So, the question is: which one is better? Be our guest and decide after reading this article!  

Fun Facts

First round: let’s get to know them better through their profiles and facts!

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung

Stage Name: Wooyoung (우영) Birth Name: Jung Wooyoung (정우영) Position: Performer (Main Dancer), Vocalist, Visual Date of Birth: November 26th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Weight: – Blood Type: A Interesting Facts: – He was born in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea – He has a younger brother and an older brother who is in the army at the moment – He’s a former Big Hit trainee – He wanted to be an idol since performing in school stages and hoping to perform in bigger ones – His role models are HIGHLIGHT‘s Gikwang and BTS‘ Jimin – He attended Hanlim Multi Arts High School and was in the same class with Golden Child’s Tag and Idol School’s Bin Haneul during Senior Year – Wooyoung was the first ‘senior’s eye candy’ during his first year along with GOLDEN CHILD‘s Tag, and SURPRISE U’s Kim Hyun-seo – He can touch his nose with his tongue – He has a back issue – He was ranked 57th on the JTBC Mix Nine Just Dance showcase, later ranked 72nd – His favorite food is meat – His favorite snacks nowadays are honey butter chips – His favorite artist is BTS – His special talent is dancing – He’s right-handed – He has been listening to “The Truth Untold” by BTS as of 2018 – He and Yunho got selected by the Millennium dance complex – He has recently read ‘the temperature of language’ – He seems to have a very good sense of smell – He is friends with Changbin of Stray Kids – He gives a sexy aura on stage but off-stage he’s very playful and cool, according to Yunho – His face and neck have very extra stretchy skin – His motto is “Let’s be happy” – He and groupmate Yeosang are roommates  

2PM’s Wooyoung

Stage Name: Wooyoung (우영) Birth Name: Jang Woo Young (장우영) Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist Date of Birth: April 30th, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 178 cm (5’10”) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: B Religion: Buddhism Twitter: @0430yes Instagram: @0430_live_boy Interesting Facts: – He was born in Busan, South Korea – He has an elder sister named Junhwa – He was selected as a JYP trainee after he won the audition against 5,000 other candidates – His dad was initially against his dream of becoming a singer, but now he encourages his son and often sends letters to Wooyoung – During 2PM‘s Hands Up Asia Tour, Junho and Wooyoung performed together with a song that Junho wrote, while Wooyoung choreographed and designed their outfits – Wooyoung was the first 2PM member to release a single album – 23, Male, Single (July 2012) – In 2015 he made his solo debut in Japan, with the single “R.O.S.E” – Then he had a tour of solo concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi – He studied at the Seoul School for Arts, majoring in dance – He acted in the 2010 KBS drama Dream High where he had one of the leading roles as a Korean-American named Jason – During the filming, he received help with English from his bandmates Nichkhun and Taecyeon who are known for being fluent in English – On KBS Radio Star ep. 553, Wooyoung jokingly said that he had an ‘Artist Syndrome’, however, he said that it is cured – In 2011, he had a cameo appearance in the KBS Drama Special Human Casino – In July 2011, he trained actress Kim Gyu-ri for her performance on MBC’s Dancing With the Stars – He was the MC for the music show Inkigayo from July 2009 to July 2010, alongside group mate Taecyeon – In 2014, he participated in the MBC show We Got Married, where he was paired up with actress Park Se-Young – Along with Taecyeon, he modeled for different clothing brands such as Evisu or Reebok’s Classic Campaign – In 2014, he was assigned as the new face of Recipe Cosmetics – He enlisted on July 9th, 2018 – He was discharged from the military on February 25th, 2020 – His ideal type is a person whom he can communicate with well  


Both are indeed the visual kings of their respective groups, but both also have a different set of charisma and charms. So, let’s dig deep on both visuals!  

Serious Faces

Imagine if they’re both angry and wearing serious expressions as above. Which one makes you more scared? :p  

Smiley Faces

When both of them smile, their eyes turn into a crescent moon and the bright dimples show up. Which one is cuter?  

Fashion Sense

Both are into the sporty trendy look and cool jackets. But, which one is better in rocking the look?  


In the Battle of Abs, who won?  


Speaking of aegyo, it seems like both of them won fairly…  

Stage Performance

It is undeniable that both Wooyoungs have a strong stage presence and dance moves. Both are the main dancers of their respective groups with great charisma. Here we have a few individual fan-cams of each of them to make you decide which one’s a better performer!  

ATEEZ’s Wooyoung is known for his sharp moves and piercing stares. When he’s on stage, he gives all of his energy to the performance.

Meanwhile, 2PM’s Wooyoung is bursting with sexy charms as well as a soothing voice. When he dances, he doesn’t hesitate to throw his sexiest moves which will make you faint.  


It’s a weird coincidence also that both of them are blessed with a funny personality and variety show skills. Both idols love to crack jokes and boost everyone’s mood. Let’s take a peek at their crazy and funny moments!

    So, those are all the facts and criteria that you need to decide which one is your favorite K-Pop idol (if you’re like us, you can’t decide on one person only). Anyway, who’s your favorite? We’re dying to know! Kindly share your answer in the comment box below!

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