ARGON’s Roel’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Sun-ho (김선호) Stage Name: Roel (로엘) Date of Birth: February 13th, 1997 Age: 23 years old (International age)/24 years old (Korean age) Height: 175 cm Weight: 58 kg Nationality: Korean Position: Lead Vocalist Associated With: ARGON Label: MSH Entertainment Years Active: 2019–present

ARGON’s Roel’s Fun Facts

Interesting facts about ARGON’s Roel:

Roel was the third person to be revealed as an ARGON member He loves watching movies as well as tidying up Roel used to be a member of a broadcasting club during his elementary school days until middle school; he was an announcer and sound engineer He was one of the vocal liners in ARGON, and people also praised him for his charming voice His vocal trainer also said that his voice is sexy Roel showcased his charming voice through a short song cover of IU’s “Ending Scene” in the Pops in Seoul ARGON episodes He has dimples on both of his cheeks Roel also hosted his own radio program on ARGON’s V-Live account He often jokes that his blood type is handsome Baby powder is Roel’s favorite scent Roel likes fried foods as well as all kinds of pizza toppings He isn’t good at sports with balls He has always dreamt of being a singer In ARGON’s dorms, he’s the member who eats snacks the most When Roel is tired, all he wants to hear from other people is: “Let’s go eat delicious food.”

Learn More About ARGON’s Roel’s Personality

Are you curious about ARGON’s Roel personality? Let’s find out more, here! For the personality of ARGON’s Roel, he is famously known as someone calm and soft. This has been obvious from the way he talks, the way he smiles at everyone, as well as his overall kind attitude. He is also the type of person who makes other people feel comfortable easily, and those dimples on his cheeks are increasing his ‘friendly’ appearance as well!

ARGON’s Roel’s Focus Fancam

A focus fancam from our bias is something important for every K-Pop idol fandom, right? And such is the case with ARGON’s Roel’s fangirls! During one of ARGON’s performances of “Master Key”, a fancam of ARGON’s Roel was made that focused on Roel’s performance, obviously. Through the fancam, we can see him clearly and notice every single move that he is making! In that performance, Roel was looking extremely breathtaking with his charisma! He was dressed in a striped blazer and pants, a basic white T-Shirt, and some accessories which completed his style really nicely. But the most important trait comes from his performance! Not only he has an outstanding visual, but Roel also emphasized his amazing vocal skills, as well as his magnificent dancing moves! People can’t deny the sexiness within his voice, as he said that most of the time people also told him that his voice was fulfilled with sexiness! Not only that, but his charismatic aura also peeks through his expression during his performance on the stage. Well, ARGON’s Roel truly gave a ‘lit’ to the performance! Watch the magnificent performance of ARGON’s Roel in the focus fancam below:


ARGON’s Roel & Gon’s Cover of the Song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang

Aside from his focus fancams, ARGON’s Roel has also managed to steal everyone’s heart with his amazing vocal performances! This became apparent when ARGON were guest stars on Idol Radio: then ARGON’s Roel and ARGON’s Gon performed a cover of the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” originally sung by BIG BANG’s Taeyang. Both Roel and Gon appeared with a casual style, but still as good-looking as ever! On this occasion, Roel appeared with his ‘pure’ and ‘innocent’ guy image as his hair was darker than his usual light blonde hair. Right after ARGON’s Roel started his part, the atmosphere started feeling different. With his soft and deep voice, ARGON’s Roel definitely knows how to amaze people! Moreover, the combination of Roel’s and Gon’s voices sounded really appealing, which made people who heard them sing also feel the emotions relayed through the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” as well! When the high notes part came, Roel and Gon also proved that their amazing vocal skills are no joke at all. Even after their performance was finished, the host of Idol Radio and other ARGON members admired their song cover. It seemed like Roel and Gon were performing wholeheartedly and they cherished every moment of their performance, right?


ARGON’s Roel’s YamYam Song

Do you want to know the cuteness of ARGON’s Roel! We will give you the answer here! Through one of the videos from Makestar, there was ARGON’s Roel’s cute appearance while he sang the YamYam Song! Instead of looking charismatic or cool, Roel displayed another side of him that contained cuteness overload! Not only that, but we could also see a bunch of aegyo moments from ARGON’s Roel. The way he made finger hearts, the way his eyes winked, and also another cute pose as well. Watch the YamYam Song by ARGON’s Roel, here:

Latest News

Let’s catch up with the latest news of ARGON’s Roel. Recently, he got a lot of attention after joining the Summer Hate challenge with ARGON’s Yeoun. Basically, it was one of the hit songs from Korean rapper Zico. The video was posted on ARGON’s official TikTok account, @official_argon. In the challenge video, Roel was looking as cute as ever, not to mention the adorable dimples on his cheeks! The fans also got really excited with the Summer Hate challenge from Roel and Yeoun, since they also re-posted it on their fan account as well! Watch the video, here:

— argon loops #WhereisARGON (@argonloops) August 9, 2020   That was all the information about ARGON’s Roel! We do hope that our detailed rundown has helped you get to know him better, and also encourage you to keep supporting and loving ARGON’s Roel. Let’s stay tuned for more projects from him in the future! Kindly share your thoughts about ARGON’s Roel in the comment section below!

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