One such example is Bae Seul-ki. Many know her as an actress who often appears with her minor-roles in well-known K-Dramas, such as Full House (2004), The Greatest Love (2011), and her latest appearance in Risky Romance (2018), with her role as Lee Jin-kyung. Before Bae Seul-ki debuted as an actress, she had debuted as a member of the girl group trio The Red, in 2005, and continued her luck as a solo artist after the group was declared disbanded. Well, are you curious about Bae Seul-ki? Let’s check out the detailed rundown provided in the article below!

Bae Seul-ki’s Full Profile

Real Name: Bae Seul-ki (Hangul: 배슬기) Place and Date of Birth: Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong-gun, South Korea, September 27th, 1986 Height: 168 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: B Education: Gapyeong Elementary School Guil Middle School Guil High School Sangmyung University Cheonan Campus Department of Theater and Film Religion: Protestant Official Sites: Instagram (@bebe_sl) YouTube Channel (배슬기)


Here is the list of Bae Seul-ki’s appearances in K-Dramas, movies, and musical theater! Movies:

2011: Couples 2012: Weird Business (segment: “The Suicidal Assassin”) 2013: Short! Short! Short! 2013 (segment: “The Body”) 2013: Tough as Iron 2013: Door to the Night 2014: A Case of Bachelor Abduction 2014: School of Youth: The Corruption of Morals

Musical Theater:

2008: Lunatic 2010: On Air Live

Television Series (K-Drama):


On the other hand, Bae Seul-ki is also well known for her career as a solo artist in the music industry and has released several EPs, singles, and albums during her solo career. Bae Seul-ki is also famous for several songs that have made it to the top of the music charts in Korea and she is considered an artist with a melodious voice. Let’s take a look at the discography of Bae Seul-ki as a solo artist! Extended Plays Singles Soundtrack Appearances   Studio Albums

Bae Seul-ki’s Career Journey

Bae Seul-ki, Choo So-young, Oh Seung-eun were all members of the group The Red and debuted as such. However, Bae Seul-ki is the only one who can sing properly and the other two are just actresses. Even the relationship between the two of them was not very good. The Red was a three-member project girl group formed in 2005. Since it was a short-term project-type girl group, they released only one album. It was produced by Yoon Mirae and each member had a different agency. Based on Korean articles at the beginning of their debut, The Red announced that they would be active for six months. The meaning of the team’s name, The Red, which was said to be unique and strange, is said to have been created in the sense of wanting to become a team loved by the public for a long time, as the intense primary color red looks fresh anytime. Bae Seul-ki also became more popular after her appearance in the SBS Love Letter with the concept of old school (Hangul: 복고 (read: bokko)) and became the internet’s hot topic at that time. The overall concept of the album was remade, so the entire first album was a remake, and it was intended to reinterpret hit songs from the 1970s to the 80s with the hip-hop genre, which was the trend of 2005. Oh Seung-eun, was a rising star starring in the popular MBC sitcom Non-Stop 4, and the other member Choo So-young, raised her popularity after appearing in entertainment such as Kang Ho-dong’s Natural Love and Love Letter. Bae Seul-ki was the youngest member and the real newcomer. Therefore, it was Bae Seul-ki who actually led the team as a girl group. Their agency was Rosie Entertainment. During their debut, the members had a cute face and body. The fury of a country girl was added, and a lot of expectations were raised, but as long as she belonged to The Red, Bae Seul-ki’s future was slowly planned. Eventually, after receiving the news of disbandment, the other two members turned to acting careers and Oh Seung-eun married. After the group was disbanded, she started solo activities. Her solo debut song titled “Strong Woman” (Hangul: 강한 여자) that was released in 2006 is were folded within came out to a concept that totally fit with the image Bae Seul-Ki demonstrated in the existing arts, cute concept and contradictory ‘tomboy’. Besides that, the hip-hop composer, Bang Si-hyeok, made the song.

After promoting her debut song, Bae Seul-ki released another single titled “말 괄량” (Rom: malgwalyangee) which means tomboy or sassy girl. The song reached the same popularity as several other singers’ songs that were released at the same time. The single managed to get good promotion from the Korean music charts and the music video also got the highest position for three weeks. At this time, Bae Seul-ki achieved her best career in the history of being a solo artist.

