Profile of BAE173’s J-Min

Stage Name: J-Min (제이민) Full Name: Jeon Min Wook (전민욱) Date of Birth: October 16th, 1999 Place of Birth: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Libra Blood Type: AB Height: 180 cm Debut Date: November 19, 2020 (with BAE173) Associated Acts: BAE173 Agency: PocketDoll Studio (포켓돌스튜디오) MBTI: INTP Education: Chilbo Middle School, Cheoncheon High School

Fun Facts About BAE173’s J-Min

J-min is in charge of being the lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of BAE173. He was introduced as a member of BAE173 on September 16, 2020. When he signed with the agency, he was told that if he signed a contract, he will debut within three months. He became an MBK Entertainment trainee in August 2020. He trained for 2 months at MBK before debuting with BAE173. J-min is the oldest member of the group. J-min is a former RBW trainee and a former Goodluck trainee. He also went to ModernK Practical Music Academy for two and a half years. He was cast through an audition in the academy’s performances. He once performed as Mamamoo’s back dancer on an awards ceremony stage performance. J-min made a brief appearance on Show Me the Money Season 8. J-min’s English name is Jaemin. Based on Hangyul’s introduction profile, J-min can’t eat cucumbers. It is said that he uses a tone that seems to be mixed with Seoul dialect and a tone that attaches “~ni?” at the end. The members who speak in dialect are Youngseo and Mujin. He tends to make a lot of gestures when talking. Youngseo said that J-min’s way of talking is addictive. He wrote that NCT’s Make a Wish stage had cool performances that he recently watched. He wanted to cover MAMAMOO’s song “gogobebe” and the rap line of BTS’s “Fake Love.”

Many fans stated that J-min resembles BTS‘s V and A.C.E‘s Chan. J-min’s favorite color is white. J-min’s favorite food is kimchi and sweet foods. He can’t eat spicy food well and doesn’t like cucumber, mint chocolate, and pineapple pizza. He is very shy, but once he opens up, he likes to play pranks. He wrote that his personality is shy but a jokester. People say that he wants to be a cool person when others see him. To act cool, J-min bought food for the members and said, “It’s okay. I wish it was cool.” When asked about who’s the member he would want to be for a day, he chose to be Junseo. His specialties include limboing, jumping rope, bowling, and soccer. His hobby is watching sports news. J-min has been a fan of Manchester United for 10 years. He likes Messi more than Ronaldo. What he does when he wakes up in the morning is to lie down for another minute. He is said to be a fan of singer and rapper Colde. He spoke well and gave a lot of presentations when he was in high school. He also used to be in the vocal department and the fashion department club. Ian was one of the nominated stage names for him, but he likes J-min better, so he chose J-min.

Debut With BAE173

J-min debuted with BAE173 on November 19, 2020. He is the lead rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of the group. It is said that J-min is an all-rounder who is good at rapping, singing, and dancing. Prior to his debut, J-min rapped a lot, which can be seen if looking at the songs he covered at the academy before. He also did a lot of cover dances at the academy. Aside from rap and dance, he showed stable vocal skills even though he had fewer parts in the title song. J-min was introduced as a member of BAE173 on September 16, 2020. BAE173 consists of 9 members: Junseo, J-min, Hangyul, Dohyon, Yoojun, Muzin, Youngseo, Doha, and Bit. They debuted with a mini-album called INTERSECTION: SPARK. Check out J-min’s debut teaser and trailer for BAE173:

Fans’ reactions:

These guys are your last chance MBK. Take care of them and don’t make a mess this time, too. When he smiles, he kinda reminds me of Kim Taehyung, V of BTS. Sorry, but I found out about BAE173 because of this guy. And, I think I’m gonna stand by the whole group because of him. His visuals are so intriguing, plus he has some resemblance to Kim Taehyung. This group will keep bias wrecking me (Hangyul is my bias atm)!! I have no clue why, but to me, he looks like Yuchan from A.C.E and Subin from VICTON. Still, he looks like someone.

Also, check out BAE173’s debut MV:

J-Min’s Focus Fancam

Let’s watch some of J-min’s focus fancam on stage!

J-min’s performances are so great. He can express the songs well, and also, his dancing is on point. He is so handsome, and his smile is cute.

Many fans think that he is a mixture of various idols. His visual is so amazing, right?

Before his debut, he took part at Audition Group Performance (AGP) and performed to many songs, such as NCT127’s “Kick It, BTS’s “Fake Love” (dance cover), IKON’s “Killing Me” (dance cover), NCT U’s “BOSS,” NCT127’s “Simon Says,” and many more. Check out the playlist below:

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