One of the members of ARIAZ who will be discussed further in this article is Ju-eun. The member who previously was planned to debut with the girl group OMZM also has a career journey that has received quite a lot of attention. Not only that, but Ju-eun also has an interesting story during her pre-debut period which drew a lot of notoriety from the public. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take this opportunity to get to know ARIAZ’s Jueun more closely in the article below!

Full Profile

Real Name: Jo Ju-eun (조주은) Stage Name: Jueun (주은) Place and Date of Birth: Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea, January 27, 2001 Star Sign: Aquarius Height: 161 cm (5’3″) Blood Type: AB Education: Soseon Girls’ Middle School, Hanlim Multi Art School Position: Vocalist, Maknae Social Media: TikTok (@jueun_ariaz)

Fun Facts

ARIAZ’s Jueun’s Personality That You Should Know

As a girl group member, there must be many different personalities even though they are related to the same job as an idol. In this section, we will be invited to find out more about the personality of one of the ARIAZ members which will be discussed. As many fans know, every idol has hers/his own charm behind their talent in singing or dancing. So, usually as individual fans, there are certain personalities that characterize an idol that attract the attention of their fans. Let’s discuss ARIAZ’s Jueun’s personality below!

ARIAZ’s Jueun’s Focus Fan-cam

On one of the showcase opportunities presented by ARIAZ, the fan-cam below shows Jueun’s excellent performance. With tartan costumes that were deliberately custom made by their stylists, they showed their chemistry as members when they had to perform on stage. Likewise with Jueun, who at that time looked beautiful and shone wearing a crop top and high waisted skirt and boots.

On November 17th, 2019, the focus of the fan-cam taken below shows Jueun, who was present at the fan meeting session with other ARIAZ members, showing various kinds of very funny expressions. ARIAZ’s maknae who looks very cute and funny repeatedly attracted the attention of fans who came to the event so they can focus their eyes on Jueun who repeatedly makes funny facial expressions and poses.

On December 30th, 2019, ARIAZ appeared as one of the guest stars in the Winter Festival which was held in South Korea. On that occasion, ARIAZ also delivered one of their singles, “Ouch,” on stage. The members wore matching costumes with red and black colors, making their appearance look very eye-catching, especially as they sang live at the event. Jueun also looks very beautiful in a red skirt and ponytail that makes her look more mature.

What do you think about ARIAZ’s Jueun’s focus fan-cam that shows her performance on stage and shows her very cute personality at the fan meeting?

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