As a solo artist, most of the songs and concepts Bae Seul-ki released are not good. Based on charts and ranking, they disappeared after hovering in the middle and low ranks. Songs such as “One By One” that was released in 2006 and “Come To Me” (Hangul: 다가와) in 2007, were hardly known to the public even though they worked hard on broadcasting.

Although she steadily released albums, she went to events more than appearing on broadcasts. Bae Seul-ki sometimes appeared on variety programs, but since she was originally a solo artist rather than an actress, it wasn’t even possible to come out well due to the limitation of entertainment. In addition, Bae Seul-ki was in charge of the featuring of several singers, but none of the songs were popular. On April 9th, 2009, she returned to the music industry by releasing the album titled Big Show, which was selected as the title of the best composer, Brave Brothers. Previously, only songs by new composers were selected, but now the will to give strength to the song was outstanding. However, it came out with a strange concept of singing a song by placing two bong microphones and going from side to side, and this album eventually sank with the fate of the title song. The title song was “Tiresome” feat. Jewelry’s Ha Joo-yeon (Hangul: 지겨워).

As of January 2010, the number of Daum Fan Café members exceeded 26,000. In fact, most of them are inactive, but they haven’t withdrawn. Baek Seul-ki dances a little, sings a little, but she doesn’t have any outstanding talent. It is true that as a solo singer, she lacks charisma. However, above all, the agency does not show any willingness to launch this girl. However, in the process of moving into the new agency in 2010, a problem occurred and the movie was dropped. It seems that the reason is that the film company did not properly receive the investment for a long period of time. The new agency is T Entertainment, which is the home of several popular actors, such as Park Jung-hyun, Cha Seung-won, and Yoo Ji-tae. Bae Seul-ki also sang the second opening of the animation that aired on Tooniverse. Somehow, the review was good. She also appeared in the drama titled The Greatest Love that was aired on MBC in 2011 as Han Min-a and had a small part, but since she held the key to the cause of the dismantling of the national treasure girl in the play, the part was expected to increase in the future. Then, it was revealed that there was a hidden cause there, and the amount increased. But in the end, it ended without much of it. Still, just reconfirming the fact that Bae Seul-ki is still active in the entertainment industry seems to be meaningful. Bae Seul-ki also appeared in several stage musicals, such as Lunatic (2008), and On Air Live (2010), before beginning her activities as an actress and appearing in several K-Dramas.

Bae Seul-ki’s Visual

Even though she was born in the 80s, Bae Seul-ki is one of the entertainers who have a babyface, aka who doesn’t age easily. It can be seen from some of her appearances since she just debuted until her recent appearance as an actress in K-Drama. Bae Seul-ki is an adult woman who has natural beauty. This is realized because she is aware of the care, especially on the face, and also maintains her ideal body weight. Bae Seul-ki has a face that can be said to be very small and certainly fit the beauty standards in South Korea. As an entertainer, Bae Seul-ki also has an appearance that is always elegant and beautiful when appearing in public. With her beauty, Bae Seul-ki is always suitable for wearing any outfit, including a floral dress like the photo above. She also looks beautiful with her hair tied back and thin bangs covering her forehead. Bae Seul-ki is the definition of a woman who is beautiful in and of itself. Apart from having petite facial features, Bae Seul-ki also looks charming with a smile. Without bold make-up, we can still see Bae Seul-ki’s beauty as an entertainer from South Korea with a feminine aura and reflecting adult women. Not only that, but Bae Seul-ki is also still very active in the entertainment industry and is still updating her life on several social media such as YouTube and Instagram to just interact with her fans.

