Bae Suzy Siblings Profile

Bae Suzy, the only actress who received the nickname Korea’s First Love, is a Hallyu star and Korean Wave icon. Bae Suzy debuted with girl group miss A in 2019. Her transformation from an idol member into an actress was seamless. However, no one can deny that she has the visual of an actress level, a level higher than an idol member. Suzy was born in Gwangju city, Munheung district. She has a sister who is 2 years older than her and a brother, Bae Sang-mun, who is two years younger than her. Her father name is Bae Wan-young, while her mother name is Jeong Hyeon-suk

Bae Suzy and Her Siblings Relationship

Suzy and her younger brother appeared and being interviewed several times on tv programs. Bae Sang-mun’s character is the best character you can expect from a younger brother, charming and cute. All of the pictures circulating in the media show that both of them inherited charming visuals, smiling eyes, and lovable characters.

Suzy’s younger brother has received a lot of comparison with IU‘s younger brother. IU’s younger brother’s cold and blunt personality is the exact opposite of Suzy’s charming and cute personality. There are several screen capture of chats between Suzy, IU, and their younger brothers. Every sister can really relate to their conversation on the chat. Due to busy schedules, Suzy misses her brother very much, and she oftentimes chats with him. When her younger brother graduated from school, Suzy congratulated him and said that he isn’t her baby brother anymore. Judging from their conversation, we can say that they are really close and frequently contact each other.

Bae Suzy Siblings Appearance on TV Program

Right after debuting with miss A, the beautiful idol showed all of her family, minus her sister, on KBS’s Invincible Youth. Suzy revealed her favorite food during high school and visited her favorite Korean snack food on the program. Her favorite menu was chili fritters, and she often visited the restaurant after finishing her class. In other segments, Suzy invited the main host to visit a cafe that her mother operates. The coffee shop has Suzy’s picture all over the place. After introducing her mother, Suzy invited her father and her younger brother to be interviewed. All member of Suzy’s family is blessed with good looking visual. Her mother looked very elegant and stylish while her father looked very handsome. Suzy’s brother, Bae Sang-mun appeared in school uniform. He looked adorable but shy in front of the camera. When the host asked Suzy’s younger brother about his favorite actress, he said that IU is her favorite actress. So, Suzy made a phone call with IU and transferred the phone to him. Her brother was very nervous but excited when talking with IU on the phone.

Suzy’s brother also appeared on SBS’ My Sweet Hometown. At the time, Suzy’s brother was studying in middle school. When he appeared on the set, Suzy smiled looked fondly at him. However, it seemed that they didn’t meet for a long time. At the time, his voice was very soft and childlike. It was the examination period, and he came after finishing the exam. However, when the host asked him about the result, he didn’t answer right away, signaling that he didn’t do it well. Bae San-mun revealed several secrets about Suzy’s personality in their home. According to him, Suzy has a frequent and unexpected change of mood. She can transform from a warm and kind sister to a scary sister in an instant. For example, Suzy prepared meal and cook instant noodle for him when she is in a good mood, but Suzy scolded him and asked to prepare noodle for her when she is in a bad mood. Suzy’s younger brother revealed one of the worst things that she did to him. When someone ate her favorite snack, Suzy was very angry. Once, she poured soda into her brother’s face to eat her favorite snack. As usual, Suzy and her sibling relationship are like the normal brother and sister relationship. However, each one of them is surely missing each other very much due to Suzy’s extremely busy schedules. What do you think about Suzy and her siblings’ relationship? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section, and don’t forget to are this article with your Twitter account.

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