Profile of BAE173’s Yoojun

Stage Name: Yoojun (유준) Full Name: Jung Gun (정건) Date of Birth: December 22nd, 2000 Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean Star Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: A Debut Date: November 19, 2020 (with BAE173) Associated Acts: BAE173 Agency: PocketDoll Studio (포켓돌스튜디오) MBTI: ISFP Education: Seoul Performing Arts High School Theater and Film Department (SOPA)

Fun Facts About BAE173’s Yoojun

Yoojun is in charge of lead dancing and sub-vocals in BAE173. He was introduced as a member of BAE173 on September 18, 2020. He is from Ilsan, South Korea. Yoojun was a trainee at RBW, DSP Media, and Source Music. Afterward, he attended an audition academy at SL Studio in Gangnam. Yoojun became a trainee at PocketDoll in September 2019. When he was a trainee, he appeared in one of Song Ga-in’s music videos. He shares the same birthday with THEBOYZ’s Eric. He is also close to Eric. He attended Seoul Performing Arts High School Theater and Film Department (SOPA), majoring in the acting department. He said that he entered a high school focused on the arts to develop his dream of becoming an actor. His stage name was chosen by Youngseo.

He wrote that NCT’s Make a Wish stage that he recently watched had cool performances. He wrote, “NCT sunbaenim ‘Make a Wish’ is really cool!” He wanted to cover a song called “Very Nice” by SEVENTEEN. His specialties include bowling and badminton. His hobbies are reading books and making bracelets and necklaces. He says he makes them and distributes them to the other members. Yoojun’s favorite food is chicken feet and strawberries. He really likes fruits and usually packs some for himself. He also buys fruit every morning and shares them with the other members. He doesn’t like watermelon and cucumbers. Also, he always carries snacks because he likes snacks. He used to work as a barista. He doesn’t drink coffee and alcohol because he says they are bad for him. Yoojun’s favorite season is autumn. Yoojun has a habit of biting his lips. That’s why he always carries lip balm. He is very shy and calm, but when he becomes comfortable, he is said to be talkative and funny. His small happiness is looking at a beautiful sky. When he wakes up in the morning, one of the first things he does is stretch his face. His favorite singer is Jang Beom-june. Before he sleeps, he organizes his schedule for the next day and watches his dance practice. He is a homebody person. He loves cats and dogs. He even wants to raise them someday. Yoojun likes to listen to other people’s stories and concerns. He’s in charge of listening to the team’s concerns.

Debut With BAE173

Yoojun debuted with BAE173 on November 19, 2020. He is the lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the group. Prior to his debut, Yoojun made an appearance in Song Ga-in’s “Mom Arirang” MV. Yoojun was introduced as a member of BAE173 on September 18, 2020. They debuted with a mini-album called INTERSECTION: SPARK. BAE173 consists of 9 members: Junseo, J-min, Hangyul, Dohyon, Yoojun, Muzin, Youngseo, Doha, and Bit. Check out Yoojun’s debut teaser and trailer for BAE173:

  Also, check out BAE173’s debut performances for “Crush on U” here:

Yoojun’s Focus Fancam

Let’s watch Yoojun’s focus fancam on Weekly Idol here:

Take a look to fans’ reactions:

He is so handsome and cute. His dance is enjoyable, too. So precious! ❤❤ He’s so cute and fluffy! I got a crush on you, Yoojun!!^^♡ Our Baeby is doing well. You are so good! Congratulations on your debut! Ok, boy, you got my attention with that smile! Congratulations, Yoojun, I’m happy for you! <33333 YES, Yoojun, I have a crush on you!

Unfortunately, there are not many of Yoojun’s fancams uploaded to online platforms. But, no worries, check this video out to know more about Yoojun!

He is basically doing cute things for about seven minutes. Happy watching!   That’s all about BAE173’s Yoojun! What do you think of his dance or his singing skills? Don’t forget to watch his performances and give a lot of support to BAE173. Please kindly share this article on your social media and leave your thoughts below!

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