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BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Full Profile

Name: Kim Jain (김자인) Stage Name: Bom Bom (봄봄) Birthday: November 14th, 1992 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Zodiac: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: Monkey Height: 162 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: – Nationality: Korean Agency: PIT A PAT Entertainment (currently) Years Active: 2014–present Occupation: Singer (idol group) Instagram: jain_zzang (inactive)

BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Fun Facts

Bom Bom is a former member of BADKIZ, she left the group in 2015. In BADKIZ, Bom Bom had the position of Main Dancer and Lead Vocalist. Bom Bom is a former artist under US Entertainment, but now she’s officially signed a contract with a new agency since 2017, namely PIT A PAT Entertainment. This former main dancer of BADKIZ changed her stage name from Bom Bom to Jain. She’s good at popping dance. Bom Bom likes playing games. She can imitate characters from games or movies. Her nickname is Cheerful Fool.

About BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Personality

Bom Bom is one of the BADKIZ members who have a cheerful personality; she was even given the nickname Cheerful Fool by the other members. Bom Bom is said to be the funniest member and most flexible in doing anything. In fact, she also has a special talent of being able to imitate other voices such as characters in movies, and it can make people feel entertained.

BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Focus Fancams

The term fancam is familiar to K-Pop music fans. The phenomenon of fancams has mushroomed in the Korean music industry, where the meaning of fancam itself stands for “Fan Camera”. Fans usually record their idols’ performances while performing live at various music shows or music festivals, and then they upload it on an online site, such as YouTube or other social media. Usually, fancams focus on one of the members of a group or one of their favorite idols. For example, in BADKIZ, there are fancams that are specifically for the full team and there are also those who record only one member, such as Bom Bom. Well, below are some of Bom Bom’s focus fancams.

BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Visual

Bom Bom has different visuals from other members. She has eyes that are very small, so when she laughs her eyes virtually disappear. Bom Bom’s visual looks like a real Korean visual, and she has a beautiful face that looks different from others. When she was still a member of BADKIZ, she looked like a girl in boyish style and it made her cool. Even from the glance in her eyes, she looked like a fierce woman. So, here are some of her photos that display her visuals.

BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Career Journey

Bom Bom started her career as a singer in 2014 by becoming a member of K-Pop group BADKIZ which later became known by the name HOT PLACE (HOTTIES) in 2019. Bom Bom debuted with BADKIZ on March 24th, 2014, with the release of their first digital single titled “Ear Attack”. The single successfully entered the top 100 of the Korean music charts, or more precisely got 59th place. The music video for this single has two versions, and to promote their single, Bom Bom and the group appeared in various music shows as is shown in the video above! After more than a year, in April 2015, Bom Bom decided to leave the group and agency without any reason. Then, on July 8th, 2017, Bom Bom changed her stage name to Jain and joined a new group Pit A Pat (Pitapat) with which she released the digital single “SIGN”. The group consisted of Solim, Hari, Hanseol, Soye, and herself. In her new group, she was the leader of the group; however, her new group didn’t last long and had to be disbanded by their agency (PIT A PAT Entertainment) in 2018. If you wanna see her with the group Pit A Pat, you can watch her in the video below!

BADKIZ’s Bom Bom’s Latest News

After re-starting her career with a comeback in 2017 with her new group, Pit A Pat (Pitapat), unfortunately, she didn’t have a lot of luck since the group had to disband in 2018 and they only released one digital single, “SIGN”. Bom Bom (or now better known as Jain) used to have a personal Instagram account with the username @jain_zzang and she shared her selcas or activities on Instagram. But currently, that account is inactive for no apparent reason. This is sad because Instagram was the only social media where she posted information about all her activities, whether a comeback or new projects that will come. That’s all the information that we have provided for you about the former member of BADKIZ, Bom Bom: starting from her profile, facts, to her career journey. After reading this article, please don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts and opinions about Bom Bom by writing a comment in the section below.

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