In fact, he has various experiences to journey into the idol stage, start with some failed into success moment. Let’s get to know him and see his journey that will inspire you on this Channel-Korea below!

Ateez’s Hongjoong’s Full Profile

Name: Hongjoong (Hangeul: 홍중) Birth Name: Kim Hongjoong (Hangeul: 김홍중) Birthday: November 7th, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 171 cm (5’7″) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean

Interesting Facts about Ateez’s Hongjoong

– Hongjoong is born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. – He has a sibling who is an older brother. – He got called a dorky dad and strict on his group. – He studied at SIMS Academy. – Hongjoong is having small hands. – His name meaning is “to be the center of the broad world”. – Hongjoong admires Zico and G-Dragon. – He started working in the studio since he was in high school. – He could speak English by watching shows on Netflix like “Modern Family”. – His reason become an idol is to transfer his energy and influence others. – He loves many things that related to minions, he even has minions slippers named “Korean Big Minion”. – Hongjoong has ever joined the survival show MIXNINE Just Dance and get ranked 7, next he fell into ranked 42. – Hongjoong has been writing approximately 40 songs for the Ateez. – Hongjoong has a desire to travel with all members of Ateez and captured memories. – On his pre-debut video, Bae Yoonjung said that Hongjoong caught her eyes and Choi Yooungjun also praised his facial expression. – Hongjoong has experience recording songs 1395 times. – He would collaborate with Atiny and make an album with Atiny on it in the future. – Hongjoong expressed that the group is already had an international mindset since they were trainees on the Forbes interview. – Hongjoong prioritize wrote songs for the group rarely wrote for his own solo music, he collaborated with Mingi on the lyrics writing. – Hongjoong is one of the demon line members of ATEEZ.

Ateez’s Hongjoong’s Pre-debut

Hongjoong born in 1998 in Anyang which is also known as a South Korean satellite city. He showed his love for music since working on it during his high school life. Hongjoong could spend many times producing music in the studio. Hongjoong who adores G-Dragon and Zico expressed his talent by gift her grandmother his first song on her birthday. So talented of him! In the year 2017, Hongjoong has also joined Mix Nine but could not pass the second elimination round. Yet, now he succeeds to join the boy group Ateez under KQ Entertainment which leads him into a trainee for six months. His inspiration to keep going is his mother saying that you can do anything you set your mind to if you love it. Hongjoong always thinks about that – if I have a passion for something, I can make anything happen. True right!

Debut with Ateez

Hongjoong debuted with Ateez along with Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho on October 24, 2018, under KQ Entertainment. Their first extended played is Treasure EP1: All to Zero. Hongjoong is contributed to the two tracks song on the album together with Mingi. For a fact, Ateez also called KQ Fellaz and they released a Youtube series KQ Fellaz American Training that brought Los Angeles, California. Hongjoong has been getting names as “dad” who leads the group and annoyed others by telling their misbehaving and amusing of the members. Hongjoong becomes the leader ATEEZ who is also the older member.

Ateez’s Hongjoong’s Mullet Hair

It commons that every idol who wants to come back or launch a new album will change their style to be fresh and different. It also contributes to new vines and strengthening the theme of their comeback. Hongjoong made his hairstyles looking different and spread into fashion icons in January 2019. He promoted mullet hair on the music video of Ateez, Say My Name. Based on an interview in Allure, the mullet hair was made through hair extensions but it really looks natural. This mullet style made him shaping him more bold and strong. However this mullet style isn’t kept long by him, on the promotional extended played Treasure EP Fin: All to Action in 2019, Hongjoong changed into two rat’s tails. So interesting!

Ateez’s Hongjoong’s Red Hair

Hongjoong is also ever experienced having red hair and looking match to his face and style. What do you think?

Ateez’s Hongjoong in MIXNINE

Hongjoong also participates in a survival show called MIXNINE as KQ Entertainment. In the beginning, he ranked 7 on Just Dance Showcase but he got eliminated in the tenth episode. Hongjoong get ranked 42 at the end of the last episode. MIXNINE itself is about a survival reality shows that competing for their talent on JTBC under YG Entertainment which will lead to debuting the group as idols. This survival show competing between a team of nine boys and a team of nine girls. This show has been auditioned 400 times with more than 70 entertainment agencies. The judges were Yang Hyun-suk, and guest judges CL, Zion. T, Seungri, and Taeyang. Yet on May 3, 2018, the winner of the survival show gets canceled to debut by YG Entertainment.

Ateez’s Hongjoong’s Cover Songs

ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #1 – Space Oddity (Original. David Bowie) This cover song has been showing the multi-ability of Hongjoong. He could play instruments and wrote songs. Do you agree? Hongjoong is never failed to show that he is good at any position. He could do singing, rapping, dancing, visual, and also the leader. Respect for him! ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #2 – Purple Rain (Original. Prince)

His cover is could transferred happiness and give an awesome performances ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #4 – 모처럼 (Original. 윤종신)

Hongjoong never stops learning, he keeps trying new things which leads him to more shining. It will show that someday he would get more successful in the future. That’s all about Hongjoong and his profile and journey. Keep supporting this talented idol to getting more success ahead. Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts below!

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