NCT 127’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun from NCT dyed his hair pale blond and his hair is gelled together into strips. This style may look like one of the oddest decisions ever. What do you think? But yes, it really looks like Jaehyun in an anime version with blonde color. This black style and bang cut might seem like a normal style at first glance, but his bang style makes him totally stand out from the crowd. Now, this is the style that most Korean stars commonly have: this hairstyle really makes Jaehyun brighter and of course, stunning!

BTS’ Jin

Jin from BTS has had several hairstyles that you must notice. This brown hair and cutting style is commonly used by Koreans, but below you can see he dyed his hair into a rainbow color, so incredible! This rainbow of Jin from BTS made him completely stand out from the others. Such a unique hairstyle! If you can’t decide which color to choose, you can get inspired by him and wear all the colors at the same time like this. For each of their comebacks, K-Pop artists like to mix it up and change their appearance and style to be fresh and new. Jin from BTS decided to go with pink for one of theirs. Nevertheless, this pink color seems to look great on him. What do you think?

ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo

The handsome Astro member, Cha Eun-woo has several times transformed his hairstyle from his basic black color into a brown style. The way he cuts his hair is the same though, he is just changing the color, but that indeed makes him more handsome and cute. Like before, he used to have black hair, but in order to contribute style-wise to the new upcoming ASTRO album, he decided to change his color to a lighter shade of brown. He said, “Different color different feel.” Since debut, he had only had his hair natural hair color, which is black, and only now decided to change it into a fresh new look with a new shade. He also changed his look for his appearance in the K-Drama My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, which aired in September 2019. This drama got a rating of 5.4 percent which is relatively high and to be more professional, Cha Eun-woo dyed his hair into gray. He played the role of Do Kyung Suk, who is a character from a webtoon called “the cute gray cat.” Looking handsome, right?

BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae

Sung Jae from BTOB is the youngest member of the group, and he had a unique hairstyle during his debut with BTOB. The hairstyle displayed in the photos above is the one that is currently trending among Korean stars and is commonly called the Dandy cut. This hairstyle is very versatile and textured, and it’s easy to make this look your own! Sung Jae dyed his hair red. On March 6th, he posted his selfie with a new hairstyle through the official BTOB Twitter account, and tweeted: “Red hair #6 precious changsubism new hair.” This makes him look bold, right? Do you wanna try?