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Full Profile

Name: Jo Yeong-jo Stage Name: Youngjo Date of Birth: August 31st, 1991 Height: 180 cm Weight: 63 kg Zodiac: Virgo Chinese Zodiac: The Year of The Sheep Education: Kyunghee University, majoring in Sport Education Position: Vocalist, main dancer Blood Type: AB Instagram: yeong_jo

Fun Facts

He is interested in anything related to fashion and style He loves his clothes and takes care of his clothes well Yeongjo wanted to make a cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” Yeongjo is a fan of rapper Zion.T. He sang Zion.T’s “Kiss Me” for fans He used to practice gymnastics and he is one of the most flexible members He can do various acrobatics stunts He participated in the 2016 Muscle Mania and won third place In the competition, he defeated around 600 contestants His father asked him to join soccer in high school but he joined gymnastics instead Initially, Yeongjo wanted to be a singer but he got cast on the street as an idol He has one brother, Jo Yeong-kwang, a gymnastic athlete

About BEATWIN’s Yeongjo’s Personality

His family is always supportive of his choices. His father wasn’t against his decision to become an idol. Instead, his father asked him to work hard and not regret his decision (on becoming an idol) In difficult times, he has regretted his decision to become an idol and wanted to return to gymnastics He loves to challenge himself and try new things. He participated in a bodybuilding competition due to a suggestion from a fitness center owner He endured a slump because of the sudden increase in his height. Height is considered a weakness in gymnastics He always complains about everything

Focus Fan-cam

Being blessed with a good voice and good physique, Yeongjo always becomes the center of Beatwin’s choreography. However, on some occasions, he has lacked the strength and power in his movements. Perhaps, it was because he put more practice into singing rather than dancing.

Yeongjo was never too shy to flaunt his abs. Why not? After hundreds of hours of training, one should proudly show the result of hard work. Every time he showed his chocolate abs, fans went crazy and excited.

BEATWIN’s Yeongjo’s Visual

Yeongjo always becomes the center of attention due to his tall and muscular physique. He also has very fair skin and strong facial bones. Due to his fair skin and facial bones, he resembles Twilight’s star, Robert Pattinson. Yeongjo and his younger brother are blessed with good genes from their parents. Yeongjo has a big and high nose bridge. He looked so much better in dyed hair compared to his original hair color. He said that his height increased tremendously after practicing gymnastics during high school. Although height was a weakness for gymnastics athletes, it is his current strength. Due to previous sport activities, he has no trouble maintaining a good body shape.   That was all the information about Beatwin’s Yeongjo. Find out more information about other Beatwin members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles!

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