Ah, then again, K-pop is not the same as a school subject. We can’t force ourselves to remember each member of every K-pop group. We will fall in love with them eventually. So, in this article, we will introduce you to a member of the group ATEEZ. If you already know about them, good for you. But, if you don’t, well, you have missed something important in this life. ATEEZ is a boy group that debuted under KQ Entertainment. The group is pronounced like AY-teez. It has eight members, and we will discuss one of them. The name of the member that we’ll talk about in this article is Jongho! In ATEEZ, Jongho is not only the youngest member, but he is also the main vocalist. Can you imagine how talented Jongho is despite his young age? Let’s see more about Jongho from ATEEZ in the sections below! Pst, you may fall for his charm as you read this article, so be prepared!

Jongho’s Full Profile

Full name: Choi Jong-ho Chinese Name: 崔鍾浩 Korean Name: 최종호 Stage name: Jongho Nickname: Little Bear, Carbohydrate, Human Protractor, Human Taepyeongso, Juicer, etc. Hobbies: Exercise, playing soccer/football, watching Korean dramas, singing to OSTs, taking pictures Specialties: Splitting apples with bare hands while singing, impersonating orangutan sounds, explosive singing skills Birthdate: October 12, 2000 Birthplace: Seoul-si, South Korea Zodiac Sign: Libra Education:

Noil Middle School Surak High School Global Cyber University (Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment)

Position: Main vocalist, maknae Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: O Height: 176 cm Family: Parents, 1 younger brother Debut year: 2018 Agency: KQ Entertainment Official page: ATEEZ’s Official Page Instagram: @ateez_official_ Facebook: ATEEZ’s Official Facebook Twitter: ATEEZ’s Official Twitter YouTube: ATEEZ’s Official YouTube

Jongho’s Pre-Debut

If you see some other idols’ background stories before they made their debut, they usually have to move to Seoul and leave their ordinary life. They may still be in school in their hometown, but they have to leave since they will move to the city to pursue their dream. However, unlike some idols who were originally living outside Seoul, Jongho was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. So, he didn’t have to go that far just to train to be an idol. Jongho lives with his parents and his younger brother in Seoul. This could be the reason why Jongho has an adult-like mind despite being the youngest member in ATEEZ since he’s the firstborn child in the family. Jongho became a trainee when he was a first-grader in middle school. Before joining his current company, he was a trainee in Top Media. In between his trainee years, he moved to KQ Entertainment and became the seventh member to join the company. While in school, he used to be the vocalist of the school’s band. Jongho’s love for singing really didn’t change over time. He loved to sing then, and he loves it even more now. But, still, to debut wasn’t that easy for Jongho. He had to wait for six years until he made his debut with ATEEZ. Luckily, since his trainee period was quite long, it made him know a lot of idols who used to train with him as well, for example, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, AB6IX’s Daehwi, VICTON’s Byungchan, UP10TION’s Wooseok, etc. In 2017, Jongho joined the survival show of boy and girl trainees from several companies called Mix Nine. Jongho gained in popularity when he successfully did a cover of Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga.” Let’s see some clips of Jongho that captured people’s hearts while performing on Mix Nine.

What do you think about Jongho’s performance with the team? He really deserved to debut, right?

Jongho’s Debut with ATEEZ

After a long wait, Jongho was finally able to debut in a group called ATEEZ. Not only him, but seven other talented members who were trainees with him in KQ Entertainment were also included in the line-up for the new group. The group made their official debut on October 24, 2018, after they released an EP called Treasure EP.1: All to Zero with a title track called “Pirate King.” Let’s take a look at the music video for “Pirate King” by ATEEZ!

ATEEZ also released a zombie version of the music video. The eight members performing as zombies is right here, so check it out!

It’s only the music video, so it doesn’t feel like enough if we don’t see the dance performance as well. Let’s see how good ATEEZ dancing skills are by seeing the dance performance down below!

Can you spot Jongho? Well, he really caught our attention with his dancing skills! And, in regards to performing, let’s not forget that to properly complete a debut means that ATEEZ performed their debut stage. These are the first-ever stages of ATEEZ performing “Pirate King” on some music shows!

Being a talented boy group, they released more than one title track to set the stage for their introduction to the industry. Their other title track could also be highlighted from their album Treasure EP.1: All to Zero. The other title track was called “Treasure,” just like the name of their EP. Let’s see the music video of “Treasure” by ATEEZ!

Which one do you prefer better as their title tracks debut, “Pirate King” or “Treasure?” One thing that we can learn for sure is that they actually have really good talent, especially Jongho as the main vocalist! Good job, ATEEZ!

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