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Full Profile

Stage Name: Haneul (하늘) Birth Name: Lee Haneul (이하늘) Position: Vocalist, Rapper Date of Birth: June 3rd, 1996 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Nationality: Korean Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) Instagram: argon_official_ Twitter: ARGON_twt JP Twitter: ARGON_jp TikTok: official_argon  

Fun Facts

Haneul was the second member of ARGON that was revealed He was revealed to the public a day after Kain He was introduced as a member of ARGON on November 20th, 2018 Prior to his debut in the group, he communicated with fans through his personal Instagram account He is the rapper of the group When he wants to cheer up, he likes to listen to exciting rap To be a car designer was his childhood dream Mint chocolate is something he hates Watching cute animal videos on YouTube can change his mood instantly TXT is his current favorite boy group Lately, he has been listening to a lot of Baek Ye-rin songs He thinks British accent sounds sexy, that’s why he wants to learn English, specifically with a British accent Norwegian Forest cat is his favorite breed of cat Lee Yuko is the name of his cat He likes watching animal videos Another thing he loves is pineapple on pizza He would choose teleportation if he’s granted with a superpower He doesn’t play games very much He wants to travel and he has been watching a lot of travel vlogs since he can’t travel currently He hates rainy days He wants his black hair to stay forever


Learn More About ARGON’s Haneul’s Personality

Apparently, Haneul displays an image of a laid-back rapper, as he is not very keen to share a selfie of his smiles. He often poses with a flat expression for his selfies.

— ARGON (@ARGON_twt) January 9, 2020     Although he rarely shows his cute expression or wide smiles and displays a cool rapper persona on stage, he is actually a softie on the inside. Haneul is known to be an animal lover. He likes watching animal videos and even has a cat named Yuko. All of this proves how much of a softie he is. You can also sense his cute personality through his English Greetings video below! In the video, he hesitantly introduces his name and his position in the group with English. Although his Korean accent can still be noticed, he managed to nail the introduction! He also once expressed his desire to deepen his English learning specifically with a British accent because he thinks it sounds sexy. He is also much more generous with his smiles in the offline world as captured by the fan-cams below:

  Through a few of his personal focus fan-cams, it can be concluded that aside from being the group’s main rapper, Haneul also sings a few parts in the group songs. And he sings that beautifully, actually proving himself to be a multitalented member of the group.

Aside from that, he also shows strong dancing skills on the stage, thus magnifying his charisma and multi-talented skills.

Haneul As ARGON’s Rapper


ARGON’s Haneul & Yeoun’s Cover Of The Song “Stalker” by 10cm


It made fans quite shocked to see how Haneul successfully tackles the high and difficult tones of the song; even singing the song with the lead vocalist has proved that he is indeed a great singer although his main position is a rapper. No more words are needed. Well, those are all the things that you need to know regarding ARGON’s rapper (and occasional singer) Haneul! What do you think about him? If you think that this is the perfect time to stan him, we also think the same! Let’s chat in the comment section below!

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