Bae Seul-ki’s Marriage

On August 27th, 2020, actress Bae Seul-ki announced her marriage with a YouTuber named Shim-seop in September 2020. Bae Seul-ki shared her feelings of marriage with her boyfriend Shim-seop, with who she has a 2-year age gap and is a YouTuber, through a telephone interview with Sports Chosun. Bae Seul-ki said, “I have known as an acquaintance and decided to marry after three months of dating. My job is a businessman and I am a non-celebrity. I have a personal YouTube channel, but I am more popular among young friends than me.” She also introduced her husband, Shim-seop, that is currently operating a YouTube channel Risup TV with 280,000 subscribers. Bae Seul-ki said, “I’ve met a person like this for the first time. He has a good personality and we communicate well.” Bae Seul-ki and Shim-seop planned their wedding on September 25th, 2020, but are also considering a plan to postpone the marriage due to the re-proliferation of COVID19. They also postponed their honeymoon, the groom said, “Even if we decided to marry, we were in a situation where overseas travel was not possible, so we asked to get some air in Korea. We will be together forever in the future, but I think we can go anytime.” Bae Seul-ki directly announced the marriage news through a handwritten letter, “I thought that I lived with an open and relaxed mind, but it seems that I have lived with unknown anxiety in the corner of my mind. I think I have lived with my whole body tense every day to bear the weight of life.” She said, “I was able to properly recognize myself… through meeting the one person I am with now. I met a person who warmed my heart just by talking together… I felt that all the tensions in my life that had accumulated so far began to calm down.” “The ceremony that was scheduled for the end of September with family, friends, and acquaintances who are grateful is currently suffering from a growing social situation. Probably more likely to be postponed. I will show you and live well with a happy family as a man’s wife.” Shim-seop also revealed his feelings of marriage to Seul-ki Bae through SNS. Shim-seop said, “I met Bae Seul-ki in person rather than a celebrity I only watched on TV. She was the wisest and most beautiful woman among all the women I’ve ever seen. So I decided to get married at once. First, I will become a good husband who thinks more and live happily. I always replied that my dream is to become a good husband and a good father if someone asks what my dream is, but I am so happy to meet Seul-ki and be able to achieve that dream,” he expressed gratitude to the fans who congratulated me.

Bae Seul-ki’s Instagram

As entertainers, they usually have social media accounts that are usually made to post videos and photos taken from their daily activities or work. In between their activities, Instagram is also a platform that has become somewhat of an internet diary that stores many precious moments. Well, are you curious about Bae Seul-ki’s Instagram updates? Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the latest posts on her Instagram account in this section below! [Click here to get to Bae Seul-ki’s Instagram post] On November 18th, 2020, Bae Seul-ki uploaded a video of her husband playing a dance video game where the players had to move their feet according to the choreographic direction shown on the screen. The video has a caption that reads, “The shocking facts I learned after getting married. My husband, you were a pump genius .. !! 😳 When I was in junior high school, I remembered the thrilling memories of my brothers who were good at pumping. @ shim_1215 #Tv #Pump #Pump legend #Pump #Pump genius #Sclass #Tear the stage 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ,” and managed to get 3,087 views from the fans. [Click here to get to Bae Seul-ki’s Instagram post] On November 17th, 2020, Bae Seul-ki uploaded some cute photos with her husband posing in a park and sea. The married couple who just got married in the middle of 2020 look very happy with the added caption in the upload that says, “#Honeymoon. Some stylish sponsored photos I’m going to take a picture … @napkinsmusic Thank you brother! Can I take a picture like this? ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ” showed that they were going out together for honeymoon. This funny post managed to get 1,561 likes from fans. [Click here to get to Bae Seul-ki’s Instagram post] On November 17th, 2020, Bae Seul-ki and her husband who were on their honeymoon series took the time to upload some photo memories from their wedding which took place in August 2020. In the upload, Bae Seul-ki expressed her happiness by including the caption, “Thank you, you very much ..! #Alice Studio #Wedding I have so many inquiries about dresses ..! The dress was created by Mr. Jung Gyeong-ok and Director Yoon Se-ah, the teacher’s daughter. For me who has no discernment and does not know well he even analyzed the body shape and made it beautifully ..! Thank you very much ..! and who left many beautiful memories with our filming team, wedding planner. Thanks also to Director Bongde !! @jeongkyungok_wedding @bongku_married @aileyhouse_official.”   Well, that’s the complete information about the actress and solo artist Bae Seul-ki. As celebrities from South Korea, of course, they will experience some challenges from their early career in the entertainment industry and learn how to survive in the midst of their career journey. Bae Seul-ki as a senior actress born in 1986 also remains passionate about working in the entertainment industry and is still present on many platforms for her fans. Let’s keep giving lots of love and support to Bae Seul-ki’s personal life and career so that what she is doing can be accomplished well!

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