Full Profile of Baek Il-seob

Real Name: Baek Il-seob (Hangul: 백일섭) Birth: Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, June 10, 1944 Star Sign: Gemini Height: 176 cm Weight: 101.1kg Blood Type: O Religion: Buddhism Nationality: Korean Marital Status: Married Family Members:

Wife: Chae Mi-young Children: 1 Daughter and 1 Son

Occupation: Actor Active Years: 1965-Present Education:

Gangmun High School Myongji University, Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Literature

Baek Il-seob’s Personal Life

Baek Il-seob made his K-drama debut in Bride in the Sun (Hangul: 태양 의 연인) which aired on MBC in 1968 and also in the movie Dolmuji in 1967. Baek Il-seob debuted as a movie actor and was one of the young actors at that time who had a good-looking appearance. Baek Il-seob also had a well-built and muscular figure when he was young. Baek Il-seob is still active in several minor roles in K-dramas and movies to date. Apart from being an actor, Baek Il-seob also actively supported Kim Dae-jung of the New Political National Assembly in the 15th presidential election in 1997. At that time, according to the Democratic Party Rep. Yoo Eun-hye, he was accused of receiving an allowance of 70 million won without attending the meeting. In this regard, Baek Il-seob insisted that the monthly salary is only about 2 million won. He claimed that he did not attend the meeting because of the overlapping time with the broadcast recording, and he tried to quit because he had nothing to do other than attend the meeting, but it was not accepted. However, starting in November 2010, even when not attending the meetings, there is a problem with consistently receiving a salary. First of all, the words of the two sides are different, so we will have to see who is right later.

Baek Il-seob’s Appearance in K-Dramas and Movies

As a South Korean actor, Baek Il-seob also has appearances in different roles in K-dramas and movies. Being active for more than 30 years, Baek Il-seob has many awards as well for his appearances throughout the film industry. In case you haven’t noticed Baek Il-seob’s appearances, let’s find out more in the session below!

Baek Il-seob in Salut d’Amour

Salut d’Amour is a Korean romantic drama film directed by Kang Je-kyu. Released in 2015, this film stars Park Geun-hyeong, Youn Yuh-jung, Cho Jin-woong, and Han Ji-min. In this drama, Baek Il-seob plays a cameo role. Salut d’Amour is a unique love story between a man and a woman who are quite old. Kim Sung-chil is a 70-year-old man who lives alone and works part-time at a local supermarket. Sung-chil is known to be stubborn, fierce, and rejects any changes in his life. One day, he meets his new neighbor, Geun-nim, an energetic and friendly old woman who runs a flower shop. Regardless of his age, Sung-chil awkwardly tries to get close to Geun-nim and gain support from those around him. However, Geun-nim’s daughter disapproves of the relationship between her mother and the old man. Will love in their old age run smoothly?

Baek Il-seob in My Brilliant Life

  My Brilliant Life is a film directed by Lee Je-yong which was released on September 3, 2014. The film includes Gang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo, Jo Sung-mok, and Baek Il-seob who played Mr. Jang. This film tells the story of a 16-year-old boy named A-reum (played by Jo Sung-mok) who has Progeria Syndrome, a rare genetic defect that causes babies to show rapid aging from an early age. A-reum is the son of Mi-ra (played by Kang Dong-won) and Dae-soo (played by Song Hye-kyo). His illness makes A-reum look very old in his teens. Even so, he is raised quite well by his parents. Although her parents sometimes act immaturely, they never express their sadness in front of A-reum. When A-reum is diagnosed, he only has a few months to live. Mira and Dae-su try to deny the truth and raise money for A-reum’s medical treatment.

Baek Il-seob in Top Star U-back

The Korean drama Top Star U-back started airing from November 16, 2018, to January 25, 2019. Top Star U-back is also known as Top Star Yoo Baek. This drama was directed by Yook Hak-chan, and the screenplay was written by Lee So-jung, Lee Si-eun, and also Baek Il-seob who played himself in Episode 1. Top Star U-back was broadcasted on South Korean TV station tvN with a total of 12 episodes. Yoo Baek is a former member of an idol group. Now, he is a famous singer and actor. He doesn’t try to be a nice guy to gain people’s interest. Yoo Baek focuses on himself and is always honest with others even though that honesty can hurt them. He gets into big trouble and goes to an island for a vacation. There, he meets warm people including Oh Kang-soon. Oh Kang-soon runs a small supermarket and becomes a diver picking up abalones. Oh Kang-soon is a strong woman. Top Star U-back has an entertaining storyline and is a great choice when looking for a drama that is light and simple. In addition, the lead roles in this drama also have very good chemistry with one another. The choice of actors in this drama is very fitting. The three main actors Jeon So-min, Kim Ji-suk, and Lee Sang-yeob really portray their characters with totality.

Baek Il-seob in Can’t Stand Anymore

Baek Il-seob played the lead actor in a drama called Can’t Stand Anymore that aired on JTBC. The drama, which has a total of 111 episodes, tells the story of Gil Bok-ja (played by Sunwoo Yong-nyeo) who decides to divorce her husband Hwang Jong-gap (played by Baek Il-seob) after they were married for 50 years. Of course, this problem becomes a very unique plot within the family romance genre.

