B.I.G’s Gunmin’s Full Profile

Lee Gun-min (이건민) was born in Gangwon-do, South Korea, on October 3rd, 1994. He then moved to Gwangju-si and was raised there as well. His zodiac sign is Libra. He has 177 cm of height and 64 kg of weight. Meanwhile, his blood type is AB. His family consists of his parents and an older brother. For educational necessity, Gunmin attended the Joy Dance & Plug In Music Academy. In B.I.G, he was the main dancer and vocalist. Gunmin has been active in the entertainment industry from 2014 until today, and he was scouted by GH Entertainment. His occupation is singer and choreographer. Aside from B.I.G, Gunmin is also involved in Gunmin x Heedo which is known as B.I.G’s subunit. You can stay in touch with him through social media: @big_gunmin1003 (Instagram)

B.I.G’s Gunmin Facts

After watching the game show X-Man in his middle school era, Gunmin started to dream of becoming a celebrity and appeared in variety shows. He is really good at dancing and singing. He can play the guitar. Gunmin has participated as the choreographer of several B.I.G singles, such as “1.2.3” and “Are You Ready”. He also made the choreography for the song “Don’t Worry”, which is known as his duet with Heedo. Gunmin was chosen by other B.I.G members as the manliest member of the group. He and Minpyo have known each other since they used to live in Gwangju. He loves watching movies, sleeping, teasing Minpyo when he’s tired, and poking the sleeping J-Hoon. His personality is like a golden retriever. Gunmin is left-handed. Gunmin’s favorite foods are donkatsu and pork belly. Purple is his favorite color.

B.I.G’s Gunmin’s Debut And Active Era

On July 9th, 2014, Gunmin finally made his dream come true as he debuted with B.I.G with the single “Hello”. Since their first appearance, the group gained lots of attention from people, which marked them as a well-received group in the K-Pop music industry as well. Their career went quite well, as the group also released extended plays and several hit singles such as “Are You Ready”, “Taola”, “Aphrodite”, “Illusion”, and many more! Not only that, but Gunmin was also chosen to be involved in B.I.G’s subunit with Heedo with their collaboration named Gunmin x Heedo. The subunit made their debut on April 10th, 2018, by releasing the single “Don’t Worry”.

Gunmin’s active years include another important appearance; it is when he joined the reality survival show The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project as a contestant in 2017. Gunmin also competed with other female and male contestants, and displayed his specialty as a dancer as well. Even though he didn’t make it to be the first rank, Gunmin was able to solidify his identity as a true dancer!

B.I.G’s Gunmin’s Dancing Skills

Gunmin has started taking dance lessons a long time ago, and his skills have been continuously improving as time goes by. In almost every B.I.G performance, Gunmin has appeared with his unbreakable dancing moves which made his fans excited. Moreover, if you take a look at Gunmin’s dance practice videos or the focus fancams of his performance, you can see for yourself that he is definitely breathtaking!


Appearance In the KBS Survival Show The Unit

Since Gunmin was famously known for his magnificent dancing skills, he decided to prove it by participating in the survival show named The Unit in 2017. The show selected 63 female and 63 male dancers who had to compete against each other. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it as the winner because he was eliminated in Episode 11. In addition, Gunmin was ranked in 32nd place.


While Gunmin was energetically dancing, it seemed like every person glanced over through his performance. Even though his performance was less than a minute, Gunmin’s amazing dancing skills were definitely remarkable!

B.I.G’s Gunmin’s Discography

Singles (with B.I.G)

Hello (2014) Are You Ready? (2014) Between Night n Music (2015) Taola (2015) Aphrodite (2016) 1.2.3 (2017) Hello Hello (2017) Illusion (2019)

Extended Plays (with B.I.G)

Aphrodite (2016)

Collaboration Project

Vanilla Sky (featuring Heedo) in 2017

B.I.G’s Gunmin’s Latest News

Let’s take a look at Gunmin’s Instagram updates, here:

A post shared by Gunstargram (@big_gunmin1003) on Jul 20, 2020 at 2:13am PDT  

A post shared by Gunstargram (@big_gunmin1003) on Jul 9, 2020 at 6:49am PDT B.I.G’s Gunmin opened up a YouTube Channel 요롱건민. His channel started approximately during June 2020. The first video that he uploaded was the choreography for “The King” which was originally sung by Conan Gray. Let’s watch the latest video from Gunmin, here:

  We have reached the end of this feature about Gunmin. Let’s keep supporting B.I.G’s Gunmin and kindly look forward to any new project from him in the future!

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