Astro has been popular and ever getting winning awards for their music and also from Billboard. Check his profile on this Channel-Korea below!

Astro’s MJ’s Full Profile

Stage Name: MJ (Hangeul: 엠제이) Birth Name: Kim Myung Jun (김명준) Position: Main Vocalist Birthday: March 5, 1994 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Height: 175 cm (5’9″) Weight: 58 kg (127 lbs) Blood Type: O

Interesting Facts about Astro’s MJ

– MJ was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea – MJ has ever become a contestant on the JYP project called JYP Ent. X HUM Audition in 2012 and he won a one-year scholarship from Seoul National University. -MJ gets to be an audition on JYP Entertainment with Donghyuk iKON, Hongseok Pentagon, and Kim Jisoo, the actor. – MJ has ever get joined on web drama called “To Be Continued” (투비컨티뉴드) on Fantagio. – MJ nicknamed is ‘Happy Virus’ since he is always smiling. – MJ could speak basic English. – MJ portrayed himself as Smile Engine. – His personality is always making humor and sometimes mischievous – MJ goods at making lame jokes. – His favorite color is mint and yellow. – His favorite Marvel character is Iron Man. – MJ’s shoe Size is 255. – He has a hobby of drawing. – MJ interesting talents are doing Impersonations of Kwanghee, Park Jaebum, Yoon Moon-Shik, Ha Dongyun, Zion.T, Lee Sung Kyun, Lee Saedol. – Moreover, he is also could do impersonate animals such as Camel, Chicken, Baby Chick, “Aegyo Duck” as revealed on Weekly Idol. – His favorite Food is seafood – He dreams to open a sushi restaurant. – Lee Seung-Gi is his role model. – Comparing to all members in Astro he is the most talkative. – MJ has a baby belly and doesn’t wanna get rid of it to make abs. – He has a good relationship as a friend with Sanha. – In the beginning, he has dreams to be an architect when he was young, but change it after knowing how hard to study that major. – His fellow member in Astro, Moobin stated that MJ is a little weird. – MJ get friends to Xiheon MYTEEN. – MJ said that if he was a girl he could possibly date himself. – His roommates are Rocky and Sanha. – His girl type is someone who has a nice smile, a good of jokes who is similar to him.

Astro’s MJ’s Pre-debut

MJ as member Astro has been debuted in 2016. The member of this boy group has been known as iTeen Boys as part of Fantagio iTeen training, the rookie talent development program under the management agency Fantagio. His stylish is so different that after debuting with Astro, looks like he changing a lot and more fashionable. His hairstyle looks very dull before, yet still portrayed his handsome appearance after all. Their debut name has been announced in August 2015. All the members including MJ have been involved in the web drama series called ’To Be Continued’. This web drama also featuring Kim Sa-ron, Seo Kang-Joon, and Hello Venus. To get more recognized MJ and other fellow members of Astro get starred on the reality show, OK! Ready in January 2016.

Debut with Astro

MJ gets debut with Astro with a single track name “Hide & Seek” which is from Extended Play Spring Up. As the new debut boy group, Astro gets to be the best new K-pop group in 2016 by Billboard. MJ was sharing his opinion regarding the first winning through this album. He expressed that people always saying that we need to have a big dream, but there is always something to come before to get this big dream. From the start to the beginning, don’t forget to enjoy and be always healthy. The Astro leader, JinJin also adding that they couldn’t meet their fans AROHA, but they already giving their best and also saying that their hearts were closed to them, keep supporting.

MJ’s Solo Discography

MJ’s Single with Lucy of Weki Meki is so good, you need to check this music! MJ Astro and Lucy(Weki Meki) also released Like Today  (Hangeul: 오늘처럼), check their lyrics song below!

MJ in Masked Singer

MJ has joined a variety show of singing competitions, Masked Singer on August 4 in MBC. MJ gets to be someone who covered his face with the mask and pretending to be someone’s outfit. People need to choose which one is the best. MJ was become the driver uniform, Kim driver, and has to be battled with Bulletproof Sandcastle in the second round. His opponents get to perform “Beautiful Goodbye” by Chen EXO and Kim Driver who is MJ was singing “Thorn” by Buzz. Kai as the judge expressed that both singers have incredible singing talent. As the result, the point of Bulletproof Sandcastle higher than Kim Driver which is 62 to 37. This makes Kim Driver needs to reveal his identity which is making the viewers shocked it was MJ Astro. You should check the reaction! MJ said, “There weren’t many people who chose trot songs on ‘The King of Mask Singer,’ so I took on that challenge first.” MJ has been asking to do a trot album. Which he replied, “To be honest, if it’s possible, I want to try going solo, and I want to [perform] at an event with a trot song.” MJ also expressed that he wants Cha Eun Woo to make the appearance since also Sanha the youngest member in Astro on the show before. That’s all about MJ of Astro profile, keep supporting him all the way. Don’t forget to share your comments and give your thoughts below!

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