Do you know South Korean boy band ATEEZ? The boy band that is famous for their debut song titled “Pirate King” is one of the boy bands that have gotten quite famous lately. Indeed, it seems difficult to get good prestige if not included in the Big 3 Agencies or participate in survival shows. But ATEEZ have proven that they can steal the attention of many people with their talents and skills. In fact, ATEEZ also made their latest comeback this year. For those of you who don’t know the complete ATEEZ line-up and members, in this article, we are going to discuss more and details one of the ATEEZ members—Mingi. This member is famous for his athletic posture and captivates many women, especially, their fans. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the detailed information about ATEEZ’s Mingi: his profile and a lot more, in the article below!

Ateez’s Mingi’s Full Profile

Real Name: Song Min-gi (송민기) Stage Name: Mingi (민기) Place and Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, August 9th, 1999 Star Sign: Leo Height: 183 cm Blood Type: B Position: Rapper, Main Dancer Agency: KQ Entertainment Official Websites: Instagram: (@ateez_official_) Youtube: (ATEEZ) V Live: (ATEEZ) Twitter: (@ateezofficial) Facebook: (ATEEZofficial)

Interesting Facts about Ateez’s Mingi

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Ateez’s Mingi’s Pre-debut

ATEEZ’s Mingi debuted at a fairly young age and he was still in his teens when he debuted as an idol. Of course, before his debut, he was an ordinary teenager who generally had a lot of friends and attended school as usual. Some of the stories from ATEEZ’s Mingi are very funny. The OP wrote about his confession of love to Mingi during school. “I’m a year younger than Mingi, the same school as him and I like him. I’m the type that confesses immediately if I realize I like someone, but Mingi is a trainee so I’m afraid he can’t have a relationship or it will get him into trouble. After much thought, about a month later I went to him alone and confessed but I was dumped. ‘Ah … me? I can’t have a relationship like that … what should I do, are you a first-year? Because I can’t date … not because I don’t like you but that I can’t …’ ” “Because he couldn’t accept my confession, he kept saying ‘I’m sorry’ ‘what should I do’ about 5 times. Mingi is not good at talking nonsense but because I was rejected I thought there was nothing that could be done about it and said, ‘I understand, have a good time, you are handsome,’ gave him a greeting and when I was about to leave, he gave me a soft and acceptable tootsie candy, love for liking it.” There is nothing funnier than seeing photos of K-Pop idols. ATEEZ’s Mingi also has a face that is not much different from his appearance after debut. You could say that ATEEZ’s predicate photo of Mingi looks far more innocent than the visuals on debut and has become an idol. Aside from ATINY, many people don’t know that ATEEZ’s Mingi has a pair of glasses and he looks like a student who is very studious and well-achieved in his academic field. Reporting from the AllKpop forum, some commented about ATEEZ’s Mingi’s glow-up from before debut and after the visual debut, saying that with proper care and a whole team to help you many people can look decent. Others praised ATEEZ’s Mingi appearance saying that the member is one of the people who has the best glow-up because of the different faces that change with age and look more handsome than pre debut.

Debut with Ateez

ATEEZ is a boy group that debuted under the auspices of KQ Entertainment on October 24th, 2018, with the two songs titled “Pirate King” and “Treasure.” They are the brother group of Block B. They are signed under the same agency. It’s just that Block B is taken care of by a subsidiary of KQ Entertainment, Seven Seasons. Although just starting their career as idols, this boy group already has a lot of fans. Some members took part in the MIXNINE survival event. So, you might be familiar with the faces of some members. After that, the ATEEZ members who were still training participants at KQ Entertainment had their own variety program aimed at introducing the members. The event was named KQ Fellaz. During the event, they practiced in one of the training sites in the United States for one month. A trainee named Lee Junyoung was added when they were in America. Unfortunately, Lee Junyoung did not debut along with the eight other members. So, many people assumed that Lee Junyoung’s appearance in KQ Fellaz was an introduction to the public. Then, after the KQ Fellaz program was over, they also had another variety program containing members who were going to debut. The event was named Code Name ATEEZ. The participants of KQ Fellaz got the official name for their group, namely ATEEZ. The program was aired by the Korean television channel Mnet. After various events they participated in, ATEEZ finally launched their careers in October of 2018. Song Mingi plays the role of rapper and is part of the performance in the group who is also 99-liners. He is known for his thick and deep voice when rapping. Song Mingi has a bad back condition. So when they filmed for KQ Fellaz in America, the members let Song Mingi and Jung Wooyoung (who also has problems with his back) sleep on the bed. While the other members would play a game to determine who is going to sleep where. “Pirate King” is one of the title tracks of ATEEZ’s debut album Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero. The album was released on October 24th, 2018, containing six songs including an intro. “Pirate King” is the second track of the album. As the title track, the song “Pirate King” is visualized in a performance video that features ATEEZ’s powerful dance. As the title suggests, in this music video, ATEEZ members are pirates who start their treasure search.

Listening to the sound of powerful traps and addictive hooks, this song tries to transmit the enthusiasm of ATEEZ members in entering their ‘new world’ as treasure hunters. ATEEZ also want to invite their listeners to participate in the trip. An exciting song for you to listen to.

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