In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about Crayon Pop‘s Brother Group Be.A. So, stay tuned!

Be.A Members’ Profiles

Be.A debuted in 2014 as K-Much. The group initially consisted of six members: Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, Ato, Milly, Loki, and Bomb. By 2017, three of its member left the group. Currently, Be.A consists of Hong-gyu, Yeong-kyun, and ATO

Be.A’s Hong-gyu’s Profile

Stage Name: Hong-gyu Birth Name: Yang Hong-gyu Birthday: February 27th, 1990 Place of Birth: Seoul City Height: 173 cm Weight: 56 kg Zodiac: Pisces Education: Kyungbook University Blood Type: O Position: Leader, Vocalist Instagram: @y2woel

Be.A’s Yeong-kyun’s Profile

Stage Name: Yeong-kyun Birth Name: Jung Yeong-kyun Birthday: May 30th, 1990 Place of Birth: Seoul City Height: 180 cm Weight: 57 kg Zodiac: Gemini Position: Vocalist Instagram: @yeong_kyun

Be.A’s Ato’s Profile

Stage Name: ATO Birth Name: Park Sunghyun Birthday: June 28th, 1993 Place of Birth: South Gyeongsang, Changwon city Height: 175 cm Weight: 58 kg Zodiac: Cancer Education: Dongah University Broadcast and Arts Department Position: Rapper Instagram: @real_ato

Be.A’s Members’ Facts

Hong-gyu loves exercising, especially playing soccer He suffered an accident when participating in the Idol Futsal Competition ATO and Yeong-kyun were back-up dancers for Crayon Pop before joining Be.A Yeong-kyun has the best dancing skills among Be.A members His stage name was Bornus when performing as a backup dancer Yeong-kyun criticized former BIG BANG member Seungri, because of the Burning Sun scandal. After posting his criticism, Be.A became a search trend on Naver ATO’s hobby is dancing ATO participated in the idol program MIX NINE but failed to reach the top position He also participated in the dancing program Dancing 9 Season 2 but his appearance was edited out Be.A members left Chrome Entertainment in 2018 and started their own career

Be.A’s Debut

Be.A debuted on January 7th, 2014, as 5-member idol group K.Much. K.Much was under the same management as girl group Crayon Pop. The name K.Much was inspired by snakehead fish (Kamulchi in Korean) who can live in difficult environments. According to Chrome Entertainment, K.Much wished to grow and survive in the K-Pop industry. K.Much released their debut album Beyond The Ocean in 2014. Despite the popularity of their sister group Crayon Pop, K.Much/Be.A received a lukewarm response from K-Pop fans. Fans noticed that the idol group can be successful due to the members’ talents, popular songs, or intense promotion from the agency. However, K.Much lacked the entire recipe for success. Moreover, Chrome Entertainment was heavily criticized for enabling the debut and promotions of new idol groups, including K.Much/Be.A. It seemed that Chrome Entertainment was taking advantage of Crayon Pop’s popularity. The members of new idol groups were selected without proper training. K.Much joined the funding site Makestar and gather enough funds for another shot. In 2017, K.Much re-debuted and changed its name to Be.A. Be.A stands for Be Artists.

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