Since many people have already been familiar with her appearance on the show, there is no harm in getting to know her more personally through this article. What are you waiting for? Scroll down this article below to find out!  

Full Profile of ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong

Stage Name: Hyogyeong (효경) Birth Name: Jang Hyo-gyeong (장효경) Chinese Name: Zhang Xiaojing (張效經) Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper Date of Birth: November 15th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean TikTok: @hyogyeong_ariaz  

Fun Facts about ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong

Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, South Korea, is her place of birth She has an older sister and a younger brother She studied at Jeonnong Middle School and Haeseong Girls’ High School Her shoe size is 245 mm Hahoetal (하회탈) is her nickname She participated in JTBC’s Mix Nine back in 2017 and even made it to the final episode (rank #8), but she didn’t get to debut because the boys’ team won She was described as a “Genius” by Yang Hyunsuk (YG Entertainment) since she made an impressive freestyle rap right in front of him She also composes and writes her own songs, which she has been releasing on music portals since the age of 13 She joined Star Empire in December 2016 She was the fifth member to join Star Empire She can play several instruments including the guitar and the piano Aside from Korean, she can also speak English She taught herself English so she can communicate with international fans Ariana Grande and Girls Generation’s Taeyeon are her role models Her official color is Blue She has had aegyossal since birth She was given the nickname Frog by her friends because she has a very small head with very big eyes Out of the group’s members, she is the tallest member Her star sign is Scorpio She has a personal TikTok account Prior to her debut in ARIAZ, she had released eight pre-debut singles under the stage name 머가영 (Meogayeong) between 2014 and 2015


ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong’s Personality

ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong doesn’t have a personal Instagram nor Twitter account like other K-Pop idols, but she does have a personal TikTok account where she shares various videos of her daily activities like her cover videos, cover dances, or just a video of her face. Through her TikTok account, fans can see how much she is eager to share with her fans looking at her consistency of uploading content. She also often does an English song cover video to showcase her vocal talents to the fans. As we have already known, she taught herself English so she can communicate with international fans. She studied English without anyone else forcing her and genuinely wanted to make a connection and reach broader fans, especially in the international community. That fact itself has spoken so much about her attentive personality with her fans.

— Gregory S. Son (@GREGORY_S_Son) June 13, 2020 Looking at how confident she is in speaking English revealed that she is very confident and determinate by nature.   She also often communicates with fans through Vlive streaming and uploads her selfies consistently through ARIAZ’s official Instagram account. She is often called ‘cute’ by fans as she has a very charming and cute smile. Her bubbly personality also strengthens her cute girl next door persona. Check out her extraordinary skills in covering various English songs and find out more about her personality through ARIAZ’s official YouTube Channel!  

ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong’s Focus Fan-cam

In a few events that Hyogyeong has attended and stages that she has performed at, fans are filming her personal fan-cam to capture her reaction and incredible charisma on stage. In one of the focus fan-cams, a fan took a video of her on the way to the event and smiling brightly at fans. Though the video is quite short, the fan-cam has 300 views so far and a few comments by fans, with most of them praising her voice. “Hyokyung-ah, congratulations and I love you,” wrote a fan in the comment section. “Hyogyeong has beautiful voice💕,” wrote another fan. “Soul vocal 💕Hyogyeong,” added another. In another fan-cam, a fan captured Hyogyeong during a fan meeting event. We can see her sweet nature by looking at how attentive she is in communicating with her fans who come to the event.

And in another fan-cam (this time a performance fan-cam performing “Moonlight Aria”), we can see Hyogyeong’s dancing and impressive singing skills and her overall charisma on stage.

In whatever fan-cam it is, Hyogyeong always looks lovely and smiley!  

ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong Singing Baek Yerin’s “Square”

On January 20th, 2020, Hyogyeong gave a sweet surprise to fans as she released a cover song video of Baek Yerin’s song “Square” through ARIAZ’s official YouTube Channel. The song has a few difficult points yet Hyogyeong nailed it with her soothing and soulful voice. He can sing the song with a relatively stable voice.

The cover video has been watched for more than 2.000 times and has met with fans’ positive reactions towards Hyogyeong as can be seen from the few comments below: “Wow, Hyogyeong’s smile is so pretty at the end. The cover is good too.” “I’m so proud of my baby Hyo👶, I love you so much, you’re so talented💌” “Outstanding vocal color <3” “ARIAZ consists of a few girls with so much unbelievable talent! Continue to sing for us, so more people can find out about you!” “Hyogyeong I luv youuuu thanks for the cover… You have a very cute voice” “I love Hyogyeong’s voice color” “Wow angelic voice, ARIAZ deserves more recognition 🙏💞” “Her English is so good” “This is in English and she really did amazing! So proud of you, Hyogyeong! Love your voice!😍💞” “Your voice is so beautiful!! love you💕”  

ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong’s Pre-debut Story As A Mix Nine Contestant

Back in 2017, prior to her debut with ARIAZ, Hyogyeong appeared as one of the participants of the JTBC survival show Mix Nine.  Mix Nine itself was a South Korean survival reality show aired from October 29th, 2017 to January 26th, 2018. In the show, the founder and producer of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk, visited music agencies all over Korea in search of new K-Pop stars. It was said that the final component of the show will be a competition between the men’s team and the women’s team (9 girls and 9 boys respectively), and the winning group will debut as an idol. She auditioned with other Star Empire trainees. Even from the very first start, Hyogyeong was noticed for her stable voice.

In the show, Hyogyeong showcased her skills as she made it to the final episode (rank #8). Unfortunately, the girls’ team lost to the boys’ team in the final episode, thus making her unable to debut. Although she didn’t debut in the end, she still proved her skills to the Korean viewers as she successfully ranked eighth out of the total 170 contestants (85 girls). She was even described as a “Genius” by Yang Hyunsuk himself since she made an impressive freestyle rap right in front of him. Although she didn’t debut, fans were excited to see her again when she debuted as a member of ARIAZ in 2019. Check out a few of her Mix Nine performances and appearances below!


ARIAZ’s Hyogyeong’s Sibling

On August 16th, 2020, it was reported that Hyogyeong is actually the younger sister of famous Korean YouTuber Kaheva. The announcement was released through Kaheva’s channel. She also uploaded a vocal cover of her and promised that she’ll try to invite her sister more often from now on. Kaheva herself is a Korean YouTuber with 158k subscribers and her videos range from commentary videos to video reactions to the mukbang videos. Looking at Kaheva, who generally speaks English to her viewers, we can guess where Hyogyeong got her English skills from, right? Do you see the similarities between them?

Well, those are all the things that you need to know about ARIAZ member and former Mix Nine contestant Jang Hyogyeong! What do you think of her? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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