You might like to check out: Do You Miss Crayon Pop? What The Members Are Doing Now? Among them is boy group Be.A (Hangul: 비에이, shortened from Be. A rtist or Be an Artist; formerly known as K-Much) which debuted on January 7th, 2014, with their first mini-album Beyond the Ocean. At first, the group had 5 members under the name K-Much or Gamulchi (가물치) in Korean which means ‘snakehead’. However, in 2017, the group changed its name to Be.A and later underwent several major line-up changes (with BomB and Milly’s departure). So, that left the group with three members: Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, and Ato. So, are you curious to know more details regarding this group? Scroll down this article below to find out all about it!  

Be.A’s Group profile

Group name: Be.A (Hangul: 비에이, shortened from Be. A rtist or Be an Artist) Formerly known as K-Much (2014–2017) Origin: Seoul, South Korea Genres: K-pop Years active: 2014–2017 Labels: Chrome Entertainment, Sony Music Associated acts: Chrome Family Members: Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, Ato Past members: Loki, BomB, Milly Debut album: Beyond the Ocean (2014) Debut date: January 7th, 2014 Official Accounts: Instagram: @be.a_official Twitter: @BeA_chrome Facebook: chromeBeA YouTube: Be.A Daum Café: Be.A


Be.A’s Debut Era

Prior to their debut date, Be.A members were invited to be guests in an episode of Crayon Pop TV on September 8th, 2013. Not only as a group, members like Ato and BomB also made a cameo appearance in both Crayon Pop’s MVs, “Saturday Night” and the story version of “Bar Bar Bar.” Back then, the group even went on street performances and performed in high schools across Korea. After they appeared in Crayon Pop’s solo concert, 2nd POP CON in Tokyo, the group was also frequently introduced by Crayon Pop on a few occasions, thus they tried to familiarize the public with the group. Finally, the group made their debut on January 7th, 2014, under the name K-much, through their first mini-album Beyond the Ocean. The album had 3 main tracks: “I’m Sorry,” “What should I do,” and “Good to Go,” and the instrumental version of each song. Crayon Pop’s Ellin also made an appearance in the story MV version of the pre-debut song “Good to Go” that was released through YouTube on January 6th, 2014.

Their “Good to Go” official MV was released on January 7th, 2017. On the same day, they made a stage performance on SBS MTV’s The Show: All About K-Pop! and on the next day, they officially debuted on January 8th, 2014, with the stage performance of their song “Good to Go” on MBC Music’s Show Champion.  

Be.A’s Music videos

Shortly after their debut, the public has caught the familiarity and similarity of their concept with their predecessor, girl group Crayon Pop, which became famous for their iconic song and MV “Bar Bar Bar.” Perhaps this was done intentionally with the purpose to copy the same hype that Crayon Pop got with their unique style. Within the early minutes of their MV, we can see how the boys dress up in a familiar costume of helmets and perform the iconic ‘jumping’ dance from “Bar Bar Bar.” The only difference is perhaps in that the boys are dressed in a high school boy’s costume. But their approach and dance are relatively similar. The MV also used a comedic approach as there was an animation effect of a sea monster to add the humorist element of the video. Shortly after the boys got ‘attacked’ by the monster, they took us to the real set of their MV with their dancing in SWAT costumes. Despite that, the public can still feel the vibe of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” in their MV. The similarities between Crayon Pop and Be.A certainly didn’t go unnoticed by the viewers who called them the male version of Crayon Pop. “So…SWAT TEAM VER OF CRAYON POP looool the song was pretty damn catchy hahaha I like it~xD,” a user commented. “Crayon pop male version x) this is bar bar bar with some changes only and honestly I love it! GO GO GO!” another user noticed. And even there was this user who was kind enough to make a theory about the music video: “The video contains an introduction that pokes fun of Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar.” In the beginning, there are 5 goofy students who found a perfect spot to settle and took their bike helmets out of their bags. The helmets are parts of Crayon Pop uniforms. They put on their helmets and did their ritual dance (“Bar Bar Bar” dance) to call out the queen of a dragon or just fans practicing dance. The queen, Ellin, is a band member from Crayon Pop and the dragon is from the album cover of their hit song “Bar Bar Bar.” When the dragon appeared, it snapped them to where the queen lives. The beauty queen showed up and shocked the five goofy boys into handsome young men. Basically, she turned them into K-Much. K-Much became the boy’s version of Crayon Pop. Then, the actual music video begins from thereon. Notice on some videos the studio promotes Crayon Pop and K-Much side by side.”

Meanwhile, on the group’s second MV, “Magical” from their 2017 album Magical Realism, we can see how the group has reset their concept (along with the name change and the new members’ addition) to perform a more ‘serious’ hip-hop concept. No more dancing in a silly costume, this time the boys are dressed up as street performers performing the choreography for the song. Nothing else. This MV reminds us of a typical boy group MV. We almost miss the male version of Crayon Pop’s concept. But even so, their concept and name changes seem to receive support from fans as they commented with a positive tone: “Their song is so good. But why I never heard bout em ? tbh.. this is my 1st time know bout em till I saw Woohyun tweet. They need a lot of love and be recognized!” “They will reach a height like BTS in the future. Next BTS.” “Is this their only song?? I NEED  MORE.” “Yoooo I’m hooked it’s lit.” “BE.A ARE BACK after a 1.5-year hiatus, name change, and new member!!! I’m so happy and I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

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