In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail the full profile of a certain K-Pop group, its members, their performances, and their latest news. This is going to give you insight into the quality of underrated K-Pop groups and it’s going to introduce them to K-Pop fans abroad so they get the recognition they deserve for being talented in singing and dancing. Let’s find out more details and check out all the information about ARIAZ, below!

Group Profile

South Korean girl group ARIAZ (Hangul: 아리아 즈) is a K-Pop group consisting of six members that debuted under a Star Empire subsidiary called Rising Star Entertainment, on October 24th, 2019. ARIAZ’s music is of the K-Pop music genre and they already released their debut single titled “Moonlight Aria,” which is part of their mini-album titled Grand Opera. ARIAZ members are also active in several social media and often upload their recent activities and promotions. Check out their official website and social media, below! Instagram: @ariaz.official YouTube: 아리아즈 ARIAZ_official Facebook: ARIAZ Twitter: official_ARIAZ Fan Café: ARIAZ.official V- Live: ARIAZ

Music Video

ARIAZ released a teaser video for the music video of the title song “Moonlight Aria,” the single of the first mini-album Grand Opera through their official SNS and YouTube account at 0:00 AM on October 22nd, 2019.

The teaser video for “Moonlight Aria,” which begins with the reverberation of a dreamy atmosphere, shows the members of ARIAZ, who boast innocent and fresh visuals like fairies in a forest. You can also check the appearance of ARIAZ performing the title song “Moonlight Aria” in a place with a bright and refreshing background. A lot of attention is drawn to the music video of “Moonlight Aria,” which is full of elegant and mysterious atmosphere. ARIAZ, which was ambitiously launched by Star Empire label Rising Star Entertainment, is a new girl group composed of six members with solid skills and visuals including Yunji, Dawon, Sihyeon, Yeori, Hyogyeong, and Jooeun, and the first mini-album Grand Opera is their first step in the music industry. Grand Opera includes the title track “Moonlight Aria,” “Assemble #1,” “Ouch!,” “Drama,” “Where UR” ( Yoonji x Dawon), tracks that stand out with ARIAZ’s unique personality are included, raising the expectations of music fans.

Stage Performance

For their debut stage, ARIAZ got enough activities during promotions well. The girl group of six members appeared in music programs that aired on TV several times. Without waiting for more information, let’s watch ARIAZ’s live performance on stage displaying their singing and dancing talents very well!

On October 24th, 2019, ARIAZ made their debut performance on M! Countdown. With costumes made with tartan motifs, the members look very beautiful with their dresses and other clothes that have been transformed into an outfit that matches one another. In ARIAZ’s performance, you can clearly hear the melodious voice of each member.

On October 29th, 2019, ARIAZ was here to make their debut performance in one of the music programs, Music Core, using a very girly outfit theme. Just a few days into making their debut, at this performance, you can also hear the audience cheering up ARIAZ with a very loud voice. This indicates that ARIAZ’s debut received a very positive response.

On October 31st, 2019, ARIAZ made their second performance on M! Countdown. Of course, the six members were present wearing different outfits than the previous appearance. This time, ARIAZ comes in all-black apparel with a very beautiful vintage theme. The stylists of ARIAZ also did not forget to include some additional accessories to their hair as well as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that added elegant vibes.