Baek Il-seob in Grandpas Over Flowers

Apart from being an actor in K-dramas and movies, Baek Il-seob was also present as one of the cast on a variety show titled Grandpas Over Flowers (Hangul: 꽃 보다 할배) which aired on tvN from July 5, 2013, to August 24, 2018. Grandpas Over Flowers was directed by Na Young-seok PD who is famous for other variety show broadcasts such as 2 Days 1 Night, which also has high ratings, as well as Sisters Over Flowers and Youth Over Flowers. The first season of Grandpas Over Flowers was filmed in Paris, Strasbourg, Bern, and Lucerne. The audience also seemed very enthusiastic about welcoming the trailer which received an average rating of 6 to 7 percent (according to AGB Nielsen Korea). This is an achievement in itself for Grandpas Over Flowers because not all variety shows easily get a rating increase of even 1% percent. Grandpas Over Flowers also won several awards such as the 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards in the category of Best Entertainment Program, 2015 51st Baeksang Arts Awards in the category of Grand Prize (Television), tvN10 Awards in the category of Variety Icon, and many more. The popularity of the cast of Grandpas Over Flowers also attracted a lot of attention from the teenage audience and those in their twenties and their thirties. This is proof that the cast on this variety, such as Baek Il-seob, Lee Soon-jae, Lee, Seo-jin, Shin Goo, and Park Geun-hyung, have a significant and influential share in this program even though they are old. Na Young-seok PD also explained that parents have a lot of experience many stories to share of their life experiences. With success and failure in many lives, viewers can learn a lot from them. Stories that teach something about life are also shared in Grandpas Over Flowers.

Baek Il-seob’s Marriage and Family

Baek Il-seob, an actor and movie star, was born in Yeosu, South Korea, and made his big debut in 1965. For younger generations, he was famous for her appearance on Grandpas Over Flowers, but he appeared in a number of dramas and gained recognition. Baek Il-seob got married late, but he did Ursa commercials for 9 years and was very popular. Baek Il-seob met a lot of women and said that he had no spare time for women. At the age of 22, he was famous, and at the age of 36, Baek Il-seob met his current wife, Chae Mi-young, and got married. Baek Il-seob’s single life was revealed after that. Chae Mi-young married at 26 years old, 10 years younger than Baek Il-seob, and she gave birth to one son and one daughter. Baek Il-seob conveyed that he had no words to share about family relations with his children and said that his wife had uterine cancer surgery. His wife started chemotherapy, and he said he had a lot of hardships. In addition, Baek Il-seob said that when he lives, he doesn’t put a great deal in his children’s work or family relations. Being next to him means that he is a family and that he does his best because it is his work. Although there were many hardships that he went through, the personality of Baek Il-seob became a hot gossip day after day. When Na Young-seok PD asked him to be a cast of Grandpas Over Flowers, he said yes, and when he asked why he would accept it, he said that if he did it once, he would do it. He said he didn’t have many worries, but he said he always drinks. People around him are curious about Baek Il-seob who has been acting for 50 years, but he also said that after drinking alcohol for 50 years, it was amazing to be healthy. In the case of Baek Il-seob, Baek Seung-Woo, his son, is known to be a professional golfer. Although he is older than the children of other celebrities, he sometimes takes a break while playing golf. Baek Il-seob’s daughter graduated from Hongik University in 2005. Baek Il-seob actually didn’t divorce his wife, but he is living away from marriage. As a husband and a father, he said that he wanted to be treated in the house and to be comforted. Even though he is over 70 years old and is enjoying the single life, his family has stated, “I saw the two of you fighting, and I wasn’t impressed, I’m comfortable for me to live alone.”

Baek Il-seob’s Appearance on MBC’s Radio Star

Actor Baek Il-seob appeared on MBC’s Radio Star with Lee Yoo-bi, Seong Dong-il, and Kim Hee-won, who boasted family-like chemistry on Chuseok that was aired on September 29, 2020. Baek Il-seob appears in many entertainment shows and is loved by the public for his familiar grandfather personality from his appearance in Grandpas Over Flowers, but he was originally a young star who appeared in numerous dramas and movies with his macho man-like wild beauty. In recent years, he has attracted attention by declaring a solstice after 40 years of marriage. Baek Il-seob revealed his daily life transformed into worrying about meals the next day while enjoying the single life for 5 years after leaving his wife behind to live alone. It raised curiosity because it was going to reveal the story of preparing to live in two single-person households from the surprise confession of living with a best friend of the soul who brings out a smile even by talking about it. In addition, Baek Il-seob stimulated curiosity by revealing his life as a promotional ambassador against graduation. Baek Il-seob confessed that he was nagged by his senior Lee Soon-jae and that there was no one around him who supported him. He revealed that he was satisfied with his current life despite the cold reactions around him, and on the contrary, he said, “Never imitate [gradual marriage]!”, arousing curiosity. Well, that is all of the information regarding Baek Il-seob’s full profile, appearance in K-dramas and movies, marriage, family, and latest news. Baek Il-seob is one of the veteran actors who is still famous and actively plays several characters on television. Let’s continue to provide support for Baek Il-seob so that he is excited about the day and always has a happy career! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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