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Full Profile Of Baek Bong-ki

Real Name : Baek Bong-ki (hangul: 백봉기) Birth : Daejeon, South Korea, December 16, 1980 Star Sign : Sagittarius Height : 178 cm Weight : 70 kg Blood Type : O Religion : Atheism Marital Status : Married Education : Daejeon University Fashion Design Department Official Sites :

Instagram ( @bong_gi_baek ) Youtube channel ( Actor baek bong gi )

Baek Bong-ki’s Appearance In K-Dramas, Movies and Music Videos

Baek Bong-ki is an actor who has been active in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s. Since then, he has appeared on several television series and movies as a supporting role, and every year, Baek Bong-ki has always appeared in his new roles. In this session, we will see more about Baek Bong-ki’s appearance in K-Dramas and movies that you might never notice before that it was him!

Baek Bong-ki In Golden Slumber

Starring the actor Gang Dong-won, ‘Golden Slumber’ is a film on the theme of a political conspiracy from South Korea. The story in this film, directed by No Dong-seok, is adapted from a Japanese novel of the same name by Kotaro Isaka. ‘Golden Slumber’ follows the story of Kim Gun-woo (played by Gang Dong-won), a package delivery person or courier who is kind and helpful. Recently, Gun Woo was awarded the honor of being an exemplary citizen of the government for his heroic actions. Gun Woo manages to save a woman from being kidnapped, and her heroic action is accidentally caught on a CCTV camera. This, in turn, earned him fame and accolades. One time, Gun Woo was invited to meet his old friend, Moo Yeol (played by Yoon Kye-sang). At the place where they met, suddenly a great explosion occurred which killed an important politician and a presidential candidate. Moo Yeol then also tells Gun Woo that the package sent that day contains a bomb. This bomb exploded when Moo Yeol was about to throw it away and killed himself instantly. After this incident, Gun Woo could no longer live his life in peace. He is always being chased by assassins hired by another politician to kill him. Gun Woo now has to save himself from being chased by an assassin and try to restore his good name. He then met Mr. Min (played by Kim Eui-sung), a hunter partner of Moo Yeol who discovered this political conspiracy. Gun Woo and Mr. Min will find a fake Gun Woo to make him the real Gun Woo. That way, it was Gun Woo who would later become the target of the assassins. In ‘Golden Slumber,’ Baek Bong-ki played the courier competition man and supported roles that appeared there.

Baek Bong-ki In RV: Resurrected Victims

‘RV: Resurrected Victims’ is a fun mystery film by Kwak Kyung-taek. The film is based on Park Ha-ik’s 2012 novel ‘It is Over’. The film, which is under the auspices of Showbox production, premiered in South Korea on October 12, 2017. According to Naver’s records, the movie ‘RV: Resurrected Victims’ received a rating of 6.03 out of 3,011 people. While on the IMDb site, this film received a score of 5.7 / 10 from 374 reviewers. During the screening, Box Office Mojo noted, ‘RV: Resurrected Victims’ managed to generate revenues of more than 2.2 million US dollars, 99 percent of which came from international film screenings. The 91-minute film will feature actors Kim Rae-won and Kim Hae-sook as the main characters. Seo Jin-hong (played by Kim Rae-won) is a prosecutor determined to track down the culprit who killed his mother in the motorcycle robbery case 7 years ago. One day, Seo Jin-hong’s late mother returned to life and appeared in front of him, but she was ready to attack him. At the same time, unexplained cases called RVP (Resurrected Victims) are being reported worldwide in which victims of unsolved homicides come back alive to punish their murderers. The National Intelligence Service in Korea tries to control all witnesses and media reported to be aware of the events. Based on this, the undercover agent investigating the case concluded that Seo Jin-hong was the prime suspect in his mother’s murder. Meanwhile, Baek Bong-ki plays a supporting role in this film with the character Min-wook.

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