ARGON’s Gon’s Activities on Social Media

As we said before, Gon is one of the thoughtful members and he often shares updates and sweet messages with fans. On July 16th, 2020, he took over ARGON’s official Twitter account to give updates to fans and ask how they are doing. He wrote a tweet: “[ #Gon ] My dear friends. What are you doing?” with a kissy emoji at the end. Fans were quick to answer his question in the reply section with praises and flirty messages: “Omg hi I was just thinking about you,” wrote one user. “Hi baby. Miss you,” said another fan. “Hi baby! How are you? Did you eat today?” another one commented. “Babyyyyy… I’m listening to music ARGON,” said yet another fan. You can see how the fans are comfortable because Gon is trying to get closer to them through his messages and updates.   Well, those are all the things that you need to know about ARGON’s cute main vocalist Gon! What do you think about him? If you think that this is the perfect time to stan him, we also think the same! Let’s chat in the comment section below!

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