Bae Suzy: Her Charismatic Acting Performance in Start-Up

It’s very common for K-pop group members to turn into actors or actresses during their career journey. Similarly, Bae Suzy who debuted as a Miss A member is currently known as an idol-turned-actress as well as a South Korean drama darling under Management SOOP. Suzy marked her acting career through various roles such as a reporter in Uncontrollably Fond, an agent for the National Intelligence Service in Vagabond, and many more! In 2020, Suzy became a highlight thanks to her role as Seo Dal-mi in Start-Up! Have you watched the modern company-themed drama? Start-Up depicts the story of Seo Dal-mi who dreams of establishing her own company and decides to go to Sandbox (set as South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley). Despite the lack of experience, she never surrenders on reaching her goal and cooperates with Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) to disseminate Namsan Tech, a company built by Nam Do-san. This is how Seo Dal-mi starts her journey in the world of startup companies!

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In this drama, Suzy plays the role of Seo Dal-mi, an ordinary girl who comes from a humble family. Ever since she was younger, she was inspired by her father’s hard work and dreamt of being South Korea’s Steve Jobs. Despite her unpleasant childhood memory after her parents got divorced, Seo Dal-mi always lives cheerfully with her grandmother who owns a corn dog shop. She is very passionate about reaching her dream which leads her to join the Sandbox competition as Namsan Tech’s CEO. Along her journey, Seo Dal-mi also experiences a love triangle with Nam Do-san and Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho). Well, Bae Suzy successfully portrays the role of Seo Dal-mi and inspires many of her fans, right?

The Compilation of Bae Suzy’s Scenes as Seo Dal-mi That You Need to See

Bae Suzy is amazing at representing the young and cheerful Da-mi! She is especially great during the moment when she becomes very innocent and sincere about her feelings toward Do-san which shows their great chemistry together! In this clip, Suzy is casually holding Nam Joo-hyuk’s hand while giving him a warm smile!

One of Suzy’s acting performances was shown through the scene where Dal-mi lets Do-san pursue his dream even though it means that he has to leave Dal-mi. Suzy emphasized the mixture of anger and sadness of Dal-mi’s feelings.

Through the ending of Start-Up, there is also a character development with Seo Dal-mi! She becomes more mature and wise, especially about her love triangle situation between Nam Do-san and Han Ji-pyeong. It’s such a relief when the viewers can see the happy smiles of both Dal-mi and Ji-pyeong during the elevator scene!

The Fans’ Reactions about Seo Dal-mi’s Role

Although Seo Dal-mi is a fictional character, she is loved by many people in real life! The fans of the drama have given several reactions and comments just like the statements below: “This scene is very heart-breaking… Suzy’s acting is so good!” “The little details, ugh. Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk impressed me with their acting in the drama!” “Bae Suzy as Seo Dal-mi is the perfect cast for Start-Up” “I love Dal-mi’s fashion especially with her iconic hoodie looks” “The way Dal-mi being aggressive toward Do-san and made him even more in love with her, so adorable!” “Seo Dal-mi is pretending to be the villain so Nam Do-san can go chase his dream, without worrying about left her behind…”

Bae Suzy’s Personal Thoughts about Start-Up

In an interview, Suzy once explained why she became intrigued to participate in the Start-Up drama! She said, “The concept felt fresh. It’s been a while since I’ve played a character around the same age as me, so that made me feel realistic as well.” Suzy also thought that Star-Up has such a meaningful message since it also encourages young people to chase after their dreams. Due to her role as Seo Dal-mi, Suzy received a bunch of heartwarming compliments as well. Thanks to the directors, crew, and her co-star partners who were very considerate, her acting performance became very delightful! That is everything about Bae Suzy and her appearance in Start-Up! After watching her in the drama, many women must have been influenced by her and wanted to be as independent as her! Do you also think that Suzy was the perfect actress for the role of Seo Dal-mi? Let us know your opinion about that through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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