Badkiz had gone through numerous member changes. The latest member to join was Badkiz’s charismatic rapper Rozy. Her visual resembles that of another famous rapper of idol girl groups like EXID’s LE and Mamamoo’s Hwasa. Find out all about Badkiz’s Rozy in this article. Stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

Full Profile

Name: Kim Yun-jung Stage Name: Roji Position: Rapper Date of Birth: March 9th, 1995 Height: 170 cm Zodiac: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Pig Instagram: @whysorosy Twitter: badkiz_official YouTube: whysorosy Daum Café: BADKIZ V Live: DFE3E9

Fun Facts

Rozi joined Badkiz in 2020 She looks like Mamamoo’s Hwasa and EXID’s LE. Both of them are rappers in their groups Rozi is a fan of beauty and fashion Rozi announced Badkiz’s disbandment in October 2020 She is an only child in her family Her favorite color is black Her favorite drink is ice coffee latte Her favorite fashion items are rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings Rozi’s favorite season is winter Her weight is 5x kg

About BADKIZ’s Rozi’s Personality

She prefers strong and intense makeup to show the “tough girl” image She loves wearing black monotone clothes Judging by her style, she is a strong and independent woman

BADKIZ’s Rozi’s Dance Choreography

Rozi often posts cover videos to her YouTube account @whatsorosy. She has posted various dance cover videos. One of the most beloved covers is “Cool Out.” She showed a loose and cool freestyle dance. Her every move matches with the beat and channel viewers were amazed by her freestyle choreography. Rozi posted a cover of the viral dance “Nunu Nana.” She posted the video to her personal YouTube channel. The video gained more than one million views. Fans love her cover. In the video, she wore only jump track clothes. However, she enjoyed the dance and was immersed in the vibe. Fans complimented her freestyle cover.

BADKIZ’s Rozi’s Visual

Rozi looks like Mamamoo’s Hwasa and EXID’s LE. Both of them are rappers in their groups. She always uses slightly strong makeup that emphasizes her dark eyeliner and full lips. She usually keeps her hair long and dark. Her cool and confident aura adds to her charismatic image. She is also the tallest member.

Where is She Now?

Badkiz’s agency, US Entertainment, announced the recruitment of three new members: Semi, Roji, and Rahui. According to the agency, both Roji and Semi have excellent dancing skills and girl crush charms. The third new member, Rahui has good singing skills and a very attractive voice. After the release of Hot Place in March 2019, Badkiz haven’t released another album. However, each member kept posting their activities like making dance cover videos and posting the videos to the official Badkiz YouTube channel. They also started the Makestar crowdfunding project for fans to help to raise funds for a future comeback. Sadly, bad news broke up. Semi, Eunyi, Seoeun, and Rozi announced the disbandment of their group in October 2020. Let’s hope that they can continue to perform and become more successful in the future. After announcing Badkiz’s disbandment, Rozy closed her @black_rozy Instagram account and started another account, @whysorosy, on October 16th, 2020. In her account, she posts cover dances and pictures of her latest activities. That was all the information about Badkiz’s Rozi. Curious about the other members’ profiles and fun facts? Find out more information about other Badkiz members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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