The Charming Leader of BEATWIN, Seonhyeok

Seonhyeok debuted as a BEATWIN member in 2014 and was the leader as well as the lead vocalist. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you the details about BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok, so stay tuned until the end!

Seonhyeok’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Im Sun-hyeok (임선혁) Stage Name: Sunhyeok (선혁) Date of Birth: September 10, 1990 Age: 30 years old Zodiac Sign: Virgo Height: 183 cm Weight: 61 kg Blood Type: A Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist Years Active: 2014 – Present Label: Elen Entertainment (Heavenly Star Content) Associated With: BEATWIN Instagram: imseonhyeok

Interesting Facts About Seonhyeok

Seonhyeok was considered “the mother of the group” in BEATWIN He loves to watch movies, play soccer and basketball, listen to music, and work out Seonhyeok is cute while attempting to speak English He likes to clean and makes people clean Seonyeok explained that he and other BEATWIN members would play rock, paper, scissors to determine who would shower first He thinks he isn’t very cute If he could be reborn as another BEATWIN member, he’d prefer to be reborn as Yoonho because he is cute

About BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok’s Personality

BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok was famously known as the most obsessive and timid member of the group. This also made him be called a passive-aggressive member! When Seonhyeok was into something, he would keep going at it. Seonhyeok also pays attention to every detail and is such a meticulous person.

BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok’s Focus Fancams

Focus fancams of BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok is something that every fan needs, right? During his performance with BEATWIN for “Your Girl,” the crowd was getting really excited by Seonhyeok’s vocals and dance skills. The moment when he took off the blue blazer and showed off his bare shoulders made him look extremely mesmerizing and sexy at the same time!

Through one of the focus fancams of BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok during a “Rising Sun” performance, he definitely amazed people with his dazzling charms! With the fancy black outfit from head to toe, his appearance looked like a runway model. Since he was the lead vocalist, no wonder Seonhyeok’s vocals during live performances also sounded amazing! The mixture of Seonhyeok’s deep and soft voice also melted the crowd’s heart!

BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok’s Visuals

Seonhyeok’s visual appearance during a photoshoot session looked even more sophisticated! With a printed blazer and pants, his preppy style suited his visual really well! From a selca of BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok, people can clearly see all of his visual features which made his charisma grow even more! His hypnotizing eyes, thin lips, pointed nose, and porcelain skin are such a perfect combination! A smile from BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok and his gorgeous visual features made his fans become amazed. In the picture above, Seonhyeok was showing off his “boyfriend material” visual appearance as well!

Seonhyeok’s Appearance After BEATWIN’s Disbandment

It’s been a while since Seonhyeok has made an appearance in the K-pop entertainment music industry. What has he been up to lately? After BEATWIN was reportedly disbanded in 2017 due to inactivity, it seemed like Seonhyeok was still continuing his career as a K-pop artist despite his group’s disbandment. Through his personal Instagram @imseonhyeok, he also posted several updates about himself as well! That is all of the information regarding BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok! Let’s show a bunch of love and support for him since we are looking forward to another project from him in the future! Comment below your favorite era of BEATWIN’s Seonhyeok!

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