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Full Profile

Stage Name: Jaeun (재운) Birth Name: Han Jaeun (한재운) Position: Main Rapper, Maknae Date of Birth: September 28th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Libra Nationality: Korean Height: 185 cm (6’1″) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: A Instagram: argon_official_ Twitter: ARGON_twt JP Twitter: ARGON_jp TikTok: official_argo  

Fun Facts

He was the fifth member who was revealed to the public He was introduced to the public on November 22nd, 2018 In 2017, he debuted as a member of a group called INX, but in the same year the group was declared disbanded He used the stage name Win while promoting with INX Prior to his debut in the group, he communicated with fans through his personal Instagram account but now his personal Instagram is not active and goes private He, alongside member Kain, call their family the most Compared to snacks, he prefers rice more He wants to dye his hair black in the next comeback He is waiting for ARGON’s songs to be added to karaoke rooms because those are his favorite songs He is not good at cooking but he is currently practicing his cooking skills Mushrooms, scary rides, and roaches are some of the things he dislikes He updated fans on July 9th, 2020, that he has been watching Itaewon Class recently When asked about three things he likes, he answers with “Jaeun, Jaeun, and Jaeun” He wants to be a cat in his next life He wants to try singing and be known as Han Jae-un the vocalist He is not a fan of emojis and doesn’t use them very much


ARGON’s Jaeun’s Rap Skills

  Take a look at his skills below!

Learn More About ARGON’s Jaeun’s Personality

Jaeun is known as the member who smiles a lot. Every time he has appeared in a variety show along with other members of ARGON, he can easily lift up the spirit by making a funny remark and smiling easily. When ARGON appeared as a guest on Arirang’s Pops in Seoul, Jaeun took the role of the MC. He was the one who came up with various challenges to other members to make the show more interesting to the viewers. Thanks to his creative ways, the show was much more lively as the members went along and displayed a variety of skills. He also likes to tease the members by making funny remarks such as, “prove it to us and we’ll decide,” referring to the members’ skills. When it was time for him to prove his skills, he shared that he used to be a class president in elementary school (inviting the laugh from other members) and he displayed his skills as a former class president by making a cue when a teacher comes.

In his updates to fans, he also often shares his selfies with his ‘angelic’ smile. Although his personality in the selfie seems a bit more quiet and calm than he originally is, fans are still able to pick up his genuine smile.   You can also see more of his cute personality as to make cute poses for fans in the video below:


Jaeun’s Activities in Social Media

On July 14th, 2020, Jaeun shared updates with his fans as he wished fans to have a good night. He wrote in the tweet, “Arang (ARGON’s fans) this night have a good night.” Fans commented on his post with various responses but most of them are calling him cute. A few weeks earlier, he also took over the ARGON Japanese Twitter account to share updates with fans through his mirror selfie. He made a statement in the tweet, “Looking at the mirror, it’s a standard selfie, isn’t it? ~”

— ARGON Official JP (@ARGON_JP) July 2, 2020 His playful updates make fans respond in kind as they are commenting on how cute he is. One of the fans even teases him that he just took a selfie to ‘flex his iPhone 11.’ Jaeun surely has a close and comfortable relationship with his fans. Don’t you agree? Well, those are all the things that you need to know regarding ARGON’s rapper and ‘variety MC’ Jaeun! What do you think about him? If you think that this is the perfect time to stan him, we also think the same! Let’s chat about him in the comment section below!

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