Now, we are going to talk about the leader of this group, J-hoon, who is currently inactive since his enlistment in the military service in late 2018. Are you ready to dive deep and get up close and personal with him? Scroll down this article to find out all the details about him!  

B.I.G’s J-Hoon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: J-Hoon (제이훈) Birth Name: Im Jung-hoon (임정훈) Position: Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist Date of Birth: July 15th, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 172 cm (5’8″) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: O Twitter: @big_jhoon715 Instagram: @jhoonstyle  

B.I.G’s J-Hoon’s Facts:

Seoul, South Korea, is his place of birth He is the only child in his family His stage name (J-hoon) comes from a shortening of his real name Jung-hoon He has been practicing various forms of street dance for the past 10 years, ever since he was in middle school He has been using J-hoon as his stage name since he was active in the street dance scene Duck is his nickname He is a very talkative person He eats a lot Meat is his favorite food Coffee, in particular, iced vanilla latte is his favorite beverage He said that he’s so addicted to coffee that he has to drink at least two cups a day to function He is scared of heights When he was in elementary school, he used to be really good at inline skating to the point where he was even scouted by a coach who offered to train him Street dancing is his passion Prior to debut, he had experience working at a street dance academy where he taught kids the popping genre and also did part-time jobs at a couple of cafés and a movie theater He, along with Heedo, acted in the web drama titled Idol Protect the World (2015) He is currently an inactive member as he enlisted into the military on November 15th, 2018


B.I.G’s J-Hoon’s Pre-debut Story

Prior to debuting, each of the members of the group (including J-hoon) trained together under GH Entertainment for about one and a half years. They trained together as a group to strengthen their bonds. J-hoon has been known in the street dance scene as he has been practicing various forms of street dance for the past 10 years, ever since he was in middle school. He even used his current stage name (which comes from a shortening of his real name, Jung-hoon) as his stage name in the street dance scene. He has a strong passion for street dancing as he had even experienced the working environment in a street dance academy where he taught the popping genre to kids. He also did a few part-time jobs at a couple of cafés and a movie theater to support his life before joining GH Entertainment. From his pre-debut story, we can see how hardworking J-hoon is and how passionate he is in the street dancing. Thus, it is no wonder that prior to the group’s debut date, the members of B.I.G made a street performance on July 5th, 2014, at Myeongdong shopping street before debuting four days later on July 9th, 2014. army Check out a few of B.I.G’s J-hoon’s street performances in the video compilation, below!

And don’t forget his dance practice video with Gunmin back in 2013 prior to their debut.


B.I.G’s J-Hoon’s Debut And Active Era

Before debuting, J-hoon kicked out the stage with his street dance performance through a video teaser released by GH Entertainment.

In the video, he showcased his street dancing skills to the public and gathered a lot of attention from the fans. J-hoon finally made a debut with B.I.G with the release of their debut single “Hello” on July 9th, 2014, along with its music video through their official YouTube Channel. The song reminds us of other groups such as BTS and B.A.P with its groovy beat and street-like concept. Their debut song also attracted plenty of attention for its nationalism lyrics as they hold the South Korean culture in high regard. Part of the lyrics, such as “our country” becomes repetitive in their song thus helping the country’s promotion.

Their MV has been watched for more than 2,3 million times ever since their debut. The MV met mixed reactions from the foreigner fans as well as the Korean fans. For international fans, the lyrics are quite entertaining and catchy while for the local fans, the lyrics are quite cringy and they feel embarrassed. Then, J-hoon and B.I.G made a comeback within the same year of their debut with their second single “Are You Ready?” which was released on October 21st, 2014. This song gives a different feel from their first releases as it appears more casual and less tough.

During his active era, J-hoon was known as one of the funniest members of the group as he often makes a witty comment and remark and responds to the situation well. No wonder he is such a variety show material.

He’s also not ashamed to show his weird side as he took the FB live to dance sexily, making the other members laugh alongside him.

And even wittily made the EDM version of TWICE’s Sana’s “shy shy shy” line that was booming back then.

On top of that, he often does personal live streaming with fans through Vlive in order to get closer to his supporters.

No wonder fans were sad when he temporarily left the group to do enlistment, as he always makes the atmosphere brighter whenever he is present.

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