In their final formation, Badkiz consisted of four members: Semi, Rozy, Eunyu, and Seoeun. Semi was recruited for her dancing skills. She stood out because of her energetic dancing. After joining Badkiz, she became the energy and mood maker of the group. Her smiling eyes, babyface look, and happy easygoing personality was loved by members and fans. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Badkiz’s baby face member Semi. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

Name: Park Su-jin Stage Name: Semi Date of Birth: October 22nd, 1995 Height: 165 cm Zodiac: Libra Chinese Zodiac: The Year of the Pig Instagram: @roopre_semi Twitter: badkiz_official YouTube: YoloSemi Daum Café: BADKIZ V Live: DFE3E9

Fun Facts

Semi joined Badkiz in 2020 Semi was responsible for all the parts of stage performances She has a -1,75 eyesight Semi has a two year younger brother Her favorite hobbies are traveling and exercising Her specialty is freestyle dancing Among her body parts, she is the most confident in her nails. She wanted to be a nail model

About BADKIZ’s Semi’s Personality

Semi’s bright and cheerful character brought good and happy vibes to Badkiz Semi’s bad habit was always forgetting about things Her main charm is her character Her favorite colors are black, navy, gray, khaki, beige, mostly dark colors Semi loves autumn more than any other season She loves eating and she has no food that she likes best Her fashion style is street, suit, and casual fashion In the morning, her first activity is waking up Badkiz’s Rozy Semi’s favorite song is “Tears” If she must go to an uninhabited island, she will bring lots of delicious food and keep it in an icebox

BADKIZ’s Semi’s Dance Choreography

Semi regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel YoloSemi. Most of the videos are short videos of her covering the choreography of popular songs. She has also posted a dance cover of Jesi’s “Nunu Nana.”


BADKIZ’s Semi’s Visual

Semi has a very charming and easygoing personality. She usually wears simple and casual makeup. Her face is small and her eyes are very big. She also looks very young compared to other members due to her babyface appearance. Even though she is of the same age as most of the Badkiz members, she looks much younger. She prefers short hair to long hair. But not to be mistaken by her simple and charming look. On the stage and in front of the camera, she can transform into a dancing machine. Off the stage, her smiling eyes are very contagious. Almost in every video, she can be seen laughing and joking with the other members. Although she said that she loves dark colored outfit, she looks better in bright-colored outfits. She is dazzling in a simple white shirt. Semi doesn’t like to put intense makeup. In her photos, she usually puts on light makeup and simple red lipstick. She rarely puts on strong eyeliner because her eyes are already big and charming.

Youtube Channel

Semi opened her own YouTube channel after Badkiz’s disbandment. Her channel, YoloSemi has gained almost two thousand subscribers. On her channel, Semi posts cover videos and video challenges.

Where is She Now?

US Entertainment recruited three new members: Semi, Roji, and Rahui in 2020. Roji and Semi focused on dancing, while Rahui focused on singing. Rahui has a sexy and attractive voice. All of the members have standout skills and are charming in their own way. US Entertainment has kept posting Badkiz’s activities such as dance cover videos to the official Badkiz YouTube channel. Badkiz joined the Makestar crowdfunding project to raise funds for a future comeback. Sadly, Semi, Eunyi, Seoeun, and Rozi disbanded in October 2020. Let’s hope that they can maintain their activity and get a breakthrough in the future. That was all the information about Badkiz’s Semi. Don’t forget to kindly share your opinion about Badkiz. You can also find out more information about the other members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.

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