In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about one of the former members of Berry Good, Daye. One of the members, whose real name is Kim Hyeon-jeong (Hangul: 김현정), has a cute image but she can also pull out her sexy personality as well when performing on the stage with the group. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a deeper look at Berry Good’s Daye’s full profile, personality, latest promotions at the moment. Might be you like to check: FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE ‘SEO SISTERS’: SEO YU-NA FROM AOA AND SEO-YOOL FROM BERRY GOOD Well, without further ado, let’s scroll down directly and check out the detailed information about Berry Good’s Daye!

Berry Good’s Daye’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kim Hyeon-jeong (Hangul: 김현정) Stage Name: Daye (Hangul: 다예) Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, February 25th, 1998 Star Sign: Pisces Blood Type: A Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Position: Lead Vocalist, Rapper Education:

Gunja Elementary School Seoul Dongdap Elementary School Jangpyeong Middle School Buk Seoul Middle School Dobong High School Seoul Performing Arts High School Practical Music Department Dongduk Women’s University Broadcasting & Entertainment Department

Berry Good’s Daye’s Fun Facts

About Berry Good’s Daye’s Personality

As far as girl group members go, there must be many different personalities even though they are related to the same job as an idol. In this section, we invite you to take a closer and more detailed look into the personality of the Berry Good member that we have been discussing. As many fans know, every idol also has his own charm behind their talent in singing or dancing. So, usually as individual fans, there are certain personalities that characterize an idol that attracts the attention of their fans. Let’s check out the details of Berry Good’s Daye’s focus fancams and appearance on survival show below!

Focus Fancam

As an idol, Berry Good’s Daye also has several focus groups of fancams that her fans have successfully recorded when she is performing on stage with other members while attending an event or a comeback stage. On April 2nd, 2015, Berry Good who were still in their rookie era at the time performed their song “Because Of You”. With a cute concept, Berry Good’s Daye and the other members look very cheerful when appearing on stage wearing the same costumes. Might be you like to check: HERE ARE SEVERAL MNET’S ‘IDOL SCHOOL’ CONTESTANTS WHO FINALLY DEBUTED Their all-pink outfits and also showing their pure and innocent side was clearly visible on the stage. Berry Good’s Daye also looks very cute with her long hair, bangs, and cat ears that make her appearance stand out on stage.

On August 16th, 2018, Berry Good’s Daye, who was in one of the showcase schedules held with the members, was seen having a performance with “Green Apple” at the event located at Ilji Art Hall during the comeback of that era. With a sexy outfit concept, Berry Good’s Daye wore a costume that was almost the same as the other members with a white bustier and hot denim pants that made her look sexy and cute. Usually, girl groups will wear high heels to perform, but Berry Good’s Daye and the other members were seen wearing sneakers at the performance.

On November 10th, 2018, Berry Good’s Daye was on one of their schedules, Saturday Concert, featuring one of their singles titled “Don’t Believe”. Berry Good’s Daye with her short haircut was seen tying her hair up, on the occasion of the performance at that time, wearing an outfit like a school uniform from a sweater that had been modified with light blue colors and a white ribbon around the neck. Besides that, the members were also seen wearing short skirts which made their appearance even cuter when performing on stage. Might be you like to check: ALL ABOUT BLACKPINK MEMBERS’ PLASTIC SURGERY (COMPARATION PICTURE BEFORE AND AFTER DEBUT) Berry Good’s Daye’s Appearance In MixNine Berry Good’s Daye is an idol who has participated in the survival show MIXNINE. The program first aired on October 29th, 2017. The survival show program was held with the aim of finding new seeds for K-Pop stars. Therefore, the program MIXNINE is looking for nine men and nine women who will be helped to debut as idols. Although there were many contestants who had previously made their debut as idols and several other trainees, Berry Good’s Daye managed to rank 37th before being eliminated. Berry Good’s Daye was one of the members of the group who managed to survive a long time on the survival show even though she was eventually eliminated before entering the final episode. However, it was not only Daye who participated in the survival show, her groupmates, such as Berry Good’s Johyun and Seoyul, also participated as contestants and Johyun managed to survive the longest before being eliminated. On November 26th, 2017, JTBC’s MIXNINE showed trainees in a position battle. Kim Hyeon-jeong or also known as Berry Good’s Daye from JTG Entertainment showed signs of contraction while practicing in the My Number team. Her main position is a vocalist and she suffered a headache when she had to rap. Might be you like to check: THE LOVE STORY OF YG ENTERTAINMENT’S CEO, YANG HYUN-SUK, AND HIS WIFE, LEE EUN-JU Kim Hyeon-jeong said, “I was anxious because I was in a field where I didn’t know anything and I didn’t know anything.” She seemed to try as hard as possible not to cause inconvenience to the team. However, not only in rap, but the process of matching the choreography movements did not go as intended, and in the end, she cried. Kim Hyeon-jeong said, “I felt like I was standing alone wearing clothes that didn’t fit. Looking in the mirror, I was stupid. Above all else, I don’t think it should bother the team.” MIXNINE is an audition program produced by Yang Hyun-suk of YG Entertainment and PD Han Dong-cheol, the director of the Show Me The Money program that has a concept of performing any rappers in Korean entertainment. Regarding the debut of the MIXNINE contestants who made it to the final round sticking out to the surface after the program was finished in January 2018, but no progress was seen. Things got even more complicated after YG Entertainment decided to cancel the winning debut of MIXNINE. Might be you like to check: DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW MUCH YG ENTERTAINMENT’S CEO YANG HYUN-SUK EARNS? FIND OUT ABOUT HIS NET WORTH HERE! One of the strongest reasons is because the event was not successful in the market and caused losses to YG Entertainment. “If ‘MIXNINE’ is successful, there will not be something like the cancellation of this debut,” said the representative of YG Entertainment. The source added, “Because this event did not show good results, so we are very sorry. YG Entertainment also suffered a lot of losses due to the program.”

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