BADKIZ’s Hana’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Hana (하나) Birth Name: Lee Hana (이하나) Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Birthday: 1995 Chinese Zodiac: Pig Height: 168 cm (5’6″) Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs) Instagram: @2hana._.v

BADKIZ’s Hana’s Fun Facts

– Hana’s most memorable moment on stage is when she performed in a peace concert, since it was her first stage performance and also a big stage, she felt overwhelmed and cried when she came down from the stage. – Hana usually feels nervous and has an unstable stomach feeling before a public performance. – Her role model is girl group Apink, she has even been making Apink’s songs as her smartphone ringtones. – Hana has never met Apink before, even though they were at the same event but in different waiting rooms at the SBS event. – The most memorable senior idol for Hana is Kyuhyun from Super Junior who is very kind. – Before becoming a singer, Hana had a dream to be a flight attendant. – One of her goals is to live on a farm with her family in a remote area like her aunt’s grandmother’s house.

About BADKIZ’s Hana’s Personality

Hana is hardworking and friendly as staff from their album photoshoot has said so. All members of BADKIZ show a bright, friendly, and active attitude. Hana is also really caring to her fans, she wants to meet them and attend a fan signing event. She could bear the hard times because she cherished all her old memories regardless of whether they were good or bad.

BADKIZ’s Hana’s Focus Fancam

Check out this Hana focus camera; she looks very comfortable and charismatic as well. No doubt, she has confident rap skills! Don’t you agree?

BADKIZ’s Hana’s Visual

In the photo shooting for the BADKIZ album, Hana was looking charming with the jacket, white shirt, and mini skirt, that took place in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. As a rapper, she definitely has charismatic hip-hop looks and is so genuine.

BADKIZ’s Hana’s Latest News

Hana is no longer a member of BADKIZ, she left BADKIZ. She decided to pursue a solo career in the entertainment area. Now, BADKIZ consists of Eunyu, Seoeun, Rozi, and Semi under US Entertainment. That’s all about Hana and her career in the girl group with an interesting concept, BADKIZ. Let’s support her throughout her career. Don’t forget to kindly send a positive message and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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