In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Jina: starting from her profile to her career journey and pursuing a career as a solo artist. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

BADKIZ’s Jina’s Full Profile

Name: Yoo Jina (유지나) Stage Name: Jina (지나)/Jina-U/Jina Yu (지나유) Birthday: December 6th, 1992 Birthplace: Busan, South Korea Zodiac: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac: Monkey Height: 164 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, Actress Years Active: 2014–present Group: BADKIZ (former member) Agency: Holic Entertainment Instagram: @jinau_ Naver: Twitter: @Fbalsdud1234 Facebook: 지나

BADKIZ’s Jina’s Fun Facts

Jina studied at Chugye University For The Arts. Jina left BADKIZ in 2015, the reason why she left is because she wanted to become a solo artist. When she was in BADKIZ, Jina got the position of Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Main Rapper. After leaving the group, Jina changed her stage name to Jina U/Jina Yu. Before she was an artist under Holic Entertainment, Jina had signed a contract with BADKIZ as a Zoo Entertainment artist (2014–2015). Yoga is Jina’s hobby. When she was in BADKIZ, she was known as the shortest member of the group. Jina can play the guitar. Jina likes watching Superman Returns. “Ear Attack” and “Babomba” are Jina’s favorite tracks from BADKIZ’s single. Jina is good at field and tracks, and her running speed for 100 meters is only 13 seconds.

About BADKIZ’s Jina’s Personality

Besides being known as the shortest member of BADKIZ, it turns out that Jina is the only member who hates being alone the most. She gets lonely easily. In addition, she has a cheerful personality, she even got the nickname The Big Laughter because she’s a person who laughs the most when she sees something weird or funny.

BADKIZ’s Jina’s Focus Fancams

The fancam phenomenon seems to be quite familiar to all K-Pop fans. The term fancam stands for “Fan Camera”. All K-Pop fans record the performances of their favorite idols at various music shows or music festivals with their own cameras/cellphones. After recording them, then they share the videos by uploading them on any online sites such as YouTube or even social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. For groups, there are usually two types of fancams, namely a fancam which is specific to the full lineup (group), and a fancam that is focused on each of the members. In this case, when Jina was still a member of BADKIZ, her fans often recorded her performances and shared them on social media. Here are some of Jina’s focus fancams that her fans have shared!

BADKIZ’s Jina’s Visual

Even though she is said to be the shortest member, Jina still has amazing visuals. Jina has beautiful big eyes, and also has a slim shape of her face. Jina looks like a doll because of her big eyes, she even looks very cute and sweet when she is smiling. Jina can look cute, swag, and fierce at the same time, especially when she immerses herself in her role of rapper of BADKIZ. Jina’s visual symbolizes the visual of Korean beautiful women. If you didn’t believe it, you can see all the photos of her. Here are some photos of Jina that show how pretty and amazing her visual is!

Re-debut as a Solo Artist

Jina started her career with BADKIZ on March 14th, 2014, by releasing the digital single titled “Ear Attack”. In her group, Jina was the main rapper and lead dancer. BADKIZ promoted their single by performing in various music shows as shown in the video below. BADKIZ are a talented group, but they are often considered to be underrated because not many people know them and they aren’t from a famous agency. After being together for more than one year, in 2015, Jina decided to leave BADKIZ and Zoo Entertainment because she wanted to focus on being a solo singer. In the same year or a few months after leaving BADKIZ, Jina made a re-debut on June 26th, 2015, to become a solo artist under the stage name Jina-U/Jina Yu by releasing her first single titled “OPPANYONG”. The music of her debut single is like old disco or old pop-dance music, with old-school concepts/retro. Here’s the music video.

BADKIZ’s Jina’s YouTube Channel

Jina’s activities as a solo singer are indeed more than when she was a girl group member. Jina is a trot singer or in Korea known as ppongjjak, which means a singer with a South Korean pop music genre that is similar to Japanese music. Besides getting many jobs, Jina is also active on YouTube. Jina has a YouTube channel named 지나유TV. Jina currently has 3.99 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel. On her channel, she often sings trot songs or does cover songs of various singers’ tracks. On her YouTube channel, you can find many trot songs where the genre of the song tells about sadness due to separation or misfortune of fate. Here are some of Jina’s cover songs that she has uploaded. Nami – Sad Fate (“슬픈인연”) Reply 1988 OST Cover by Jina-U

Jin Mi-Ryeong – White Dandelion (“하얀민들레”) Cover by Jina-U

BADKIZ’s Jina’s Latest News

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jina has still worked hard and continued to carry out various activities as a singer/solo artist. Around the end of October, Jina participated in one of the competition programs on SBS, namely Last Chance, and competed against several trot singers (K-Trot singer). Here’s a preview video of her episode. In addition, Jina also often shares all of her activities on social media that she has, such as Instagram by posting photos of herself and her activities. You can see her activities or photos by following her Instagram @jinau_. That’s all the information about former BADKIZ member Jina: starting from her profile to her latest news. What do you think about her after becoming a solo artist? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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