BTS’ Jungkook’s Appearance In The Variety Show Flower Crew

Flower Crew is a variety show that was aired by the SBS television station between 2016 and 2017. The program raised the concept of semi-travel, semi-reality, and presented a series of South Korean celebrities that starred some veteran MCs of the industry such as the former professional soccer player, Ahn Jung-hwan, former professional basketball player Seo Jang-hoon, and comedian Jo Se-ho and Yoo Byung-jae. As well as two young rookie stars at that time, which were actor Kim Min-seok, and popular idol, BTS’ golden maknae, Jung-kook. In this show, all of the stars took a trip together. The program was broadcast live and there were audiences’ ratings via ‘heart’ through the V App that determined the things that the casts will do later in the show. Jung-kook wasn’t the main host or MC of the show, but he was also part of the players of the show. He was the youngest to participate in the show. As the youngest dongsaeng among all of the participants, he considered all of them as his hyungs (older brothers). But, Jungkook’s first solo appearance on a variety show has been a source of a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation by ARMY. Let’s check out the story!  

Rude To BTS’ Jungkook

During the first day of broadcast, ARMY began to voice their concerns about the way the hyungs were treating Jung-kook. In the first episode, Jung-kook arrived at the set with a bag full of hamburgers to share with the cast members of the show. He then gladly gave the food he brought to the hyungs and explained enthusiastically to them how big the burger was. But then Jo Se-ho rejected the burger and said: “I think this is leftovers.” The other cast members seemed to mind his comment, to which Jung-kook said, “No, this is new food!” Jo Se-ho then passed back the burgers to Jung-kook and said, “Forget it,” and walked away. Jung-kook then said, “They didn’t take them…” to the camera while holding the burgers.

Another treatment that raised ARMY’s criticism towards the MC is regarding Seo Jang Hoon who also seemed to try to exploit Jung-kook’s popularity by making up comments about their closeness. Then ARMY told him to stop because Jung-kook looked uncomfortable. Seo Jang-hoon also repeatedly complained about the voting system, claiming that it was unfair because it would be Jung-kook that steals all of the advantages.


Netizens’ Reactions

The actor Kim Min-seok also seemed to be mistreated by the hyungs in the show, which led to madness from his fans. Min-seok did eat the burger that Jung-kook gave, but then Jo Se-ho disrespectfully said to Min-seok, “You shove it all over your mouth?” in an informal and impolite way of saying. Besides Seo Jang-hoon’s protest about the “unfair” voting system and claiming that it would be only Jung-kook that took the advantage. Both fans of Kim Min-seok and Jung-kook, especially ARMY were totally uncomfortable and irritated by that treatment. The fans went crazy with posting criticisms towards the program’s hosts. Here are a few of the comments from the netizens. “Where did you learn that it’s okay to say ‘I think this is leftovers’ to the dongsaeng who bought you a hamburger?” Then continued, “Even if you can’t take care of your dongsaengs on their first variety show, does it really have to be said?” “Bruh I cried when I saw the video like no joke I cried and got a headache,” was posted by Jessie2litt 9 months ago on the YouTube video’s comment section. Netizens’ criticism also raised when it came to the session of choosing the leader of the “flower path” team and the “dirt path” team which created a weird vibe among the hosts and co-hosts. One netizen even said, “Jung-kook looks uncomfortable, and Jo Se-ho who doesn’t have many ‘hearts’ is also uncomfortable. Why on earth is this show made?”  

Apology After Their Behavior Towards BTS’ Jungkook

Jo Se-ho spoke up regarding the criticism he had received for his rude behavior towards Jung-kook and actor Kim Min-suk. The apology came in the live session on Tuesday, the second day of the six-member team’s trip to Jejudo Island. “I understand how uncomfortable and intimidated fans felt while watching the live broadcast yesterday, but I think it was due to misunderstanding,” Said Seo Jang-hoon. “Fans could not see what happened in between times off live camera. Anyway, we were all entertained while filming all this. You will figure it out (from the SBS version).” The comedian Jo Se-ho added, “The way I tried to get closer to the co-hosts seemed somewhat uncomfortable to fans. I apologize to the fans for the awkward moments this caused.” According to reports by Maeil Business, Jo Se-ho responded to the controversy with an explanation by stating, “To be honest, I thought we were really close. We were getting along well since it was all guys, but then a problem arose. There was a misunderstanding because I was trying too hard to become closer with them (Jung-kook and Kim Min-seok), and that caused a problem.” Overall, after their apology statements, they took the incident as an unfortunate and awkward misunderstanding. The incident was in 2016 but it doesn’t stop ARMY to keep mentioning their seem-to-be mistreatment of Jung-kook. Recent comments by ARMY were spotted on YouTube. “It’s 2020 but I’m still hurt about this matter tho,” posted by 아미젠 1 month ago. “Man if he would’ve given me the leftovers from 5 years ago I would’ve gladly eaten them 😂 not because I want them but because I respect him 😂😂,” posted by Honel fam 1 day ago. “They must consider themselves lucky. One of the most legendary people that existed bought them food,” posted by • M o c h i • 1 day ago. Well, that’s all about the incident that raised up ARMY’s anger. So, what do you think? Was it just a misunderstanding or really mistreatment? Overall, although the treatment from Jo Se-ho and Seo Jang-hoon wasn’t right, blaming and sending hatred to them doesn’t make it right either. Watch the entire episode of the show to find out! Something might actually happen behind the scene and without our knowledge. Anyway, don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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