They released the first mini-album Beyond the Ocean. This group has been inactive since 2017, but still, no confirmation about their disbandment hasn’t been released until now. The group itself has a historical name, it started from K-Much which has the meaning “snakehead.” This term is taken as a group name since snakehead fish is a popular health food in Korea and a symbol of longevity. Then, in August 2014 the group changed it to Be.A. Let’s get to know Yeongkyun from Be.A in this Channel-Korea article below! Keep reading!

Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s Full profile

Stage Name: Yeongkyun (formerly known as Bornus)(영균) Birth Name: Jung Yeongkyun (정영균) Position: Rapper, Sub-Vocalist Birthday: May 30th, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 180 cm (5’10”) Weight: 57 kg (125 lb) Instagram: @yeong_kyun

Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s Fun facts

– Be.A’s Yeongkyun graduated from Cyber World College. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun learned the technical process in high school. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun has a hobby of exercising. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun is good at soldering. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun is a former back-up dancer. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s girl type is a girl who looks like sausages. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun is certified as an electronic apparatus craftsman. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s can do balloon art. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s is also good at looking after a baby. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s even majored in Early Childhood Education in college. – Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s special talent is sexy dancing.

About Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s personality

Yeongkyun is brave and has a dynamic character. He is very outstanding in terms of fashion sense and colorful style. Yeongkyun has ever experienced a viral spotlight after he posted on social media about Seungri, a post that said, “Aren’t you the same age as me?” in front of all the staff, saying, “I’ll say a word as a senior.” “If you can’t do this much, you’ll need to earn money and filial piety, asking if it’s better to learn technology,” he said. “After putting on a dagger, I went back several times in front of the whole people.” He also said, “I always do well with filial piety =) I am not filial with money. Thank you for helping me learn that people should be humble too =).” Yeongkyun also attached the hashtag #Burning Sun #mulpong #prostitution” which refers to the fact that it was a post for the victory on the recent drug and sexual entertainment suspicion. Meanwhile, he even appeared in Mix Nine where Seungri was part of the show as a judge. This statement went viral at that time.

Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s dance choreography

Yeongkyun’s specialty is dancing in a sexy way. He could seduce a person with the way he’s dancing. Do you think you can spot it?

Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s visual

Yeongkyun has a slim and tall posture. He can easily get in the spotlight with his body. His face is cute, he has a small chin and a small face line, characteristic of a Korean man. His bright and white skin is also contributing to his persona.

Be.A’s Yeongkyun’s Latest news

In 2019, Yeongkyun had been talking about Seungri’s case on his Instagram account. “You told me something that a senior should say in front of the staff, ‘Aren’t you the same age as me? If you can’t do this much then wouldn’t it be better if you learn the basic technique? You should earn money and be filial to your parents.’ Now, it’s all coming back to you a lot of times in front of a lot of people. I’ve been doing well to be a filial son to my parents. =) It’s possible to be filial without using money. Thank you for teaching me that it’s important for people to be humble.” He expressed his opinion openly, regarding what he experienced during the 2017 MIX NINE music survival show by YG Entertainment. His activity with Be.A was last seen in 2018 on a European tour. On August 27th, Milly, the member of Be.A left the group due to musical differences. Hoping the best for Be.A. That’s all about Yeongkyung from Be.A and his journey pursuing a career in entertainment. Keep sending positive vibes and support whatever he decides to pursue now! Don’t forget to kindly drop a comment and share your thoughts in the section below!

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