Six-member girl group ARIAZ showed tears of the desperateness of their debut. Yunji, a trainee of seven years, said, “It’s my first album I’ve been waiting for a long time, but I couldn’t feel it until this morning, so tears came out.” Ariaz released their first mini-album Grand Opera through various online music sites at noon on October 24th, 2019, and announced their debut in the music industry. It is an album that unfolds a fantasy drama with lyrics on the theme of Aria, which means lyrical and beautiful originality. Starting with this, a total of three mini-albums are put together to write Ariaz’s unique worldview. The members emphasized, “It’s like a piece of work that links music, dance, and story.” Ariaz, newly launched by Star Empire label Rising Star Entertainment, consists of Yunji, Dawon, Sihyeon, Yeori, Hyokyung, and Jooeun. They have accumulated many experiences before their debut and expressed themselves as “a group that seems to be a rookie, not a rookie.” Dawon confessed, “There are friends with long trainee periods. It was hard to wait for when I could debut.” Yunji, who appeared in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 1, said, “I appeared in various audition programs. Many people worry, but for me, it was a time that gave me a lot of experience and was the driving force that allowed me to challenge without getting tired. Seven years ago I was a trainee, but I can endure the next 70 years.” Before their debut, Joo Eun’s photos taken while holding a bottle of alcohol were released to the public. In response, Joo-eun said, “I am deeply regretting and reflecting on my reckless behavior. I will work hard with the right actions and the right thoughts so as not to damage the team. I hope you can watch beautifully.” The advantage of those who have been through long training sessions is teamwork. Yunji said, “I have confidence in teamwork because I have been in harmony with the members for a long time. I am Apink’s senior who broke the ‘7 Years Jinx’ as a role model. A girl group that lives a long time is the goal.” Joo-eun added, “I have good teamwork, but I am good at both skills and performances. I want to hear the modifiers of ‘Ability Stone’ and ‘Perfect Brick’.” Each member also revealed the entertainment they want to join. They talked about entertainment programs that appeal to each other’s charms, such as Knowing Brother, Running Man, Delicious Guys, The Law of the Jungle, and Begin Again. Yunji said, “I had to manage my weight throughout the trainee period. I want to appear on the broadcast and eat legally.” Producer Jeong Ho-hyun (, who worked on EXO’s “Lucky,” Twice’s “Turtle,” and G-Friend’s “Paradise,” for Ariaz, he raised the completeness by producing the entire album. The title song of ARIAZ, “Moonlight Aria,” is a medium-tempo dance song with a glitch-hop element. The members showed confidence from long practice, saying, “I will approach with skill and performance.” In addition, the intro track “Assemble #1” that announces the beginning, “Ouch!,” which expresses the protagonist’s feelings toward the other side with lyrics, is a common but special story that happens to everyone. It is a song that tells the story of a beautiful girl who finds herself lost in the dark. “Drama,” which is not light, and “Where UR” with impressive vocals of Yunji and Dawon. A total of five tracks, including the members’ featuring songs, are included in this album.

YouTube Channel

Not only active when they debuted or on-air schedules, but ARIAZ has continued to communicate and greet their fans through social media, especially YouTube. On the Official YouTube Channel of ARIAZ, they are often present to just upload the latest content to greet fans because, after the promotions for the debut which took place in 2019, ARIAZ members have not made any other appearances. One of their videos on YouTube, which was recently uploaded on August 14th, 2020, features ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong, who is present with the talent to sing as well as play guitar in the video. The song she sings is “All In My Head” by Tori Kelly. By presenting a video theme such as girlfriend material, the member who was born on November 15th, 1999, showed her skills in playing the instrument well. On August 3rd, 2020, ARIAZ also uploaded a video on their Youtube channel performing dance covers of ZE: A songs. There are only four members present in the video, but they seem to really enjoy their free time playing like that. Not only they did the cover dance randomly, but ARIAZ members also got the opportunity to meet one of the members of ZE: A who taught them, Heechul. Having just met their senior, ARIAZ members seemed tense in studying the choreography but still tried to break the ice with jokes and laughter. On June 2nd, 2020, ARIAZ uploaded some video content on their Youtube channel by running the game and answering every question to each member. Members who could answer the given questions would receive a prize of money. However, the entertaining part in this game is the interaction among the members which is very funny and hilarious because they all try to fight for the prize money. Not a few of them scold each other when they answer questions with absurd answers. Well, that was all the information about ARIAZ and their activities starting from their debut until now. Although there hasn’t even been a year from their debut as a girl group in the entertainment industry, with their extraordinary performances they have shown to the public their singing and dancing talents, especially live when performing on stage. Their long training period is another piece of evidence that ARIAZ can become a girl group with great potential in the future. Let’s keep giving support and lots of love to ARIAZ so they can come back with another performance as soon as possible!

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