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Full Profile

Stage Name: Kain (카인) Birth Name: Bang Jun-ho (방준호) Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer Date of Birth: March 25th, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Aries Nationality: Korean Height: 178 cm (5’10″) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)  

Fun Facts

He was the first member to be revealed to the public He used to be a backup dancer for BTS He was shown to the public on November 19th, 2018 Prior to his debut in the group, he communicated with fans through his personal Instagram account but now he has deleted all the posts of his Instagram Studying is not his forte He once got a zero in math He’s obsessed with coffee, coffee, and coffee When people don’t understand him, it makes him angry He used to play baseball Black is his favorite color His eyes are his charming point He considers his eyes to be sexy He has not got his drivers license yet He wants to have a drink with A-Rangs and talk about many things He likes to wear accessories such as a lot of necklaces and rings Golden Retriever is his favorite breed of dog He works on music when he has a day off For him, music is his life Mint chocolate ice cream is one of the things he likes He is not a big fan of sweet things He is a fan of salty and spicy things After drinking coke, he often burps Whenever he has time, he likes to call his family


Learn More About ARGON’s Kain’s Personality

Kain’s personality is quite unique because he seems to possess a very different dual persona. On the performance stage or whenever he acts and makes serious expression, from the outside, he looks very cold and aloof. His resting bitch face makes his face appear very swag.

1997.03.25KOREA #ARGON#아르곤#Kain#카인 — ARGON (@ARGON_twt) November 19, 2018 But, in real life, he is known to be the member who smiles a lot. He likes to make a cute expression. When he smiles, his persona turns 180 degrees from the cold, aloof guy to the sweet cutie pie. Fans adore him because of his cute demeanor.  

A post shared by ARGON 아르곤 (AG) (@argon_official_) on Jun 5, 2020 at 1:45am PDT  

ARGON’s Dancing Machine

Kain is the first member that ARGON introduced to the public. ARGON introduced him as the leader, the rapper, and the main dancer of the group. Aside from his stunning talent as a rapper, there’s also no doubt about his talent in dancing, because one of his skills is making choreography. As can be seen in his solo performance below uploaded on January 7th, 2019, through ARGON’s official YouTube channel, his passion for dance shines brightly through his sharp moves.

Even his solo performance alone got more than 5,000 views on YouTube. Fans also flooded the comment section with praises, proving that he is truly a dancing machine. “He dances so smooth, I love it😍,” one user wrote. “This needs more views!!! Wow, the way he moves is amazing😮❤,” another user added. “This is so powerful!” another one commented. “OMG, KING,” a well-said comment from a fan.    

BTS’ Backup Dancer

ARGON’s Kain has been known to be a backup dancer for the now worldwide known boy group BTS, back in the days. The information was revealed on March 10th, 2019, during ARGON’s first debut showcase press conferences with South Korean media. During the interview session, Kain shared about his old days before he debuted with ARGON. He expressed that he really liked being on stage and listening to the audience’s screams. “I enjoyed standing on the stage because I could listen to the crowd’s screams,” said Kain. Because of this exciting feeling, Kain then decided to debut as a K-Pop idol. “I wanted to know what it would feel like if they screamed for me, so I decided to debut,” he said. He then mentioned that he has been with Big Hit Entertainment for three years. Not as a trainee, but a dancer for BTS. He revealed that previously he has been involved in a series of BTS tours in several countries. It was during this time that Kain got a lot of experience in performing on stage. “I got a lot of experience on stage when I was a BTS dancer during their world tour,” said Kain. He proceeded to say thanks for the experience, his desire to be a K-Pop idol is getting stronger. He felt happy even though at that time he was only part of the BTS backup dancers. “Thanks to that experience, I started cultivating my own dream of becoming a singer, and I really enjoyed being a dancer. I was with BTS for about three years,” he said. Spending a long time with BTS, Kain also revealed that he really admired the professionalism of BTS’ RM and the other members. He said that he used to see BTS practicing for 16 hours a day. He also said that RM and other BTS members even always strived for best even though they were at the peak of popularity. “I often saw BTS and they would practice for 16 hours per day,” said Kain. “They always try their best, even at the top (of popularity), and I admire them for that,” he continued. When ARGON became a guest on MBC FM’s Idol Radio hosted by A-PINK’s Chorong and Hayoung, he also talked again about his experience as a BTS backup dancer. “I started my dream to become a singer after working with BTS for their world tour. I respected their hard work and effort they put in for their performances. I hoped to also work hard like them if I ever became an idol. There were many times I would see them collapsing backstage. But they would always get right back up and put on another stellar performance,” he said, complimenting the group. On the show, he even showed a few of his moves for the BTS choreography along with other members Yeoeun and Jaeun.

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