B.I.G’s Benji’s Full Profile

Benji (벤지) whose birth name is Benjamin Bae/Bae Jae-wook (배제욱) was born in Indiana, USA, on May 3rd, 1992. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He has 183 cm of height and 72 kg of weight. Meanwhile, his blood type is B. He also has Korean-American nationality, since he was born and raised in America before moving to Korea and pursuing his career. Benji was famously known as the all-rounder member of B.I.G, singer, songwriter, MC, DJ, and musician as well. He was scouted by GH Entertainment, which is associated with B.I.G, Heyne, and Mone. Benji has been active in the entertainment industry from 2014 until the present. You can stay in touch with him through his social media: @baebenji92 (Instagram) 벤지 Baenjii (YouTube)

B.I.G’s Benji Facts

Benji moved to South Korea in 2011 when he decided to pursue his goal to become a singer. He’s the only child in his family. He grew up in Seattle, Washington, USA, and obtained his driver’s license there. Benji attended Juilliard School but he dropped out, Cleveland Institute of Music & Heifetz International Music Institute. He loves beatboxing, rapping, writing lyrics, composing, cooking, and playing the violin. He’s been playing the violin since the age of four until his first year in college. His ideal type is someone who can dance and is nice. Some of Benji’s nicknames are Puppy and BenjiBear. Benji loves any kind of food except veggies. Destiny’s Child is Benji’s favorite girl group.

B.I.G’s Benji’s Pre-Debut Story

Benji used to dream to be a singer. This is what drove him to move to South Korea in 2011 and pursue her dream. Since he was four years old, Benji has been playing the violin and continued learning it throughout his education. He was a student of the Cleveland Institute of Music and Heifetz International Music Institute. Benji used to attend Juilliard School as well, but he decided to drop out to pursue his dream in 2011. In order to pursue his dream of being a singer, Benji joined GH Entertainment and became a trainee for almost three years. Eventually, his struggle led him to his debut as one of the K-Pop idols with B.I.G!

B.I.G’s Benji’s Debut And Active Era

Benji finally made his debut as one of the members of B.I.G on July 9th, 2014! B.I.G stands for Boys in Groove and their first single “Hello” also marked their debut, which was welcomed positively by people. In B.I.G, Benji was in charge as the main vocalist, visual, as well as face of the group.

Then he also raised his popularity even more after releasing his solo debut through “Telephone” on August 29th, 2019! With the single, Benji participated in the lyrics writing and the music composing as well.

In 2019, Benji also gained a lot of attention after his appearance in JTBC’s Superband. Basically, it was a reality survival show that gathered various indie musicians into a band. Then they had to make a new music arrangement, whether it was original music by them or other artists’ music. Through the show, Benji joined the band called Moné as the vocalist/violin along with Hong Isaac (vocal/keyboard), Kim Woo-sung (guitar), Zairo (vocal/guitar), and Hwang Min-jae (drums). The band also released their original songs such as “Take Me Away”, “I Don’t Care”, and “Wooing”, with their powerful and intimate concept. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it as the first winner. But still, Moné became one of the favorite contestants of the Superband show.

B.I.G Benji’s Discography

Here’s the individual discography of Benji: Collaboration Single

Duet (featuring Hyene) in 2016

Digital Single

Telephone in 2019


Go Go Song (for My Girl OST) in 2019

B.I.G’s Benji’s Filmography

Music Video

Amber Liu – Get Over It

TV Shows

Always Cantare (2014–present) Music Access (2014–present) Good Life (2015–present) TOUR VS TOUR (2015–present) K Culture Elite (2015–present) Show Champion: Curtain Talk (2016) Video Star (2017) Talk Show Hello (2017) Simply K-Pop (2017) Kiss The Radio (2017) Access Showbiz Tonight (2017) Idol Tour (2017) Hello Counselor (2017) Superband (2019)

B.I.G Benji’s Latest News

Here are the recent updates of Benji from his personal Instagram account:

A post shared by Benji 벤지 (@baebenji92) on Jul 23, 2020 at 6:08am PDT Benji once appeared with Solbi in the first episode of Song of Little Things. Both of them spent time together to hang out with kids as well as produce music, since they needed to write a song about little things. Solbi was the one who wrote the lyrics, while Benji was in charge of composing the music! Watch the full episode, here:

Those are all the details regarding B.I.G’s Benji! Let’s keep supporting Benji and look forward to any upcoming project from him as well!

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