Bae Suzy’s Appearances on ‘Vagabond’

Although Suzy started her career as a girl group member, Miss A (JYP Entertainment), she has been fortunate to get a chance to challenge herself into acting! The first acting project that she took was the teenage high school K-Drama Dream High, released in 2011. Might be you like to check: Is It True Lee Jong-suk is The Reason Behind Lee Min-ho and Suzy Break Up? Long before Vagabond, Suzy has made several acting appearances as well, such as in Gu Family Book (2013), Uncontrollably Fond (2016), and While You Were Sleeping (2017). Surprisingly, Suzy was cast Vagabond along with Lee Seung-gi with the compliments of the director due to their amazing acting performance! Then, what was the drama about? Vagabond depicts the espionage K-Drama where the story revolves around Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi), a stuntman who is involved in a high-level conflict while trying to reveal the mystery of the plane accident that caused the death of his nephew. Along the way, Cha Dal-gun has to cooperate with Go Hae-ri, the NIS agent, and striving to embark on an investigation.

Her Stunning Role in The Drama

Despite the lady-like appearance and the flawless beauty, Suzy has proved that she is a versatile actress who can be immersed in any role! In the Vagabond K-Drama, Suzy shows off her ‘badass’ vibes while playing Go Hae-ri. Then, who is Go Hae-ri? She is the NIS (National Intelligent Service) agent who disguised herself as an intern employee at the Korean Embassy office in Morocco. Initially, she wanted a stable job as a civil servant to support her family, but she ended up becoming an agent who later works along with Cha Dal-gun.

Let’s Take a Look at Bae Suzy’s Scenes as Go Hae-ri

Check out these amazing scenes of Suzy as Go Hae-ri in Vagabond here: Go Hae-ri and Cho Dal-gun’s first encounter wasn’t on good terms. The fact that they didn’t get along also made the high tension in Vagabond! The time when Suzy, with such bravery, asked Dal-gun to shoot her when he suspected her as one of the terrorists!

One of the fascinating scenes was aired on episode 3! At that time, the fans could watch Go Hae-ri do a fight while defending herself. That moment when she pointing a gun at the culprit was looked very intense!

In episode 6, the viewers might be getting very excited about Suzy and Lee Seung-gi’s kiss scene! Go Hae-ri went drunk at Cha Dal-gun’s place and rambling about everything. She eventually said “You’re mine” to Dal-gun and ended up accidentally kissed him!

Fans Reaction about Go Hae-ri’s Role

The character Go Hae-ri depicts various charms, which made the viewers fell in love with her wholeheartedly. She could turn as an adorable woman into such a powerful woman within a second! Moreover, Suzy’s strong chemistry with Lee Seung-gi also made the fans go head over heels! Might be you like to check: They Announced Separation, Here are the Details About Lee Dong-wook and Suzy’s Relationship Here are several comments from the fans regarding Suzy as Go Hae-ri in Vagabond: “I think Suzy [as Go Hae-ri] is the perfect match for Seung-gi” “The expression on Go Hae-ri’s eyes is very genuine” “This is [Vagabond] is the best K-Drama I’ve watched so far, out of thousands!” “I think Suzy feeling more happy and comfortable acting with him [Lee Seung-gi] again” “Go Hae-ri is so adorable in the drama [Vagabond]!” Well, do you also think the same way as those fans?

Bae Suzy: Her Thoughts of ‘Vagabond’ K-Drama

Following the euphoria of Vagabond, Bae Suzy, who played the female main character, also shared her thoughts about the drama. What are her opinions? Ever since she got offered to be Go Hae-ri, she became very intrigued after reading the drama’s script. Since she had never done an espionage drama, Suzy felt very excited to participate within and curious at the same time about what the drama would be like. Suzy, the other actors, and the staff were filming in Marocco, which uplifting the mood intensely. After adjusting herself, Suzy revealed, “I was able to immerse myself into acting even more.” That was everything about Suzy and her appearance on the extraordinary drama Vagabond! Her role and acting performance in the drama is very different from her previous drama, making the fans see another side that she had never shown before! Do you also think that Suzy’s acting performance in the Vagabond is beyond amazing? Write down your opinion through the comment below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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